Dear Mrs. Weasley, 

I am struggling a little in English studies and am afraid of falling behind in the curriculum. Because of this I have developed low self esteem. Do you have anything that can help? 


A troubled muggle student

Dear “troubled muggle student”,

Fortunately, nobody is perfect because then we wouldn’t need to go to school and learn interesting things! Just remember that everyone has flaws and that doesn’t make you any less valid than any other person. The other good news I have is that there are people out there who are good at English studies and are good at teaching English. In my years at Hogwarts I almost got a Dreadful in transfiguration until I met Aldric: a seventh year who taught me the secrets of transfiguration and was quite handsome! (I ended up with an Exceeds Expectations instead.)

You can reach out to see if there is a tutoring program, ask the teacher if they could recommend a student to tutor you in the subject, or just ask someone who you respect and is good at explaining English if they wouldn’t mind sitting down with you and helping you with your homework. This way you will stay on top of your schoolwork, get better at English, and possibly meet a new friend. Make sure that you are trying your hardest when it comes to English but also recognise that you are doing your best, and don’t blame yourself because that’s the best that you could do! Ask if there is extra credit, make sure your notes make sense, ask lots of questions in class if you don’t understand something, and do all your homework because that will help you practice and remember what you are learning.

Make sure that you do have friends you can lean on, and who love you: perfect or not. Right now, take out a quill and parchment, and write down five good things about yourself. Do you feel better? If not, write five more. Do this everyday that you feel the least bit sad, and it is sure to bring your self-esteem up. Also, drink lots of tea, it’s calming and delicious!

My husband is very excited about muggle technology and wants me to add that on the ‘worldwide web’ apparently there are people and 'websites’ that can also tutor you and explain things in new ways, even movies and books read in English! If he is correct, you are quite lucky, an endless maze of knowledge is sure to help you wrap your mind around English studies and meet others who can help you!



Dear Molly, 

I’m a mother of two boys, and the eldest of them got engaged to a foreign muggle girl. I dont know how to react and talk with her…I love my son very much but I dont know how to deal with it…

Please help me, 

Boy’s mum

Dear Boy’s mum,

It is completely natural to have different opinions than other people, the world would be a very dull place if we were all the same! We all make different choices and have unique experiences and that is why the world is such an interesting place. 

My eldest son also married a foreigner, and at first I was suspicious because she had some different opinions and customs than me, but then I realized that I needed to open up to her and accept our differences, and more importantly, to get to know her as my daughter-in-law and cherish what we had in common. I bring this up because muggle and foreign cultures and customs may initially seem strange and unfamiliar, but it is important to realize that they are just as important as our traditions. 

My advice is to brew the girl (and yourself!) a strong cup of tea and just chat with her. You can ask her questions, but most importantly, listen to what she has to say and accept her into your heart. And remember, if the boy you raised and love chose her then she must be worth something!

Best of luck and love,