• Remus: It isn't too weird for you? us dating?
  • James: Not at all. I can tell when two people are meant to be together.
  • Like you and Sirius.
  • Remus: Look at you being all mature.
  • James: And me and Lily.
  • Remus: Look at you being all irrational.
  • James: No it's true. I've been hanging out with her lately and I think something's changed.
  • Remus: Yeah, she doesn't seem to want you dead so much anymore.

i’ve been making embroidered pillows for the past few weeks! it was so so fun! haven’t been able to take proper pictures of them tho. but here are some sneak peeks! also grabbed some honey milk green tea + oreos on my break! maybe i’ll post my pillows with my spreads/notes soon?

Imagine introducing yoga, to calm down Loki’s anger. Eventually, Loki becomes better than, even executing the dancers pose to perfection (not like you’re jealous or anything). One day, you are particularly frustrated and walk seeing him in “tree.”

“Chill out, fam.”

Loki says without even opening his eyes.

You smile, take your shoes off, and walk over. You both sit on the mat, cross your legs and steady your breathing.

“Namaste, homie.”

You reply before y'all both laugh out loud.

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty-Four

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

Loki stared at the ceiling for what felt like the hundredth day. Thor and the others were more than likely home by now, something that ate at him, he felt the bitterness fester in him like an infected wound. Maebh would birth the child soon and he would not be there. The wound was healing very slowly, and in truth, he may never get to return home, he wondered if he was feeling the same as Baldr had felt when he had been left in Vanaheim.

The days were dull, and to stave off the boredom, Loki began learning Svartal, it would, at the very least, keep the idea of peace with Ásvaldr and his men. He prayed to the Gods that Thor would not be rash and allow the peace to remain.

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As a question tax, here’s my lovely Zorro after her tumor removal (she was 305g before and 213 g after surgery- 92g of tumor :0 wow) looking sporty in her wrap.

I’ve got two questions, one of which you may not know and that’s ok.
My first question is, how does one know that vet tech stuff isn’t for them? I can’t find anywhere that will let me shadow, and I’m really thinking of going to school and becoming a vet tech. I know it’s stressful and they pay and hours suck and it’s hard to get a vacation… I’m ok with that.

My hang up is I’ve got some medical fears. Broken bones and large amounts of pus kinda freak me out. I do taxidermy so guts and blood and all that doesn’t bug me but someone posted a punctured pyometra and I almost hurled and that’s just from a screen.

I know you said you don’t recommend being a vet or vet tech. And I understand that and I don’t want to disrespect that. But would it be feasible if I get queasy over some medical stuff? I’m sure exposure would help but… I’m worried. Thank you!

-Vin (and Zorro)

I myself am not particularly fond of traumatized eyes or brains. Repeated exposure can help desensitize you to these things, whatever they are, and if it’s worth it to you then it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, then at least you know.


So I binged loads of RT videos this week when I couldn’t sleep and really wanted some of these past/present moments on shirts, so mock-ups occurred