Why the Casey Affleck Sexual-Harassment Allegations Just Won’t Stick
Ben Affleck’s little brother is a protected celebrity.
By Allie Jones

Affleck is also, according to critics, talented. As Amy Zimmerman pointed out in her piece for the Daily Beast, audiences can be incredibly forgiving of flawed male auteurs, especially if the media is not instructing them to be critical. Affleck will likely have a long, storied career like Woody Allen’s, and industry publications will never force him to answer for his actions like they did Nate Parker. Parker’s Oscar hopes for The Birth of a Nation were quashed earlier this year when outlets began asking him about the fact that he was acquitted of campus rape in 1999. Affleck has all the privilege and protection that Parker did not, which is why, although their cases are not completely analogous, their Oscar journeys have played out so differently. Parker’s career is likely over, while Affleck’s is on the rise.


A very interesting read about the Hollywood maneuverings that occur behind the scenes and how power players in Hollywood can protect a career. 

Interesting to see if this side of Affleck’s story gets any traction.  


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Casey Affleck’s Dark Secret: The Disturbing Allegations Against the Oscar Hopeful
The producer and cinematographer of his mockumentary ‘I’m Still Here’ accused the ‘Manchester by the Sea’ star of a long cycle of sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

The Parker parallel is an important one. Of course, Parker was accused of a different, more serious crime—raping a female college student. Parker was acquitted, while Affleck settled. Then there’s the fact that Nate Parker is a black man. Like Affleck, the actor and director had been fast-tracked for critical acclaim and stardom. Considering the fact that Parker’s career has taken a fatal hit, we have to ask why Affleck’s history continues to be hidden paragraphs deep, or swept under the rug entirely. We can’t re-try either of these cases; given the facts that we have, journalists and filmgoers can reach their own conclusions of guilt or innocence. But readers should be given this opportunity. There’s no reason why the details of White and Gorka’s suits—which are available online here and here—shouldn’t be added as a crucial caveat in fawning profiles and glowing reviews.


Hollywood machinations.