K: It’s been a while since I slept that well. I feel really good.

D: Well that’s awesome and we should celebrate, you know how we should celebrate then? Deeks’ Frittatas, Deeks’ famous Frittatas and then we should go paddle-boarding down the Marina. You know the guy renting out all the boards…


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Imagine being LaSalles girlfriend and on NCIS and one night you come home and someone attacks you?? You don’t die, but like some Chris fluff?? 

Requested by Anon~

You heard Chris’ voice before you even saw him, telling the officers who he was and that he was ‘going to check on his girlfriend, god dammit.’ Despite the circumstances, you gave a small smirk and just waited for LaSalle to find you.

Finally, he rounded the end of the ambulance and saw you, his eyes wide. You didn’t look too bad; not anything he was expecting. So that already made it a little easier for LaSalle to breathe as he came closer. “You alright, Sugar Belle? As soon as I heard, I came runnin’ over.”

His hands came up to settle on your shoulders, and his touch grounded you. Comforted you, knowing Chris was here and he wasn’t leaving. “I’m fine.” You replied lowly. “Now that you’re here.”

Pride & Sleep

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this!

Word Count: 393

Warnings: fluff

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This case had been a tiring one.  No one was more glad to be done with this case than Pride.  His team left immediately after closing the case.  They were due for some rest and relaxation.  At least until the next case presented itself.  Everyone was tired to say the least.

Pride padded down the stairs to lock up the building.  As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he pulled out his keys from his pocket.  He stopped in his tracks for a few seconds, noticing that you were still at your desk.  He shook his head, a small smirk unfolding on his lips.  

Once he came back towards your desk, he tilted his head to get a good look at you.  It was obvious that you were fast asleep.  Pride wasn’t going to let you sleep like this.  He wondered if you had fallen asleep at your desk on purpose, knowing that he wouldn’t leave you like that.

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Imagine! Waking up from a nightmare and Pride being there to calm you down. 

Requested by Anon~

Even when your eyes opened in the real world, the terror was still there. Your chest was tight and it was hard to catch a breath, even when you sat up in bed. The room was dark; it was only 2am. But the darkness only seemed to frighten you further. The dark shapes in your dream may be hiding somewhere in the shadows.

Beside you, Dwayne shifted around and groaned a little. You felt a little guilty for waking him as you continued trying to breathe. But it wasn’t working. You were still gripping the sheets tightly.

“Honey, you okay?” Dwayne’s groggy voice asked as he sat himself up. When you couldn’t give a response, you felt his hand on your back. He started to rub soothing circles, and even through the darkness, you recognized his eyes. They were focused solely on you. “It was just a dream, baby. Can’t hurt you.”

You let out a shaky exhale before falling sideways, letting Dwayne gather you up in his arms. His smell and warmth instantly began to chase the last remnants of the nightmare away. The soft, comforting words he whispered made your heart slow down. And as the last licks of adrenaline melted away, Dwayne felt you go limp against his chest. That’s when he carefully laid the both of you back down, not falling asleep until you slipped back into unconsciousness.

Title: The Uncles

Code: JD0010

Requested by: @jez-zolnierz

Words: 630

Note: Interesting take. Usually, the reader and Gibbs get together in what I write. If you’re into kid!Reader, here’s your story. I apologize for its quality, as I am usually writing romance stories, so my platonic story writing abilities are admittedly not all that.

You don’t really love visiting Daddy’s work, but you definitely have a good time if your favorite uncles are there. Today, you were going into NCIS with Daddy, and you were really excited. In the car, Daddy said, “Now, (Y/N), remember the rules!”

“I know, I know.” You rolled your eyes, “I’m eight, Daddy, I know what to do.”

You saw his gaze in the rearview mirror. “But do you know what not to do?”

You laughed.

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Gibbs & Blue

This was requested by anon! I hope you all love it <3 <3

Word count: 378

Warnings: fluffish

(gif is not mine)

There were times where Gibbs openly broke his own rules.  Every time he broke one of his own rules, he did it for the right reason.  When he looked at you, all he could do was think about rule twelve.  He wanted to break that rule; he wanted to make you his.

As you padded into the squad room late at night, you were wearing casual clothing.  The Marine wasn’t sure why you had come back.  Maybe there was something you had missed?  Or maybe you came back for him?  

“Did ya forget something [Y/N],” Gibbs asked as he watched you move around your desk.  His eyes scanned over your body, admiring every curve that he could.  You always looked so beautiful.  Sometimes it was hard for Gibbs to think straight.

“Yeah, I forgot my phone in my desk,” you mumbled, plucking the phone from the metal drawer.  You turned around, walking over to your boss’s desk.  “Why are you still here Gibbs?”

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Okay, this is literally a oneshot that just looks at the immaturity of the Titans.

Might seem ooc or very unlikely but it really is just a humour piece. Don’t read too much into it.

It’s modelled after one of my favourite scenes of NCIS. It’s flippin’ hilarious and I found myself wondering what it would be like with our fave hero network. It would probably help to go and watch the scene I am talking about just so the context is kinda backing it up.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCp9RGGliDQ

I just don’t want people commenting like oh my god, it isn’t something to joke about. I know but for this particular scene; it really is funny, especially if you are invested in NCIS as a show, like moi.

It is purely being written because it reminds me of some kind of high school situation.

The big screen buzzed with light as yet another slide appeared before them all.

Superman cleared his throat and turned to face them, with the remote still in hand, pressing a button to turn on the lights in the room.

“As you can all see from the presentation, there are many forms of harassment in the workplace that can go somewhat… unnoticed. These little signs shouldn’t go without being addressed when you feel uncomfortable.” He paused and glanced over the faces staring back at him.

Rows of Titans sat there, staring back at him as he spoke. Their expressions varied from mildly interested to absolutely bored senseless. And, Superman was fairly certain he could hear snoring but he wasn’t sure who exactly it was.

Cyborg sighed, his fingers clasped together atop of the small desk he had been sat at. He was struggling but his eyes were on the Kryptonian as he continued to drone on about the topic at hand. They had all, needless to say, been reluctant to turn up to the watchtower this morning for the mandatory meeting.

The league had suggested that they were all very young still, despite being in their early 20’s and needed to be made aware of the dangers that can occur in the workplace; even if the occupation in question was a superhero.

There was a whole bunch of meetings like this they still had to look forward to such as health and safety, performance issues, discrimination… things like that. Things that normal, white collared folks usually had to worry about.

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My “767″ Thoughts

I started watching about 13 minutes into the show, because I couldn’t stand to wait.  So I’ll be reading @typingtess‘s writeup in a moment and will be watching it as soon as I get home tomorrow.  I don’t have a lot to say, maybe I’ll write more tomorrow, but it was another great episode.  Loved the Tiffany’s and Kat’s coming and Deeks shouting LAPD.  Also, I might be the only one, but I loved the ending with Hetty.  Thank you to Kyle Harimoto and Benny Boom and of course my favs, Scott Gemmill & JPK.  Now I’m going to go read what Tess and everyone else wrote to try and figure out what the story was about.

Did i mention that the parts I watched were all competent, great banter, action and everything I could want from NCIS: LA.