The Boss (2016) F.u.l.l

I’ve found this Achievements list that can help to view your adventure from a different point, a combination of Videogame Achievements and RPG.  Could entertain players that are waiting XP or the next level.
XP are important but unlock “Valar Morghulis” or “Finish Him!” could be interesting too.

Here you can download the reddit document:



hello I love JJBA and @girlmadeofclockwork does too 💕
I had already made my two favourite jojo characters in the MGS universe so…why not the other way around? What if they got stands?

The Boss was a hamon user & before Jack killed her, he was one too.

- Big Boss: Master of Puppets by Metallica
- Ocelot: The Lovecats by The Cure
- Kaz: Take the World by She Wants Revenge

Others I might sketch or nah:

- Solid: Karma Police by Radiohead
- Liquid: Toxicity by System of a Down
- Solidus: Rage Against the Machine
lol I got banned from that new Moon Guard Confessions already

moonguardconfessions blocked me because I said this:

The only useful thing about MGS was that it sometimes allowed victims to point out their abusers. Anyone who reduces that to “‘who said what’ and all that other gunk” should stop being a shitty human being and grow up.

Someone else sent in an ask about abusers, and they responded with:

If someone is being mistreated, we hope that would be brought to light so the appropriate steps can be made to fix that situation. However, it is entirely different to harass and shame other people, no matter how justified it may seem.

tl;dr - If and when MGS comes back, perhaps then the awful people can cursed at and ridiculed once again. But that’s not how we roll over here. We don’t fight fire with fire. :]

What a joke.

baby solidus crawling around but when bb comes home from work and he crawls around the couch and bb kinda half smiles and waves at the baby like “lol hey little man”

and then he stands up and starts walking to him and bb drops everything (even the cigar in his mouth) and he kneels and calls eva and she comes in, leaves and comes back with a camera and they both cheer really loud when solidus makes it without falling

they send the video to kaz and ocelot and ocelot uses a lot of emojis and exclamation marks like “!! GOOD JOB GEORGE!!! ;^3”
and kaz just sends small but really enthusiastic texts like “nice! he did that all on his own? hes finally growing up!”