In quintessential Stephen King story, IT, six childhood misfits form an alliance against a malevolent force that’s taken up residence in the waterways of small town, Derry, Maine. IT takes many forms, but most often appears as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a circus clown who comes bearing balloons. When a main character’s brother is killed, the group of outsiders takes on IT together and wins. 27 years later, the kids, now adults, must return to their home town when IT starts devouring children, again.


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until the fire burns out

Life at camp these days is…weird.

It’s nothing like it was on the Ark, for starters. After everything that went down at Mt. Weather, it was weeks of rebuilding both the camp and everyone’s morale. Jobs were handed down by Kane and Abby, who were now sharing the Chancellor duties because neither of them were in much of a hurry to claim that title again.

Jaha and Murphy and their band of merry misfits are still missing which pisses Bellamy off to no end. Regardless of the shitty things Murphy had done in the past he was actually on the road to redemption and Bellamy thinks sometimes, usually when he’s training the new guards in what he calls Earth War Skills, that he would have liked Murphy on his crew. 

He’s in charge of twenty recruits, Miller serves as his second in command, and together they train them for real world combat. Kane asked him personally to lead the training and he likes this, being a part of something and being in charge but doing it the right way. He thinks Clarke would be proud.

Even if most days he hates her for leaving even if he can’t really hate her at all.

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I first saw sailor moon when my daycare teacher rented it from Blockbuster. It was the “Promise of the Rose Movie”. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I had long hair at the time. I was so pumped that after the movie I put my hair like Usagi’s and swore I was destined to be sailor moon. I’m 15 now and still am waiting for Luna to find me. XD

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Part of Cullen Positivity Week; Hawken in Kirkwall.

Cullen’s heart sank when he saw the familiar group of misfits enter the Gallows, strutting around like they owned the damn place. Just once he’d like to go a day without seeing that insufferable mage, constantly sauntering over to pester him. He knew Hawke would be trouble the moment he’d heard about her; joining up with mercenaries, bribing anyone and everyone across the city, not to mention her attitude towards templars. When they’d first met he’d hoped they might be allies and make some sort of attempt at bringing peace between the templars and mages in Kirkwall, but, Maker, the sour face she’d given him after their first encounter said otherwise.

Cullen tried to make himself look busy, scanning the Gallows for anyone to order about or discuss some ‘important matters’ with. Unfortunately he was too late, with a groan he watched as Hawke and her companions strolled over in his direction. Naturally she had her smug grin plastered across her face, but something was different this time; she looked far too pleased with herself.

“Hawke, to what do I owe this delight?” He said sneeringly.

“Your Ser Alrik was working on a plan to turn all mages Tranquil.” She said with a triumphant grin.

He clenched his jaw and felt his fists tighten into balls at his sides; the last thing he needed was Hawke finding out about this.

“I will not ask how you came by the personal effects of a man recently murdered within our own walls.” He wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been involved somehow. “It’s true there has been some discussion of the idea. But as you can see, it has gone no further.”

Cullen prayed she would believe him and ask no further questions.

“You expect us to believe that?”

He turned his attention to the only other mage in Kirkwall that rivalled Hawke in her irritableness.

“Believe what you like, mage.”

He focused back on Hawke whose lip was curled up in disgust. Perhaps his tone was slightly unnecessary but Cullen had grown weary of her constant questions; questions she only asked because she wanted to reaffirm her hatred of templars.

“And there’s the Knight-Captain we all love so much.” Hawke snarled. “You’d have every mage hung in this place if you had your way.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Cullen huffed. Although there was certainly one mage he wouldn’t mind being rid of.

“Is it really that ridiculous though? Clearly you love the idea of making us all Tranquil.”

Cullen grit his teeth, struggling to keep quiet. She was provoking him, he knew it, just as she always did, but he would not give in to her petty taunts this time.

“Hawke, please, must we do this every time?” Aveline always seemed to be the only voice of reason within the group. Hawke barked out a laugh.

“Me? I’m not the one locking up mages for merely lifting a finger.” She stepped closer to Cullen, barely a hair’s width between their chests, and looked up at him with a smirk. “Does it pain you to know that I’m out here, running free, and there’s nothing you can do about it?”

He sighed and kept his mouth firmly shut. Hawke was lucky to have bought her way up to Hightown; that and her family name were the only things standing in the way of her and the circle tower.

With a final disgusted look from Hawke she turned to leave, obviously realising she’d be getting no form of reaction from Cullen today, and the others followed swiftly behind her.

“Maker watch over you.” He muttered, watching them walk away, and already dreading their next trip to the Gallows.

The girl who played Alisha on misfits is literally so gorgeous I’m happy she’s on this new TV show if tho it’s whack