There is a game called MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies, and I played it ⊟ 

I have a belief about the Neptunia games, based on extremely little practical data: having played a bit of one RPG and three different spinoffs, I believe I prefer the latter. The series’ tendency not to take itself too seriously appeals to me, but I have very little time to deal with hours of RPG grinding just to enjoy that tone. So Neptunia games that are uncomplicated brawlers (or idol management visual novel things) are lowkey my jam. 

MegaTagmension Blanc is, basically, a 3D brawler where you fight hordes of zombies. But that doesn’t quite cover it.

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Sorry for the late response, but I have nothing to post except this sketch tonight so I thought I might as well answer.

Anyway I can’t tell if this question is asking for like, instructions or just an example, but I generally draw it like this. Kinda fluffy on younger Javert. His sideburns need to be bigger oh well. 


“This,“ Neil flicked his finger to indicate the two of them, "isn’t worthless.” “There is no ‘this’. This is nothing.” “And I am nothing,” Neil prompted. When Andrew gestured confirmation, Neil said, “And as you’ve always said, you want nothing.” Andrew stared stone-faced back at him.”
Nora Sakavic, The King’s Men


Daegu Grandpa ❤🐼

Cr: skullcat007

“Laura says you have 7 seconds to name 5 dog breeds”
“Shiba Inu!…”
Long story short, Dan knows his dog breeds. (I still can’t believe they used my 7 second challenge) O_o
~also, my first time drawing a digital shib! It’s transparent~ ^^


「Vid」160523- Jun.K cut ~ Baek Ayeon’s V-App Countdown Live