“Jesus, Cas… Don’t you ever get tired of that?” Dean grumbled halfheartedly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and wrinkling his nose.

He’d woken up to the sight of Cas serenely staring down at him, a subtle smile tugging at the left corner of his mouth. The angel was sitting on what nowadays was his side of Dean’s bed, back resting against the headboard, his laptop forgotten on the nightstand.

They’d discussed this a while ago, of course. Seeing as angels didn’t need sleep, once they’d finally confessed their feelings for each other, Castiel had insisted that it was for Dean to decide what he wanted. Whether he wanted Cas to stay with him during the nights, or wanted him to go about his business in case it made him uncomfortable that only one of them was sleeping.

Dean had eagerly picked the first option, sue him, but sometimes it still baffled him how the angel seemed to be eternally fascinated with his everyday human activities.

“I won’t get bored, you’re quite entertaining when you sleep.” Cas supplied, reaching out to briefly brush the back of his hand against Dean’s forehead.

Dean propped himself up on his elbows and scowled at the angel. “You’re not spying on my dreams, are you?” He accused.

Cas solemnly shook his head. “I promised I wouldn’t read your mind without your permission, that includes dreams.”

“Good.” Dean muttered, scooting closer to Castiel and wiggling his way into Cas’ arms. “Still curious though, what’s so entertaining about it then, huh?”

“Knowing you, you won’t like the answer.” Cas mused, only feeding Dean’s curiosity.

“Try me, Cas.”

“Alright…” Castiel hesitated, wrapping his arms around Dean and resting his chin on the top of Dean’s head. “I like to count the beats of your heart, to hear the steady rhythm that proves that you’re healthy and alive. I enjoy hearing you breathe, deep and even, it’s a rather calming experience. I love to watch you dream, the way your eyelids flutter, the way you smile when it’s a pleasant dream and…”

A longer pause.

“And?” Dean prompted eventually, shifting in Cas’ embrace to look the angel in the eye.

Castiel smiled fondly, as if reliving a happy memory. “My very favorite thing is when you say my name.”

Dean’s cheeks started to burn thanks to the blood mercilessly rushing to them. Crap, that was so embarrassing.

“Does that, ehm… Does that happen a lot?” He mumbled after awkwardly clearing his throat.

When Castiel answered him, there were no traces of him mocking Dean, blue eyes showing nothing but adoration and undying love. Pride, even.

Every night, Dean.”

Dean’s shame vanished as quickly as it had appeared. He smirked as he crawled on top of Cas, straddling him, claiming their first kiss of the day. It was slow and sweet, Cas’ taste lingering on Dean’s lips where apparently Cas’ name had been earlier that night.

Being in love was good. Dean prayed it would never fade.  


All the DIABOLIK LOVERS boys now have official Twitter accounts!

This was launched since today’s Rejet new titles announcement show. All 13 characters, including the new character Kino, now have Twitters for a limited time period.

For the fun of it, I’ve also translated whatever tweets there have been (as of 6 Feb, 8PM JST). I think Kanato’s ones are the most hilarious so far xD

To follow all their individual accounts, here:

I will also add more DiaLovers news to my blog later~^^

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