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Are there any good Merthur High School Au Fics?

Yeah sure! There are loads of these, hope you like them! 

Doodle Me Silly

Arthur Pendragon is the school prince, the knightly jock of Camelot High School. Merlin is the artistic nerd that spends way too much time doodling away. None of those things matter because they’re best of friends.

…. Best friends who also happen to hopelessly crush on each other.

AKA: Sweet, fluffy sex.

Out of Body

(This is one of my personal favourites) Finding out that his best friend is gay shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, catching Merlin wanking to gay porn shouldn’t turn Arthur on, either. With his plans for uni in shambles and his position on the high school footie team lost to injury, Arthur’s determined not to disappoint his father any further. Running away from Merlin seems like the easiest thing to do, but his denial might cost him everything.

The Detention King of Avalon High

There’s a new kid at school, and he’s not Merlin Emrys’ type at all—until he turns out to be much more than Merlin ever expected. American HS AU.

I LOVE these ones but it is teacher/student so just be warned if it’s not what you like!


When studying goes wrong. Alternatively: Arthur is a jerk and Merlin would hate him if he wasn’t in love with him. Or so he says.

Stop Watching 

Browbeaten and threatened into denying himself by a domineering father who refuses to be embarrassed by even a whisper that his son is gay, Arthur has given up everything that he’s ever wanted in his life to keep the peace — shaky as it is — with Uther.

Arthur Pendragon, a former track and field Olympic medallist, is the well-liked and successful track coach of Camelot High, with a long list of former students making the national teams. For years, he’s been courted to join the coaching staff at Ivy League universities, with the national team, for the Olympic team, but instead of jumping at the opportunities in front of him, Arthur keeps his head down and stays at Camelot out of a feeling responsibility for his students, duty to the school, and a tiny, little bit of fear.

It’s the first day of school and a new runner joins Arthur’s team — a senior transfer from Ealdor High. Merlin Emrys is out, open, impossibly friendly, immediately popular, and impossibly persistent.

Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur.

Be What You FeelMerlin is a juvenile delinquent who doesn’t do good boys, and Arthur is the best boy of them all. But Arthur wants Merlin, and Arthur always gets what he wants. High school AU.I have a massively long list of these so feel free to ask for more :)*ALL of these have Merthur as the main pairing*

/ A fanmix for Corilannam’s “Awake” /

awake - josh groban | a thousand years (part 2) - christina perri | time after time (acoustic version) - eva cassidy | i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie | awake my soul - mumford & sons | gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips | i’ll hold my breath (demo) - ellie goulding | be still - the fray | never gonna leave this bed - maroon 5 | still into you - paramore | kiss me - ed sheeran | can’t help falling in love - ingrid michaelson

[listen here]

Fic Rec: Forcing Serendipity

Summary:Merlin has been head over heels for his boss, a man he’s never actually spoken too. But when their first meeting goes worse than even the most mortifying nightmares he could have dreamt of- courtesy of Merlin’s snark and Arthur’s pomposity- the only way to avoid losing his job in publishing is to be involved in making the cover of a Gay Romance Novel. But being “involved” turned out to be a much vaguer term than Merlin would have liked. If Merlin hears the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for,” one more time- he’s going to scream.


Thank you! Much appreciated


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Hi! I'd love to see some fic in which Merlin is a mechanic and Arthur leaves his car in Merlin's hands? And then they fall in love/have sex? Thank you for running this!

The In-Laws
Summary: Merlin and Arthur met when Merlin was a mechanic and Arthur brought his Maserati in to be serviced. After a whirlwind romance, they got married. Knowing his mother hates people with money, Merlin has never told her who he’d been dating nor that they’d become serious. Now that they’re married, Hunith is not amused. Hunith and Uther come to visit one weekend soon after the honeymoon to meet their new sons-in-law.

Quantum Entanglement Theory
Summary: Arthur Pendragon, captain of the space station Camelot, works hard to bring peace to the outer ring. But when a series of tragedies and accidents brings him to the doorstep of a magic-wielding mechanic, he finds that peace may not mean exactly what he thought it did.

Small Town Mechanics (Need to be logged into AO3 to read)
Summary: And that’s how he ended up here. Emotionally and physically fatigued, and being driven down the main street of the smallest town he’d ever seen (having just gone through the town’s stoplight) with his companion prattling on about anything and everything, stopping every so often so he could yell out the window at random people.

The Service
Summary: Arthur breaks down in the middle of nowhere with only one garage in a fifty mile radius. He expects his car to be fixed within a matter of minutes, what he didn’t expect was a mechanic named Merlin

I honestly believe that Merlin and Arthur are in love and meant to be, and if Bradley and Colin aren’t dating then they should be. That being said, I still ship Merlin with Mordred and Colin with Alexander. I’m a terrible person.

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Being Morgana's boyfriend/girlfriend would include

Originally posted by supercorptrashed

Dating Morgana Pendragon Would Include

  • Going to banquets/feasts and council meetings together
  • Sitting next to her at the head table
  • She will fight anyone who gives you or her trouble
  • Going horseback riding
  • Picnics
  • Sword fighting
  • Helping her with her nightmares
  • Sleeping together and sleeping together
  • Morgana is a total softie sometimes
  • Sneaking around in the early stages of your relationship
  • Gwen finds out about it first
  • Morgana makes your birthday such a big deal and you make hers a big deal too
  • Holidays are amazing with her
  • Hanging out in the royal library together (cause I’m making that a thing)
  • Being friends with Gwen and Merlin
  • Arthur teasing the two of you
  • Everyone loves the two of you together (they courtSHIP it)
  • Walks in the garden outside of the palace
  • Uther doesn’t admit it at first, but he sees you as another one of his children
  • When you guys eventually get married it’s a HUGE wedding

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Definitely want some fic recs, I somehow find really hard to find good merthur fics, kinda hard to come by, or I just suck at finding them.

Yoooo I got you covered.

Alrighty, here are some blogs for merlin and merthur fics:




And here are some of my favorite fics to get you started:

  • Shaggable
    Summary: Of Merlin in purple and ass-flattering jeans and made up words and Arthur deluding himself into believing that it is, in fact, innocent to fantasize about your best friend and he’s not at all gay. Except when he is.
    I loved Arthur’s internal monologue and the build up of the tension between the two of them. This is a great fic.
  • Castle (the rules by which we live).
    Summary:Merlin knows that getting off fastest when he’s got some BDSM porno playing loud on the computer doesn’t mean he’d really like to be that bloke, gagged and bent over and bound. Right?
    This is seriously HOT. Like damn. I feel like it’s really in character for Merlin to be a Sub and for Arthur to be a dom. Nicely done portrayal of a BDSM relationship, especially with the aftercare. 
  • August
    Summary: Merlin goes home to Ealdor to visit his mum for her birthday and Arthur just HAS to come along.
    It was really interesting to have it set in Ealdor because we get a much better sense of his life before he left for Camelot. 
  • Winterbloom
    Summary: Deep in the woods in the frozen heart of winter, a careless comment leads to a redefinition of Arthur’s relationship with his manservant.
    I mostly read AU fics, but this was just a beautiful fic.
  • You Better Put Your Kingdom Up For Sale
    Summary: After the events of 3x13, Merlin is feeling a little like a fifth wheel. Arthur is not at all okay with this.
    Tumblr never fails to let us know that Arthur really does care for Merlin, which is always appreciated, and I think that this fic does that observation justice.
  • The Wheels on the Bus
    ummary: They get the same bus to work every day and never talk, but they sort of fall in love.
    This was just adorable! I like how they start out with Arthur being a prat to Merlin and Merlin being his sassy self, but then they become friends and then that leads to more. 
  • Post-it Note Romance
    ummary: Merlin has never had a secret admirer before so he’s fairly certain this one has the wrong guy.
    OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO CUTE. This is a highschool!AU and this was just really well done. Plus the pictures provided make it way better.
  • What Happens in the Tent (Can Keep on Happening Long After)
    ummary: Merlin is curious and Arthur is only somewhat reluctant.
    This was hilarious! Merlin being awkward makes my heart sing. Arthur’s disbelief is totally in character. I appreciate how at this point in their friendship, they were pretty open with each other. Well, to an extent.
  • Practice Kisses
    ummary: When Arthur finally gets a date, he practices kissing with Merlin and gets more than he bargained.
    I also happen to like pining fics. This one is a perfect example.
  • And This Is How I See You
    ummary: For months now they’ve been casually meeting in the lobby of their building, and Merlin’s been harbouring a (totally not creepy and perfectly normal and not at all pathetic) crush on his neighbour, Arthur. As luck would have it, they both suddenly find themselves on their own for Christmas, and well… They say there’s nothing like a bit of holiday cheer to bring people together. (And pancakes. And toys. And no matter what Arthur says peppermint tea is a legitimate thing. Also cake.)
    OKAY I READ THIS A FEW DAYS AGO OR SOMETHING AND THIS IS SO GOOD! We get to read Merlin’s thoughts and omg they’re hilarious. It’s a slow transition from merely neighbors to more than that and it’s absolutely great every step of the way.

Hopefully that’s enough to satisfy you! Let me know if you want more fic recs :)


Merlin: “As long as you are with me, [Y/N], Arthur will do nothing.”
You: “What do you mean?”
Merlin: “Oh… Well, it’s not my secret to tell. But you’ll find out eventually; perhaps soon, even.”
BBC Merlin
Arthur Pendragon | Merlin [Emrys]

I claim no credit for the gifs. All credit goes to their rightful owners and creators. You did well, you wonderful person, you :) xx