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Artist of the Day: Mingjue Helen Chen! Mingjue is an art director and visual development artist for Disney Feature Animation whose credits include Frankenweenie, Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 and was part of the six artist collaboration for the book Lovely: Ladies of Animation.

Check out her latest book, Mowgli’s Rainy Day, today!

Feb 2013

Feb 2013 nung ginawa ko tong blog kong to. Hindi ‘to yung pinakauna kong blog pero somehow, ‘to na yung blog na nagsilbing open journal ko.

Sa loob ng tatlong taon, maraming nangyari, maraming naisulat, at maraming nakilala. Siguro kaya ako may trust issues magkwento sa ibang tao kasi nandon yung takot majudge or mareject or maramdaman na di naman sila interesado sa ikukwento ko kaya heto, mayroon akong blog. Dito ko nakukwento ang lahat, kasi dito e malaya. 

Ginawa ko tong blog nang dahil kay Dane, lahat ng tungkol sakanya, dito ko isinusulat pero dumating yung oras na narealize kong hindi rin naman niya maappreciate kaya wag na lang. Nagmahal, nagmove on, nang di niya alam. Naghilom, nagbago ng url, at ayun, naging tobywannabe.

Yung tobywannabe e nagmula sa kaadikan ko sa pretty little liars noon at sa kwentong naisulat kong di tapos. Yung kwentong yun, si Dane din yung nasa isip ko habang ginagawa ko yun. Di tapos kasi biglang wala na lang, wala na kong naramdaman kay Dane, siguro nung time na yun e nakamove on na ko.

Dahil din dito sa tumblr e marami akong nakilala. May naging tumblr bestfriend, may naging ka ano (lol alamonayon shemay kaano wag kang berde pls haha), may naging mga tropa at may mga nakasama sa kahambugan. Sumama sa meet ups, nainggit sa mga sumama sa meetups, nakipaghug sa maraming tao sa meet ups, maraming nakilala sa meet ups, at kung anu ano pa. Once in a while, naging part na ng buhay ko ang tumblr.

Dahil din dito sa tumblr, mas nakilala ko yung mga taong gusto kong makilala.

Sa oras na wala akong makwentuhan ng hinanakit at sama ng loob, sa tumblr ko ibinubuhos. May mga instances nga na umiiyak ako sa harap ng laptop habang nagkukwento sa blog e.

Three years, ang dami nang nagbago. Maraming naitulong sakin ang tumblr, pero dito na matatapos lahat ng ‘to.

Siguro nga, hanggang dito na lang.

intrusive audio ads

If you’ve been active on tumblr lately, you may notice that they’ve started running a new type of ad in the right-hand sidebar unit. Specifically, there’s been an uptick in ads that auto-play loud audio, some of which are even un-mutable.

We’ve addressed this in Anti-Capitalism version 1.3.0, which adds a new option:

(small mea culpa: the naming here is slightly confusing. this will *always* remove the sidebar ad, even if it doesn’t happen to be one that plays audio, because we don’t have the ability to distinguish between them. the other difference is that it does it in a way that also takes care of the audio-visual component instead of just hiding the ad, like some adblockers have been doing)

(EDIT: yes, you’ll have to refresh the page after installing the extension/enabling the option. It sounds like this might also conflict with other ad-blockers, so let us know if you have any issues and/or try disabling other adblockers first and see if that fixes the problem)

EDIT 2: as of 7/26, conflicts with other extensions or ad blockers should no longer be an issue.

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  • remember when nick was so hungover and was just layin on the couch when he saw his car was about to get towed and was just like ‘oh well, guess i just wont have a car’
  • remember that time when nick slammed his bathroom door and then his whole bathroom collapsed and fell of the wall
  • remember when nick was making a berry smoothie thing and forgot to put the lid on and it went everywhere
  • remember when he picked up the smoothie thing after it went everywhere and the bottom fell out of it and berry smoothie went all over the dogs
  • remember when nick opened the fridge door and then every single glass shelf in the fridge broke and when he went to get a broom to sweep it all up he realised he didn’t have a broom
  • remember when he went to go and buy the broom but his car broke down on the way there in the pouring rain so he had to walk to the petrol station to get more petrol
  • remember on the way home from that trip when he decided to call harry to make fun of the roadside vomit pics only to back into a pole, drink week old juice and vomit all over himself
  • remember when nick accidentally flooded his kitchen and was googling plumbers but then decided that he couldn’t be bothered with it and just left it
  • remember the time he called the fucking manchester nightly news to let them know he got his tamagotchi to live for 37 days cos he thought it would make cover story
  • remember the time he had an imaginary pet camel and he made his mum hold it outside the shops while he went in
  • what about when he was going to school and his mum told him his hands were warm and toasty and he got freaked out cos he thought someone was gonna like butter them or summat
  • also the time he managed to get his whole entire bathroom to fall of the wall just by slamming the door
  • the time he was so hungover that he saw his car getting towed and was just like ‘guess i wont have a car then’
  • ‘superman. beyonce. ronald mcdonald.’
  • when he forgot to but the lid on the blender and not only did berry smoothie go all over the walls and kitchen but then when he lifted it up the bottom fell out and it went all over his dogs
  • 'everythings broken and the djs wasted’
  • 'i hope its horrific burns’

Haikyuu AU

Screenshot redraw of this but using my Anti :’)

And I’m also currently working on my style and trying to improve it hhhh hope it doesnt look terrible