Polyerosy, the much needed counterpart to Polyamory

Polyerosy (from Greek πολύ poly, “many, several”, and Greek ἔρωτες erotes, the plural of eros ἔρως “sexual desire”) means to be capable of being sexually attracted to more than one person at the same time and be in an consensual & sexual relationship with any of those people.

Polyamory combines plural sexual relationships & plural romantic relationships unneccessarily. Plural sexual & romantic relationships do coincide with each other but not always. Someone may be Monoamorous, but have plural sexual relationships, or vice versa. Someone may be Polyerosous, but is Nonamorous.

Poly//erosy could always be used to describe a sexual relationship inside a non-mono/polyamorous relationship between one party and another, like how poly//amory is used to describe romantic relationships.

The person would be a Polyerosist, Polye/Polyeros, Polyerosous like with Polyamory, the person would be a Polyamorist, Polyam, and Polyamorous.

There’s other terms like Open Relationships and Swinging, but it doesn’t carry the same weight, stability and language meaning as Polyamory.

If we adopt Polyerosy in the Non-Mono/Poly community we could still use Polyamory as an umbrella term for people who are still both Polyamorous and Polyerosous.

That’s why a term like Polyerosy is necessary, healthy, sensible to adopt into usage for those who need it in the Non-Mono/Polyam community.

Term coined by: @thehollowkidvg

[image description: a flag with three stripes. from top to bottom they are: black, dark red, dark blue. a golden ‘ἔ’ symbol, the greek lowercase letter Epsilon with a psili and oxia is centered on the center stripe.]

[image description: a flag with three stripes. from top to bottom they are: black, dark red with hues of purple, dark blue with hues of purple. a golden ‘ἔ’ symbol, the greek lowercase letter Epsilon with a psili and oxia is centered on the center stripe.] 

Designed by: @snapbacksteben & @thehollowkidvg
Color meanings:

Black: Solidarity & pride with those who hide those relationships from the outside world due to societal pressures.

Red: Sexual desire, sexuality, intensity and passion.

Blue: The openness, communication and honesty amongst all partners in poly relationships. Flexibility and freedom.

The Golden Epsilon symbol: Greek lowercase letter ‘Epsilon with a psili and oxia’, as the first letter of ‘Erotes’ or ‘Eros’. the Gold color represents the value that we place on the close connections we make with others.

The darker hues in the first flag: Pride, strength courage and fortitude of being non-mono/poly.

The purple hues in the second flag: tactfulness, diplomacy, consensuality and professionalism needed when being in a sexual relationship with someone, be it mono or non-mono.                                                                                                

I would really appreciate if you can help me champion Polyerosy to common usage in the Non-Mono/Poly Community. Let me know if you identify as Polyerosous in anyway and let me know if I need to clarify anything. Thanks for reading this post, it means a lot to me!

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Hey so i saw your posts about john ambrose and you can talk more about him? I was so disappointed with how things turned out with him

  • oh boy oh boy
  • john ambrose mcclaren uses coasters and visits his grandmother and has little sisters
  • he once wrote down all of kitty’s ideas (patiently, carefully, never dismissing them because they were too childish or impractical – something that i realized made him very different from peter, who dismissed lara jean’s feelings several times in the books, perhaps without even meaning to) 
  • i think johnny is so kind
  • he is kind and good and, i hope, someone who would stay in lara jean’s life for a long time if she let him
  • i think he is her soulmate
  • (and not all soulmates have to be romantic, too)
  • lara jean is the type of girl who remembers everything, who treasures everything and falls in love over and over again – she’s sentimental and romantic and i thought johnny would love her for that more than peter k ever could
  • can you honestly tell me peter listens to lara jean when she talks about stormy and the retirement home? (hint: he didn’t) that he would understand how important the small, day to day things are to her? like how she always wraps her sandwiches with wax paper instead of plastic wrap, how painstakingly she planned the perfect sleepover (long nightdresses, horror movies, hair in rollers kind of perfect) for her little sister, such simple, simple things that, otherwise insignificant to the plot, lara jean pours over in the novels
  • there’s something about johnny, the smallest details that jenny han uses, the shy johnny lara jean remembers who had a stutter and was always in kavinsky’s shadow, the john ambrose who grew up and does model un and tells a girl he was too afraid to ask to a dance when they were kids he likes her, that makes me think he’s the same way too
  • i liked you then, lara jean, and i like you even more now 
  • i want to make it unequivocally clear
  • in my aesthetics board, i used a picture that said “i feel secure with you” and i think that best describes how i interpreted the happiness lara jean felt around him
  • he made her feel special – and she was the only one for him
  • even though, genevieve was his friend and someone important to him, even though, she was struggling and her own issues, i never got over how clearly peter picked her, how he decided that he had to be there for her first (even if he didn’t love her, even if he “loved” lara jean), that breaking up with lara jean would be more easy to do than detach himself from his ex-girlfriend who has, time and time again, treated lara jean like she was nothing
  • yes, genevieve has problems at home but that isn’t an excuse ???
  • i think people need to recognize how awfully peter treated lara jean in psily
  • he was so vain and conceited i stopped seeing them as even a possibility together
  • he didn’t even want lara jean back until after he saw john ambrose and her together at the USO ball – so possessive and unnecessarily rude to his childhood best friend (they were sundance kid and butch cassidy; they were best friends ok) that i began to realize how petty he was
  • he fucking asked for the jewelry back he had no right

To @okapiaman : my favourite Islands are Alonissos (as you), Patmos, Kimolos and Astypalea

Patmos for its Chora and beaches (especially psili ammos)
Kimolos for everything, food, people, beaches, and the main city and Poliagos
Astypalea for the beauty of the land, i’ve never seen landscape as the ones of Astypalea, and it is not crowded so you can go to paradisiac beaches with no one in it
And I guess that I doesn’t have to explain why Alonissos is my favourite ;)


Gerry & Holly Kennedy fanmix (P.S. I Love You)

OLDER CHESTS - Damien Rice

some things in life my change
and some things they stay the same
like time, there’s always time
on my mind
so pass me by, i’ll be fine
just give me time


when times are hard, i forget you’re gone
i go to call you before it dawns on me
that you won’t be there now
but i still have the words that you gave me
always remember, i’m by your side 


it’s hard to comprehend
our beginning is the end
of a love that never had
a chance to dance with you
so i choose to take this pain
and wish for more to say

THE LONELY - Christina Perri

too afraid to go inside
for the pain of one more loveless night
but the loneliness will stay with me
and hold me ‘til i fall asleep

MY SWEET SONG - Toby Lightman

oh, you said love was forever
and you told me love would never
break my heart
and i believed you as i fell 

Dear PIGS,

your girlfriend is hacking you again (: its been months since i last did this. but hm, we started 2011 pretty bad :/ and i hate it, but its okay. we’re not fighting as much anymore(i hope you like the shirt and cupcakes i bought you) (: but, ugh stuff has been going on and i just hate the thought about it. It’s okay though, we’re strong and I believe we can get through this <3 i mean we’ve been dating for basically 3 years now.. well, i just wanted to leave you something sweet or something for you to read since i’m not seeing you till later tonight & your ass didnt wake up this morning ): i called you continuously because you wanted me to come over this morning.. its okay though (: we still have a week left of break. hm, we have 5-6 months left.. lets make this amazing. i absolutely love you <3 promise you’ll wait for me ?

Love, Your Girlfriend, JAPP

PS, i love you.