Marvel Coca-Cola Super Bowl TV Commercial: Coke Mini (Hulk vs. Ant-Man)


the sequel to this! Sorry it’s not reblogged and made easy to find, but Tumblr was having a hissy fit with me and it wouldn’t work :,C ANYWAY i can not tell you how terrifying the pressure was to make this– i didn’t expect the first one to get so popular and so i’m hoping i didn’t disappoint anybody with this trash XD but thank you all for all the nice comments on it!!!


yoga_girlLate nights on the couch with @penny_thegoat 😌❤️🐐 She is the oddest little creature, this one. So fragile but so brave. She climbs on top of the dogs like they’re furniture. Every table, chair and countertop is a playground. She chews on everything, all the time. I’ve done entire sun salutations with her on top of me (haven’t captured it on camera yet!). She knows her name; when I yell “Penny!” she answers “Baaaaa!” off the top of her lungs. When I open the gate she comes running. In the evenings I have to keep my voice down in the house; if she hears me she starts yelling for me until I pick her up so she can sit with us on the couch. She falls asleep on my lap like this every night.
Problem is… Baby goats need baby goat friends! So I guess we are getting another one.

OK OK  I read @faith-xx-love ‘s fic and I drew one of the scenes that was my absolute fave part! omg go and read THIS FIC HERE!!! YOU WILL REGRET NOTHING

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