Free Play: RTX Hide-n-Seek! #41 (10:48)

Ryan: It was the most beautiful view.  (Meg laughs)  I mean.  Once I could see around you like–(imitates Meg shaking and clinging to a tree in horror)
Meg: My–you meant my ass, it’s fine!  (Ryan laughs) You meant my ass!  You were behind me, you meant my ass.
Ryan: (grandiose circular gesture) I mean, that was silhouetted against all of Sydney.
Meg: (similar gesture) My ass! And Sydney.


“We keep this love like a photograph”

When times got hard, you always looked to the picture of the two of you sitting in the plain picture frame on your nightstand. Sometimes, you would stare at it for hours while twisting the ring on your left hand, recounting the day he was forever yours and you forever his. The memories of how he dyed his hair to matched the color scheme of the wedding would cause a light laugh to escape your lips. And how the speeches that his band mates did, would make you fondly smile because of the amount of love in the atmosphere. How he held you closely while you two watched his band mates and their girlfriends dance (quite badly) on the dance floor. How that night you two flew to the honeymoon of your dreams.

“I swear it will get easier”

Is what he told you the first time he left for tour after the wedding. You thought after six years together you would be a pro at this, but not waking up to your husband every morning was different. It didn’t feel right, and you hated the feeling. Every night, he would tell you down to the minute how much longer the two of you would be separated, but it only made the time pass even slower than before. Daily life seemed so mundane without him there to make it exciting. Everything became the same routine day after day, without any sort of spontaneity in it. You soon grew tired of this life, and even looking at the picture in the simple picture frame on your nightstand would not help the growing feeling.

“Our hearts were never broken, times forever frozen still”

You swear your heart skipped two or three beats when you finally laid eyes on him. Everything in the airport baggage claim melted away as all your senses tunneled to him. When he caught you in him arms, your nose was consumed with his scent, and you wished to always feel his arms holding you as tightly as they were. You knew that he was feeling the same way you were. You knew by the wet sponge on your shoulder that his thoughts were overrun with you. As he held you in his arms for the first time in what felt like eternity, you felt time freeze. He was home in your arms. And you knew that everything was going to be okay.