i dont mean to come across as bitter bc you all know that i love dan dearly, but why would the BBC pick him of all people to do a documentary on professional gaming? he has a gaming channel and he likes video games, sure. but that doesn’t really make him a “pro gamer”. they should’ve gotten a real gamer to do that kinda documentary, and they wouldn’t have to travel far for it. pewdiepie (regardless of whether you like him or not) lives a short distance away from London and he is not only the most subscribed to person on youtube EVER, but his whole life, his income and his passion, is gaming. i feel like he would have made the best fit for a documentary on professional gamers. even jacksepticeye, who is a VERY good gamer and a VERY good person and VERY dedicated to his job, would be a good choice; and the plane ride from ireland to london is also not that long of a journey.

idk i just feel like there is a WIDE-ARRAY of british/irish gamers of which playing video games is literally their entire lives that would’ve been a better choice as far as this goes. no hate towards dan, obviously. i love him more than anything and you guys all know this by now. but you can’t disagree that there are other people out there who might’ve been better qualified to do something like this.