Fake Seat Belt Shirt

The fake seat belt shirt won’t protect your life, but it’ll keep the fuzz from issuing you a ticket for not being strapped in while on the road. This novelty shirt is made from 100% softened polyester and designed with a minimalist seat belt graphic that’ll fool others. Smart.


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Cloud Nightlight

Lull your offspring into a deep slumber by creating a serene environment with the cloud nightlight. The cloud is available in 3 distinct sizes and emits a dim white glow bright enough to be able to move around without turning on all the lights and waking up the kids.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

more of jongin’s chat messages:

Jongin thinks Dragon Ball is interesting…

With rahee he has to play toy planes And
t’s too tiring for him lol

Recently jongin watched Jurassic World

“I can cook ramen really well…. Recently I added an egg unto my ramen”

Jongin mentioned that he did a magazine shoot today!

He created instagram because the managers begged him to create it to use it for promotion

A Fruit that Kai likes is strawberry

“I’m strawberry” EXO-L are grapes

All puppies doing fine

Rahee’s hair is short

“I want to go to America again. Who will come with me to collect dragon ball?”

“Princess (EXO L) I will protect you.”

My ideal type is EXO L

“when I dance. I’m happy”

“During high school, I was placed number one for doing the most pusH ups”

“I have bad eye sight. I wear lenses”

“Don’t diet too much and harm your body”

scary movies are interesting u

“I don’t have anything that I’m scared of.”

“Ghosts, zombies and spirits are all my friends. Because I’m vegeta”

“my phone breaks frequently. Don’t worry
about it. The case too.”


‘’If i’m entirely honest, when you’re working with Colin, it pains me to say it but, he makes you a better actor. You know you go in at this level and he’s like there and you know you’ve got to push it. So anytime i have a scene with him i know i come out better than i usually am, because he’s quite ridiculously talented.’’ - Katie McGrath