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Dean/Cas: Your Love is My Drug

For Ayla (deathkisseddean) who requested a destiel AU with pharmacist!dean / 1,187 words

Being an elementary school teacher had a lot of perks. Summers off. Influencing the youth of America. Snack time. Being exposed to fifteen germ incubators on a daily basis was not one of them.

Once a year, usually in the fall when his immune system was acclimating to being surrounded by children who did not consistently cover their mouths when they coughed, Castiel got hit with what always felt like the worst head cold of his life.

This year he had eight-year-old Ellie Winters and a poorly timed, uncovered sneeze to thank.

Thanks to Ellie, Castiel currently found himself in the local Walgreens, looking for the best over-the-counter cold medicine his teacher salary could buy. He grabbed a box of tissues, some Afrin, a bottle of Nyquil, and trudged to the pharmacy counter for the good stuff – the extra strength, extra awesome decongestants that could only be purchased directly from the pharmacist.

“Hey there. What can I do for you?”

Castiel narrowed his eyes at the perky blonde store clerk. Her healthy, energetic presence seemed like a direct insult to his current state of being. “Hello. May I please have some of the prescription strength Sudafed?”

“Sure thing. Let me see your ID and I’ll have someone grab a box for you. Winchester!” She called over her shoulder while simultaneously giving Castiel’s driver’s license a once over. “I need a box of ultra Sudafed.” She eyed Castiel sympathetically as she handed him back his ID. “And hurry up, would ya? Not sure how much longer this one is gonna make it.”

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I had a dream I was trying to seduce Lay and he basically friend zoned me and turned me down and I couldn't help but think that he must truly be like that! He's just too pure ;( Damn unicorn

… are you sure we’re thinking of the same unicorn because there ain’t 








amikor hazajövök a javítóból

10 ott töltött óra után, és éhes vagyok és nincs pénzem kajára, és éhes vagyok annak ellenére, hogy a lányok adtak az uzsonnájukból, szóval hogy ettem egy vajas kenyeret, és akkor hazajövök, és néhány pillanatra az a szobájában falcoló lány is kimegy a fejemből és megnyitom az internetet, geci, és azt látom, hogy a komplett elte btk esztétika szak azon lamentál, hogy az isis, akik amúgy tudtommal embereket gyújtanak fel/fejeznek le gyilkolnak, szóval hogy ők lerombolják a több ezer éves szobrokat, és hogy ezzel számukra kiderült, hogy ezek vadállatok, vége kész bazdmeg, ez már nekik is sok, szóval akkor kicsit azt kívánom, bárcsak látnák ezek az emberek a világnak azt a részét, amit én mindennap.