And just like that, everything was over again.
Just like that, I was shattered all over again.
Just like that I knew,
I had to begin again.
And just like that,
I had to drag myself out to
a new beginning (again)
-Just like that we were over again
—  Dianadabdi
Twisted Ones 💁🏻‍♂️

Attracted to the Twisted Ones
That’s what they are
Once you get to know them
You see through their scars
I twist and shout in my own way
Not do I care about
What others say
I just hope
I will live to see another day
And lead my life my way

You don’t know
What goes
Inside our heads
And inside our souls
We will sing our lonely songs
Forever trying to
Right all our wrongs


People here now
Won’t be there tomorrow
Everyone has their own race
And pace
Some people take it slow
And go with the flow
Others chase lost dreams
So it seems
I am here to take my time
And make a few words rhyme
Call it taking the easy way
I don’t care
Happiness is all I seek
In this world of the weak



Currently watchin Person of Interest for the first time, and I have some big interrogations !

Is Mr Reese some kind of Dopplegänger of Jack Shephard ? Is this the alternative to the end of Lost ? An alternate universe ? Is Benjamin Linus now ruling the world ? With Jack on his side ? That makes no sense at all…

Seriously this Jim Caviezel reminds me so much of Matthew Fox in some scenes, it’s uncanny. It might not help that  I’ve been watching Party of Five all over again for the past few weeks.

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