18. Who’s She? The final chapter

So guys I finally finally made it. :) This is the last chapter of Who’s She and it’s the longest chapter I’ve ever posted in here by far. At this point I wanted to thank all of you for reblogging and liking this story until now, it really means a lot to me! <3 I really hope you will enjoy the last chapter ‘cause I worked very hard on the last parts of the plot but I’m not really pleased with it. I think I could’ve written it better, but it took me so long to write it that I didn’t wanted to change it anymore, also everything I wanted to be in it is in it now. So I hope you guys will like it. And here we go now. <3

Who’s She part 10: The final chapter

You woke up this morning cuddled up in white sheets that felt warm and comfortable on your naked body.

Like you were in a trance you looked at the man laying next to you.

His pale skin with all those black tattoos seemed like it would shine fainting and his bright green hair greeted you as soon as you were full awake.

The memories of last night were stuck in your head, it felt like a part of you was finally complete again.

You’ve missed your clown and you couldn’t deny it anymore.

You wouldn’t leave him a second time, it was like he said, you belonged to him, to nobody else.

He was your one and only, no matter what he had done in the past.

He had done it for you and as you saw last night, you weren’t much better than him.

You’ve killed one of your best friends and instead of regretting it you slept with your crazy clown lover in her former bed, after his henchman was told to get rid of her corpse.

Thinking about it again, was strange but the feeling to have Mr J back was way better than to worry about a dead friend.

Admit it (Y/N), you’re crazy, no one would think about such things like that.

You shrugged in mind at the voice inside your head.

Whatever, the only thing that counts was that you and Mr J were unified again, after he had destroyed half of the city, to find you.

„ … find her …“

Your eyes moved back to Mr J, who was still laying next to you, but he suddenly seemed to be unsettled and he was talking in his sleep, something you’ve never seen or heared from him before.

„I said … find her …“

Was he talking about you?

„Where are you …? Where are you … doll? Why aren’t you with daddy anymore …? Where are you hiding …“

„Come home …“

„I’m home again, I’m here, J“, you whispered carefully and wrapped his arms around your body to cuddle yourself against his bare chest.

J’s voice died down, after you placed a soft kiss on his pale chest.

You didn’t look up, you knew he was awake now.

For a few moments everything was silent and you already thought he was mad, ‘cause you had seen him more or less weak, even if it was just a dream of him, but then his arms you had wrapped around your upper body pressed you into him with an unbelievable tight grasp.

He was a little rough, but you didn’t care about it, you were speechless what a big kind of affection he suddenly was capable of, to show you.

You knew you meant something to him, but you always thought it was only this crazy obsession, his own way to show you his- you weren’t sure if you could call it love, you didn’t even know if he actually could feel real love.

Or if his kind of feeling love was obsession.

But now … Could it be …?

That you made the Clown Prince of crime weak?

That you made him feel love?

And that this was the reason he executed all those people in your life, because he was obsessed and at that point also confused about this new feelings, that drove him crazy.

Even crazier as he was already.

So was this the point?

He fell in love with you, unexpected?

And he was scared to lose you?

You really wanted to know if this was true, but you knew he wouldn’t admit it, even if you were right.

He wasn’t a man for saying things like: I love you, or I need you, he was the kind of man that showed this feelings with saying things like: You’re mine. You belong to me, you’re my property and nobody has to touch you like I do. Otherwise I will kill those people, without mercy.

But was this love now, or still obsession?

Or both?

You couldn’t imagine the Joker really loving someone, even if the thought of him loving you, like you did, was beautiful.

Maybe you should take a shower to become a clear mind, it was spinning in circles already again, like ever when you were with him.

Besides his strong grasp around your body starts to feel a tad uncomfortable now and you were sure a few hours later you would have some bruises, where his grip was especially tight.


You looked up at him, after you heared no response.

„I need to take a shower“, you said carefully.

He was looking at you now, still not letting go off you.

Something seemed to be wrong with him, he never was that silent in front of you, only if he was planning to murder someone who had looked at you, but this couldn’t be the case this time, you were completely alone with him.

„Stay“,  he just said with an even more gravelly voice than usual.

His cold blue eyes met yours for a second and there was the answer you were searching for, a few minutes ago and it made your heart jump higher, as if it wanted to burst out of your chest.

It wasn’t just an crazy obsession anymore.

You could see the need in his eyes, the need to have you around, after you’d left him.

Your abandonment must have done something to him, it must made him acknowledging that he needs you, even if he would never admit it.

You wanted to say something but right in that moment J’s phone rang somewhere in Laura’s former bedroom.

He let out an annoyed growl, while watching the phone vibrating on the floor in his jacket pocket from the bed.

„Don’t you want to take the call?“, you asked.

„No, I’m busy“, he snarled and suddenly placed harsh kisses all over your body, as he came above you.

The phone turned off after another minute and J had slid his hands under the sheets you were cuddled in, to touch your body.

You felt needy for him again, as soon as his coarse hands came into contact with your soft skin.

„Already wet for me again, hm? That’s daddy’s good girl“, he said after touching your pussy with his signature grin.

But before J could’ve done more pleasure to your body, his phone was ringing again.

His eyes darkened in anger after hearing it for the second time.

Whoever has to call him while he was busy with giving some lovin’ to you must be a very brave or stupid guy.

„What?“, he snapped after getting his phone from the ground, while he came back to you within half a second, teasing and kissing you again.

You heared a few words spoken from Frost but you couldn’t tell what was the reason he called.

„Get the car, we’re going for a drive“, J just growled, before he hung up, now looking you in the eyes.

„We have to go, baby“, he said kissing you rough and stroking your right cheek with his thumb.

„What’s wrong?“, you asked.

„Nothing. Just a little hide and seek game with Bats and Gordon“, he grinned.

„Have they found you?“, you asked worried.

„Not me, doll. Us, but don’t worry they won’t catch us.“

„What do you mean? Are they after us already?“, you asked slightly panicking.

„Sh. Don’t panic, everything will be alright. Trust me“, he whispered kissing you again, before he pulled you out of the bed with him.


There were gunshots so many gunshots that you couldn’t even tell which were the one’s from the police and which were the one’s from J.

Besides you were too busy with clawing your fingers into the leather of the passenger’s seat, while J was driving the car through the city with so much speed that you already prayed to god: Please don’t let us die in a car crash, please.

„You look sick, doll. Are you alright?“, J asked a bit more sirious between all the laugther he gave to Comissioner Gordon and Bats while they were following both of you in Mr J’s car.

„You’re driving too fast“, you said trying not to sound as scared as you really were.

„I’m sorry, baby, but it’s necessary“, he said whilst firing off new bullets out of the window to get rid of at least on of your followers.

„We’re almost there, baby. Hold on. They won’t take you away from me.“

Something in his voice sounded different than before, like he had already planned something for you and him.

„What do you mean?“, you asked before falling on your boyfriends lap, while he had taken the next sharp bend.

He laughed looking down at you, as if you were the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his whole life.

„Bad girl, not in public“, he chuckled with a dirty grin on his face.

You were still worried about his driving skills and his new plan, but him making filthy sex jokes always got you smiling.

„Okay, baby. Here we go. It’s you and me now“, J suddenly said and you finally took a look back at the street, before your eyes widened in shock and fear.

„J!“, you screamed before his car passed some kind of a barrier and you two were falling into the deep water of the Gotham River.


Joker’s POV

It was the only solution to get away from Batsy and the police.

J had driven his shiny purple Lamborghini into the dark blue water, of the Gotham River.

He could still hear (Y/N) screaming his name, while he tried to break her out of the car.

She was unconscious, stuck between the passengers seat and the dashboard, her (h/c) hair was like hovering in the water, she looked like she had just fallen asleep.

And even now, half on the edge of death, she was beautiful.

Stupid bastard why haven’t you warned her earlier, one of the many angry voices in his head said.

J freed her out of the car as fast as he could, every new minute he would stay with her under the water, could be her doom.

Finally the cold air of Gotham City hits Joker’s face as he brought (Y/N) to the next jetty, that led to Gotham’s port.

She was cold and not even breathing anymore.

He laid her down on the wooden ground, opened her mouth and breathed air into her lungs.

Don’t you dare, dying now doll.

„Goddamn, (Y/N) be a good girl for daddy and wake up“, J said rough still trying to reinvigorate her.

„Come on, wake up! Wake up! DIDN’T YOU HEARED ME?“, he yelled losing all of his patience now.

She couldn’t be dead, she’s his girl, she’s strong, strong enough to be with the Clown Prince of Crime, it couldn’t be that easy to take her away from him …

You’re not dying here, you heared me, doll? Death can’t have you, you’re mine, mine alone and you will be nowhere else than besides me, when I brought you back …“, Joker said, his voice full of obsession, his eyes gazing maniacally at her half dead body, before he carried her into his arms and starts walking to the only place that can give rebirth to his doll, the only place that could save her, that could make her his own forever.


Joker stared deep down to the chemical vats underneath him, then back to the inanimate girl in his arms.

„Don’t worry, baby. Daddy will fix you“, he whispered before he finally jumped into the chemicals again.

The acid greeted him like an old friend, he felt free, feeling the familiar burning on his skin again, after all those years and he watched in amazement how the chemicals warmed up the ice cold body of his girl within a few seconds.

Her skin returned to it’s natural color but a few moments later, the color began to fade away, it faded and faded until she was as pale as the man who held her in his strong arms, while her (h/c) hair turned into an even more intense and darker (h/c).

J’s watchful facial expression turned into a big grin as he finally felt her body moving up and down in a steady rhythm and she finally opened her now crystall (e/c) eyes again.

She looked even more beautiful than before and Joker couldn’t be more proud of what he just created.

Daddy’s little doll.


Come on, baby …“

Oooo, I can see you want that, that’s my girl.“

Yes, daddy …“

Where are you …? Where are you … doll? Why aren’t you with daddy anymore …? Where are you hiding …“

Come home …“

You need me.“

You’re mine now, forever.“


You looked up to the man that held you in his strong arms.

You knew who he was and joy hits you with a big smile after looking him into this beautiful cold blue eyes.

He was your daddy.

You were his girl.

„You’re my daddy“, you whispered with a girlishly shy smile.

„That’s right, baby“, J grinned and gave you a big and passionate welcome back kiss.

„Are we going home now?“, you asked wrapping your arms around his neck like the good little girl you were now.

„Everything you want, doll“, J purred kissing along your neck, before he helped you get out of the acid vat.

„Alright, enough now. Game’s over, Joker.“

You turned around in fear as you saw Batman and the police, together with Comissioner Gordon standing right behind you and you couldn’t even look how fast the Bat put you into handcuffs.

„Batsy, don’t be stupid“, Joker growled dangerously.

He had pulled out his gun and pointed it straight at Comissioner Gordon.

The other police men in the hall pointed their guns directly at Joker in one quick move.

„Give her to me!“

„No. This girl is better off without you“, Batman said.

Without him?

„No!“, you tried to free yourself from the handcuffs, as soon as you realized what Batman just said.

They checkmated Mr J, what also meant that they would seperate you from him.

„Stop it. It’s only for your best, (Y/N)“, Batman said and held you back before you could ran to your daddy again.

„NO!“, you screamed crying as the Comissioner ordered to bring you out of her.


In the distance you could hear Joker yelling for you after he started the gunfire, but it was already too late.

They got you and not even Mr J could do something about it anymore.


One month later

They’ve found out about everything, so they decided you were not sane.

You have been at the Arkham Asylum since one month now, one month full of agonies and anxieties.

You never thought you would ever see the world through Mr J’s angle, through the bars of an old rotten cell, at the old work place of your mother.

After they arrested you they just wanted to plead homicide, what would’ve brought you to Belle Reve for ten years, because of Laura’s death, but whilst keeping you in police custody they sent a doctor to you because of a few mental breakdowns.

And here you go now.

They said something was messed up in your brain, after Joker saved your life with bathing you into the chemicals that made him who he was.

They said you weren’t accountable anymore and probably very dangerous, that’s how you came back to Arkham.

The place where your mother had been working before she died, the place where you met your lover for the very first time, the place Mr J became obsessed with you, the place where you became addicted to him and the place where you finally got a cell all by youself, directly in front of Mr J’s old one.

Except that this time the cell was empty, as empty as your heart.

You didn’t know what happened to your daddy after they took you away from him, but everytime you heared the gunshots inside of your head you were just crying, 'cause you knew how small the chances were that he was still alive, after all those guns had been pointed at him, as he pointed his one at Comissioner Gordon and demanded for you.

Come back, please come back, daddy …

I’ve been out on that open road. You can be my full time daddy, white and gold. Singing blues has been getting old. You can be my full time baby, hot or cold

Everyday since they arrested you, you started to sing this song, it kept you away from crying sometimes, not always, but it was something that kept you alive, you couldn’t explain why, but you also couldn’t explain half of the things you were feeling or you had been going through the last month.

„Ah, our little voice wonder. Look how beautiful she still is, even after one month in this hell hole.“

As soon as you heared his voice you let go off the bars you had clasped with your fingers and stepped back into your cell, until you could feel the stone cold wall in your back.

Your body was shaking and trembling in fear.

He always came at this time.

He hadn’t forgot about you, since your mother had been working here.

Since the day you saw his men torturing J in his cell.

„Fuck off“, you hissed through gritted teeth, pressing your still shaking body harder against the cold wall.

„Oh, no. Where have you learned those filthy words, hunny?“, Griggs asked feigned hurt.

„Good girls don’t do that.“

„Don’t touch me, don’t even dare to touch me again“, you whispered in anger and fear, as Griggs had unlocked your cell and came towards you with a disgusting grin onto his face.

„I said leave me alone!“

You kicked him in the crotch after he tried to touch you like the last time.

„AH, you little slut!“, he grunted.

You wanted to grab the keys he had left in the keyhole at your cell, but before you could reach them, Griggs got up from the ground and tugged you onto your bed.

„No! Let me go!“, you screamed and tried to push him away, but he was already on top of you and kept you away from screaming, because he had pressed his right hand onto your mouth.

„Shut up!“, he hissed.

„Now let me tell you, that wasn’t very nice of you, hunny. What would your mother think about this behaviour?“, he mocked you.

You were still fighting back but nothing helped, he was too strong.

„You’re always so feisty I like that“, he said smiling but in the next second he had back slapped you multiple times to make you shut your mouth.

It worked, you were half unconscious, a little blood stream came out of the left corner of your mouth as Griggs ripped the Arkham clothes from your body.

You could only see blurry but it was enough to be more disgusted than ever.

He was about to rape you again and the best idea to never make you forget this was recording it.

„Come on, sweetie smile for the camera“, he said amused, before climbing on top of you again.

His wait was too much, you couldn’t even breath right.

„Please, let me go …“, you whispered choking.

Tears were forming into your eyes.

When will this hell ever end?

„Sh, everything’s good baby, enjoy it. What would your daddy say if he could see this?“

He would skin you, asshole.

You cried out in pain as Griggs finally had made his way into you.

„Holy fuck, how’s Mr J supposed to fit in you, you’re so tight“, he laughed.

The tears had made their way down your cheeks and all you wanted was to kill Griggs, seeing him suffer like he made you.

Please daddy, where are you? Please, help me. Your doll needs you …


Joker’s POV

„Boss, we got something“, Frost said.

Joker turned around to face his right hand.

He looked exhausted.

After (Y/N) had been arrested he had managed to escape Gordon and his men, but he didn’t rest since then, he was searching for his girl again, but this time it was harder to find her.

The police made sure that Joker wouldn’t be able to find out where they brought her and it made him even crazier than feared.

His condition was more alarming than the last time when she had left him for six weeks.

He was more dangerous this time, even more fearless and more than willing to distroy the whole city if they won’t gave her back to him.

„What is it?“, Joker growled, making sure Frost and the others would be dead men if they brought him some junk again.

„It’s a recording. One of our contact men at Arkham had given this to me. He said this is what you were searching for“, Frost said calm, but behind this he was as scared as everyone else to lose his life, if this recording wouldn’t turn out as something useful.

„Then what you’re waiting for, put it in“, Joker snarled unpatient and pointed at the DVD player.

Frost hurried with putting the disc into the player but what was shown there wouldn’t finally calm his boss down.

Quite the contrary.

Sh, everything’s good baby, enjoy it. What would your daddy say if he could see this?“

Holy fuck, how’s Mr J supposed to fit in you, you’re so tight.“

Come on, hunny. Don’t you wanna say hello to your daddy? Let him know how good you get fucked in here?“

Frost stepped a few inches away from his boss after he saw how red his face got in anger and how heavy his chest was moving up and down, while he had to see how his girl got abused in front of this asshole’s camera.

Come sweetie, smile for your daddy.“

But she wasn’t smiling at all.

Tears were running down her cheeks, while this fucker was abusing her, she looked like she got beaten up a few minutes earlier before this video was recorded, there was a little blood stream comming out of the left corner of her mouth and it seemed like this bastard was nearly choking her with his weight.

Frost wondered how many more seconds of this video it would take to make Mr J totaly freak out.

Oh, baby you’re the best fuck in my whole life.“


Even Frost cringed a little bit after Mr J shot the TV down.

„The car, now!“, Joker barked at Frost, who nearly jumped out of the door after this order, while Mr J was searching for his most precious collection of knifes and guns.


You were traumatized.

You haven’t spoken to anyone, after you got raped for the fourth time now.

All you wanted was everyone in this entire asylum to die.

They deserved it.

No one helped you, they knew what Griggs had done to you and they didn’t give a shit about it, not even the doctors which had known you since your mother had been working here.

And now you knew, she was one of them.

One of them who didn’t know anything.

Mr J was right, it was better to kill her, they were all the same, everyone of them, even her.


You looked at the outside of your cell in fear.

What was that?

After a few seconds of silence you heared some people screaming, then gunshots.

They came nearer and nearer until you had to put your hands onto your ears, because the sound of machine guns felt like your eardrums would burst every second.

You closed your eyes, hoping it would stop soon, so you didn’t recognised the tall green haired person that came into your cell, until the Joker cupped your face into his strong hands.

Without thinking about it you opened your eyes, just to look in this beautiful pale face that you had been missing a whole month.

He pressed your head against his chest, were you cuddled yourself into his silver jacket, to feel the warmth and safety of his body.

„I’m here, baby. Everything’s going to be fine now“, he said.

Oh how you’ve missed this low and gravelly voice of him.

„By the way, I have a surprise for you“, he smiled and kissed you rough.

You didn’t waste time to respond his kiss, before he led you out of this hell hole of a cell once for all.

„Now, now, now. Frost where is our beloved Captain Griggs?“, J shouted into the room.

„He’s here, boss“, Frost said and nodded at the chair were some of Mr J’s henchman had tied Griggs up and put a gag into his mouth.

His eyes got wide as he saw you coming in with Mr J.

He was sweating like hell, that means Mr J knew what Griggs had done to you.

„Ah, Captain, Captain, Captain“, Joker said coming towards the asshole.

He sounded like a father who was scolding his son for misbehaviour.

„Still only a filthy little son of a bitch, aren’t you?“, Mr J asked, circling Griggs like he was his new fresh prey.

Griggs wanted to give some lame excuses, but the gag in his mouth made it impossible to speak.

„Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah“, J said and bashed his hands against Griggs shoulders.

„All of that chit chats gonna get you hurt.“

Mr J growled at him, while he reached his hand out for Frost, who should give him the crowbar that J had brought here as a special gift for Griggs.

„Question …“, J snarled with his most eerie voice as he circled Griggs for the second time.

„Do you really thought you could fuck my girl against her own will without me noticing and punishing you for it, hm?“

Griggs shook his head in panic and fear.

He knew that he was going to die now, but he still was in the hope that it would happen fast.

Oh little did he know that Mr J would make him suffer, until he wished he was allowed to die.


Mr J’s next reaction was like a thunderclap.

The crowbar hits Griggs face for the first time and Mr J had no mercy on him.

The gag that was supposed to be in Griggs mouth landed on the floor with a few of his now broken teeth.

He was crying out in pain and that’s where you began to enjoy every second of what J was doing to him.

You came nearer a smile growing on your face as you saw Griggs whining.

„Oh you think this hurts? Then you don’t even know what real pain feels like“, Mr J growled a sadistic grin on his face as he stepped in front of his victim again.

„I can’t wait to show you my toys!“, he said as excited as a little child on Christmas Eve and slapped him a few times against the cheek.

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„(Y/N), please I’m sorry“, Griggs suddenly said and looked at you with pleading eyes.

You couldn’t believe what a big rat he just was.

„Did someone said you are allowed to talk to her?“, Mr J yelled and the next hit with the crowbar followed into Griggs stomache.

He was gasping for air, before spitting blood out of his mouth.

„Now be a good boy and apologize to her as the filthy little rat you are“,J growled cutting the ropes with whom his men had tied Griggs to the old wooden chair, before he trashed him to the ground.

„Crawl to her feet and let her know what you are“, J snarled walking up to you and placing his hands on your shoulders so he could rub them gently.

„You’re enjoying this, baby?“, J asked smiling against your right cheek, before placing a soft kiss on it.

„Yes, daddy“, you smiled back.

Griggs was covered in his own blood, looking damaged as hell already, as he kneeled in front of you, doing whatever Joker wanted him to do.

„And what do we say now?“, J asked like a father scolding it’s child.

He put the crowbar under Griggs chin, letting him know that even if he would say the right words, no one could save him from a very painful death.

„I’m so, so sorry (Y/N). I’m nothing than a disgusting little rat and I’m not even worth looking you in the eyes to tell you what a filthy bastard I am.“

„What do you think, baby? I couldn’t have said it any better“, J whispered into your ear, enjoying every second of the torture he gave to Griggs.

„Do you want me to shoot him, now? Releasing him from the pain, already?“

Oh, what a wonderful feeling, to have the life of this asshole in your hands now …

Griggs was looking up at you, as if he was begging for death to take him.

„No, not now“, you said without a smile.

The pictures how he abused you several times were hitting your mind again after looking down at him.

„Tell me what you want me to do to him, doll. I’ll do everything you want“, Mr J whispered, kissing and comforting your neck.

„Make him suffer, until you can see how life runs out of his body“, you said with such a cold voice, that even Frost in his corner found scary.

„Oooh, you heared that, ashhole? We will have so much fun together“, Mr J growled.

„Frost would you please be so kind and tie him to the table, I’m right there.“

Of course Frost did what his boss said, while J was talking to you again.

„You wanna join me, baby?“, he asked.

You shook your head and smiled at him.

„He’s all yours.“

„Then let me offer you a seat in the first row“, J grinned and turned the chair -on which Griggs was sitting a few moments earlier- so you could perfectly see how J would torture him on the table where all the Arkham patients normaly became their shock therapy.

„Frost the suitcase“, J ordered as if he was a doctor, who was ready to operate now.

Frost handled him a medium-sized suitcase in which were placed several of J’s favorite weapons.

Knifes in every form and execution and also a few guns.

„Griggsy, Griggsy, Griggsy … do you know what happened to the last man that even dared to stare at my girl?“, Joker asked taking one of the knifes into his hand.

Griggs couldn’t even speak anymore, he was scared as hell and he wished death would take over him before the clown could lay one of his sadistic hands on him.

„He’s hanging in some butchery near the city now“, Joker chuckled.

Tears of fear were now running down Griggs cheeks.

If this guy just stared at Mr J’s girl, what would only happen to him?

„Oh come on, I thought you were a big tough guy. Why the fuck are you crying?“, Joker laughed, while he was now ripping off Griggs upper clothes, until Joker placed his knife on Griggs chest.

„You know what? I only skin people who really deserved it, so we can say you’re a very honored man“, Joker cackled, his silver teeth gleaming into the light that was shining near the table, before he finally began his work.

Griggs was screaming a perceived eternity, before Joker got finally annoyed by it and executed the man with a gunshot between his eyes.

After work was done Mr J looked at you, you seemed to be drowned in thoughts.

„What’s wrong, doll?“, he asked after packing his things together and handling them to Frost.

You were standing in front of him and couldn’t resist but fell into his arms and kissed your way up to his neck.

He was purring and growling at you in response, holding you even tighter after he wrapped his arms around you too.

You were so glad he was finally here.

„Let’s go home, baby.“  


Patient File no. 145

People who knew (Y/N) (L/N), would’ve been shocked how the encounter with one crazy clown had ended up.

They would never have thought about her ever going crazy like that.

She was a good girl.

A lovely daughter, a great student.

But in all our sessions with her we maybe found out that she was missing something all the time.

Her life was like a picture book straight from the beginning, every line was drawn out for her already, so she decided to draw a new one all by herself.

Painting it green and purple.

Or at least this was, what she told us.

Concluding we can just say, we don’t know anything about her now.

The girl she used to be was gone from the day on she met the Joker for the first time.

So the question for everyone will always be:

Who’s She?

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