FN Minimi

Known as the M249 series in the U.S military, the Minimi is one of the most commonly used light machine guns in the world, especially within NATO countries. Normally associated as a belt-fed firearm, it does also have the ability to use standard AR-15 magazines. A civilian semi-auto model is finally being released to the market in the U.S directly through FN. Prior to that, only a couple of companies offered semi-auto M249′s built from parts kits. (GRH)


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♡ jeb’s larry fic rec pt. 3 ♡
the dark and the dentist

“I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.”

We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies?

“How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life.

❀ this is the fic. i have a whole tag for this fic. this is honestly one of the most beautiful and devastatingly true to how i imagine louis and harry’s relationship actually is fic i’ve ever read. please take some time to read this. it’s gonna be a classic.

have you coming back again

It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym.

Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain.

Louis jogs across the street and jabs the key into the car door. It opens easily, not that he was expecting anything else. He copied the key for a reason, after all.

He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

❀ listen to me. just listen. this fic is honestly perfect in every way??? harry is so! harry! i don’t know how else to explain. just read this. it’s the cutest thing and you won’t be sorry.

rather this than live without you

Harry decides to give it all up. Louis refuses to be left behind.

❀ oh god. harry leaves the band and louis finds him across the world. i held my breath the entire time i read this. angst ahead.

burn to ash

Harry is sitting there, so fucking casual, and Louis realizes in a split second he was not ready. When Harry walked out in Detroit and never looked back, he was a boy verging on a man, still only twenty years old, but there’s a man in his place now. Hard and resolute, yes, but still, for the first time in a long time, Louis can kind of see the old Harry in him. The soft, directness of his gaze, the hesitant smile he gives to Lou, the way he wrings his ridiculously large hands in his lap.

He’s a little bit the eager sixteen year old puppy dog again, his innocence and sweetness resurrected miraculously, and Louis freezes in place. He was prepared to face the asshole Harry. He was prepared to meet a whole new Harry.

Louis is not prepared to meet one of the old incarnations of Harry, and it absolutely tears him up.

Or the fic where Harry spirals out of control, the band breaks up, and then he shows back up, five years later.

❀ this fic is 110k and i read it in one sitting. deals with alcoholism and depression. it will wreck you. my tag for it is called hell if that tells you anything. read this though. it’s beautiful.

we should get jerseys

There’s a lot surrounding Harry, and Louis knows, in his heart of hearts, that there always will be. He just doesn’t know if he’ll manage to equate into the ‘always’ of it.

Harry is a hockey player, and Louis is his slightly melodramatic boyfriend.

❀ HELLO THIS WAS SO GOOD. also fed into my recent love for hockey themed anything after check please. turned out to be angstier than i expected which is good if you’re me.

you rid me of the blues

louis goes to find harry. canon.

❀ this has a scene with louis and harry on harry’s motorcycle which i’ve been wanting from a fic for 8347 years. soft and sweet.

think how much pussy you’re gonna get

They’re all coping with the break in their own ways. Liam’s learning new skills, Zayn’s joined a charity that has him on another fucking continent, Niall’s working out, Louis’ growing a beard and Harry has a cat.

Two months in, their house is overrun by cats and kittens, Harry is transforming into a feline, and Louis can’t get head without interruption. The break is going great.

Or, the canon fic where One Direction go on a six month break and Harry adopts a billion cats and that’s it that’s the fic.

❀ i didn’t read this for so long because of the title. and i’m sad i did that because it was so fucking cute and harry is just like this in my mind. also it combines my love of 1d and kittens!

you want a love song

If it’s not too much to ask.

❀ sad sex. god…

you want a love song

Harry’s got a heart, a soul, and a band. And with that, obviously, comes a future paved in great success, right? So all he has to do is win the Battle of the Bands, right? Simple.

What’s not so simple is the fact that Louis Tomlinson is his biggest competition. And also happens to be made of everything that Harry’s ever wanted.

No… That’s not simple at all.

❀ i’m still grinning and i read this last week. also i laughed out loud like 17 times at work while reading this.

sort your head and facedown

“What if you’d had the chance to make that one thing different?” Harry gets sent to an alternate universe where most everything is the same and most everything has changed.

❀ in every reality harry and louis go together. [sobs]

whispering of fields half-sown

And how ironic is it that even now, at the end of all things, Louis’ mere presence makes Harry want to believe that anything is possible again. That the earth isn’t close to collapsing on itself, that the tomorrows are bright and shining and full of promises. Harry hates Louis for giving him something to look forward to when the sky only keeps getting darker. Harry loves Louis for it.

[All of his boys come back to him in the end, but it’s Louis, Harry has been waiting for all this time.]

❀ i cried for two hours and text clem nine times after i read this. i loved every word. READ IT.

like dying young idols

“Hurry up,” Harry hisses through clenched teeth. Louis giggles then sprays a smiley face on the front door with two X’s for eyes.

[Or the one where Louis and Harry go on a bank robbing spree after Louis gambles away their millions.]

❀ shameless self promotion. :)))


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