As of today (7/25/16), VHSrip Steven Universe Screencaps has been up and running for an entire year now. After all this time, I’m still amazed at how much exposure the blog has gotten. For such an incredibly simple idea, it’s really made a mark on here, surprisingly.

I would like to thank all 35,000+ of you, human or not, for sharing or just appreciating my work. It sincerely means a great deal to me. I hope you all continue to enjoy Steven Universe as much as I have, and please, try to keep the fandom a safe, civil place.

— The blog creator.


hi everyone. that time of the year (years??) has rolled around and i’m opening commissions so i might be able to eat fruit again and maybe pay off my 20k+ student loan debt (maybe). i’ve recently opened a patreon and furaffinity account, but i’m also extending the offer of my commissions here. 

instead of a huge list on the post this time around, i’m going to point you to my website which has all the rules and examples. my prices are currently as listed:

Sketches (per character)
Detailed Bust: $10
Detailed Full: $20

​Shaded (per character)
Detailed Bust: $50
Detailed Full: $60

Full-Render (per character)
Detailed Bust: $85
Detailed Full: $95

please send any inquiries to ninamodaffari [@] gmail.com. i currently have five slots open, as to not get too overwhelmed. thank you for your continued support!

do u ever just get the overwhelming feeling that you’re no one’s best friend? sure you’re friends with some people but they’ll always pick that one person over you and so will everyone else for someone else. they might consider it maybe for a second but they won’t pick you in the end and you know it. if so hmu we can be best friends please


I feel like everyone and their mom has cleared Nidhogg EX by this point but I spent too much time four hours on this so I thought why not post this here?

I wanted this to be a kind of guide that focused on what to do in the moment while explaining what was happening at the same time because I personally felt that most videos made the phase seem more complicated than it actually is. I actually haven’t done Nidhogg EX all that much myself (cleared once and haven’t had time to go back) so apologies if the guide isn’t 100% accurate!