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Gallavich Headcanon

This was meant to be a part of noelfshr’s head canon jam but Tumblr keeps eating my messages so I’m just posting it here:

When I see that gifset of Mickey saying he loves banana pancakes, I get this head canon: It’s the morning after the sleepover at Mickey’s. Ian wakes up crazy early because his body is still on the ROTC clock. He opens his eyes and kind of freezes because Ian’s always been a sprawler and he totally sprawled on top of Mickey sometime during the night. He slowly removes himself, hoping that he doesn’t wake Mickey up because the night before was perfect and he doesn’t want to ruin that memory with a Mickey “no homo” freak out.

He successfully gets out of bed without waking Mickey. Ian figures that since Mickey made dinner last night, he might as well make breakfast. He searches the kitchen for breakfast stuff but all he can find is cereal dust in a Lucky Charms box and boxes and boxes of jello. He rolls his eyes and grabs a box of the gelatin mix. When he finished, he puts the bowl in the fridge to set. Ian walks back to the bedroom and sees that Mickey’s still knocked out in bed. He watches Mickey for a bit because he rarely gets to see him so relaxed. Well…relaxed for Mickey. He’s pretty sure the worry lines on his forehead won’t ever completely go away but they looked a lot softer in his sleep.

Ian quietly steps back out of the room and doesn’t know what to do. He can’t fall back asleep at this point and Mickey just looked too cute sleeping that he doesn’t want to wake him. He looks around the house and decides to tidy up a bit. Not too much, though. He doesn’t want to give Mickey an aneurism or something. He starts throwing away some of the food boxes and beer bottles from last night before moving on to the dishes. Ian starts singing softly to himself this song Fi always plays when she’s being particularly sappy:

“But baby, you hardly even notice when I try to show you this song is meant to keep you from doing what you’re supposed to…”

Ian’s too intent on watching dishes. He doesn’t notice Mickey watching him from the doorway nor does he catch Mickey’s shifty eyes and mouth thumbing at the sight of Ian doing dishes in his kitchen.

“…waking up too early. Maybe we can sleep in? I’ll make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now. And we can pretend it all the time.”

Ian turns around and starts at Mickey in the doorway. Mickey gets flustered. Did Ian see him staring?

He snaps, “Do you mind not squawking this early in the goddamn morning?”

Ian blushes and quickly changes the subject, “You know you have NO food in this house? I wanted to make eggs or panca— I make the BEST banana pancakes— but all you have is fucking jello.” He opens the fridge to show Mickey the bowl of gelatin setting in the fridge.

There’s a weird fluttering in Mickey’s chest. He shakes his head to get rid of it and grins, “I knew you were good for something, Firecrotch.”

Ian laughs and walks over to Mickey, eyes roaming his body. He smirks down at him, “Just the one thing? Really?”

Mickey nods, grinning, up at Ian. “Really.”

Ian returns the grin and slowly trails his fingers up Mickey’s arm to his bare shoulder. “Well, I guess my job here is done.”

He steps back and walks around Mickey to get to his bedroom. He starts picking up his clothes tossed around the room. When Mickey follows him he continues, “I’ll just head back to the home then.” He’s about to pull his shirt over his head when a smaller hand stops him.

"Let’s not get too hasty, Gallagher.” Mickey shoves Ian back on to his bed and crawls on top of his body. He smirks down at Ian, “I’m sure we can find something else you’re good at.”

That’s it. That’s why Mickey loves banana pancakes. It reminds him of the first time he allowed himself to see Ian as more than just a fuck buddy.

jiminwolf  asked:

Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and put this in the ask of the last 10 people in your activity. ♡

pfft these are fun to do ahaha; ty ty for passing this to me~ 

1. the fact that namjoon’s left cheek is always puffier than the right :’)

and his cute dimples 


2. black haired yoongi

3. squishy pancakes 

4.  hoseok’s forehead

5. idk this picture of tahyung eating a hot dog lmao

Hey, guys, remember this?!

And this





Let’s not forget it, alright? My BEAUTIFUL Bamily, let’s remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Everyone’s not going to see the blissful MAGIC of Bamon, but you know what? Their lost! ;) WHO CARES?!?! We’re too busy wearing plaid, eating pancakes, snuggling teddy bears, rocking aviators, and solving crossword puzzles, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW OUR FANDOM ROLLS!!!!!!!!!

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