darren’s written interviews always confuse me because we have this articulate commentary where he talks about the topic on hand and then somehow there’s this awkward statement that screams

EMPIRE magazine’s review of WAR ON EVERYONE - Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Peña, Theo James, Tessa Thompson, John Michael McDonagh

my digital scan of the November 2016 issue, still photographer: Cathy Kanavy

Check out their awesome interview with Alex here.

Supernatural to channel Spinal Tap in season 12 | EW.com
September 29, 2016

…it’s no surprise that the Supernatural writers have been trying to work rock ‘n’ roll into the show for awhile now. And in season 12, they might’ve found a way to do just that. “[It] seems like such a natural thing to do an episode based around rock ‘n’ roll,” showrunner Andrew Dabb tells EW. “That is the tenor of the show. It’s something we’ve played with off and on, but it’s something that always felt a little bit bigger than one episode because it is such a big part of our show.”

And when they decided to cast rock star Rick Springfield to play Lucifer in season 12, Dabb and his team realized they finally had their opportunity. “When we made the decision to have Lucifer inhabit a rock star and live in that world for a number of episodes, that felt really fun and like a natural evolution for the show, something where we can have fun with the Spinal Tap of it all, the sleazy behind-the-scenes music business of it all,” Dabb says. “That was in the ether, and then it crystallized this season.”


I know a large chunk of this fandom LOVES Cordo, I’m not one of those people. In his opening monologue he references the 5 member boyband consisting of: 

  • the cute one
  • the funny one
  • the nice one
  • the other one
  • the maverick

but then 0:30 until 0:50 sounds like he’s shading the boys of 1D, with the skinny jeans and Vans sneakers reference…

anonymous asked:

Oh no, please don't quit, i really enjoy your blog. I just discover your blog a month ago and has been reveling, you are doing a good job. Are you doubting they are fake? Do you know something new about WC that make you want to stop posting? Too silent and no pics together in Japan. If you dont want to write about WC, you can post about movies, music, etc.

No girl, I haven’t changed my mind! I still think they are fake, I just got sick of their faces, of them in general. I couldn’t care less about what happens to them now or in the future, I’m indifferent to them. Maybe this happened because I’ve been following this mess since early 2015 and I eventually got tired. It’s normal anyway :)

I’m thinking about creating a blog about movies and music, I’ll keep you updated!

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HWAT THE ACTUAL FCUK?? We have a livejournal Outlander community and we put spoiler tags everywhere religiously to respect the non-book readers and it's just a freaking online community. Now the cast are doing this recklessly?? (and not just fan favorite like Nellie here, Cait has done it too). This show is a mess.

Like I get it. The book has been out for 23950285 years. And if show-only folks want to avoid being spoiled, they should avoid scrolling through the general Outlander tags on social media.


To get plot-related spoilers FROM THE CAST is weird. Like you’d think that following the cast and crew would be the only safe-from-spoilers place in the fandom. Because why would they spoil their own show?

Except oh wait, literally all of the official Starz promotional materials spoils basically *everything*.

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Thank you anons

Guys, I just would like to say that you are the reason why I’m still here. I’m bored LOL Not because I changed my mind about WC but because I just don’t care anymore. I look at them and I’m like “B-O-R-I-N-G”, “thirsty sell outs”. I don’t feel anything, I couldn’t care less about MF anymore, much less to AV. Even if I’m wrong about all this and they are actually real, I don’t give a shit because they are nothing to me anymore, I just got sick of their faces and fake personalities.

If something big happens, I’ll be here to talk about it and I’ll keep answering your asks but that’s it.

Thank you for everything guys, whether you are in France, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden or anywhere else. I love you all :)