• Takao:*knocks on door* Shin-chan!
  • Midorima:Shut up.
  • Takao:Do you wanna build a snowman? C'mon let’s go and play~
  • Midorima:I’m studying you lil sh-
  • Takao:I never see you anymore, come out the door, it’s like you’ve gone awaaay!
  • Midorima:*violently sighs*
  • Takao:We used to be best buddies! And now we're not. I wish you would tell me whyyyy~
  • Midorima:Interrupt me one more time, Takao, and I swear to god-
  • Takao:Do you wanna build a sno-
  • Midorima:*opens door* Go away. *slams door*
  • Takao:………Hawk eye bye…
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AU where...
  • Himuro is a drug dealer and hides his undercover life from Kagami and Alex
  • Riko is the head of the intelligence agency
  • Kuroko is a waiter and no one sees the food/him until he puts the food in front of the customer
  • Imayoshi is a mafia/yakuza boss
  • Hyuuga has feelings for Reo
  • Kuroko falls for Momoi after she gets over him
  • each school is a district in the Hunger Games and you have to wipe out all of the other teams
  • Kasamatsu wears knee-socks to support his legs because he actually has a recovering injury; one day he puts on normal socks instead and breaks his ankle
  • Kuroko is sneaking people out of France during the French Revolution and is known for being “invisible,” and therefore saving thousands
  • the GoM is at Hogwarts and finds themselves split into the four houses (Kuroko fights to keep the GoM from turning evil and the Sorting Hat makes Kuroko sit for fifteen minutes before sorting him)
  • Kise is invited to model for fashion week in Paris and drags the GoM and their schools along
  • Aomine and Kagami get tramp stamps with each other’s names while drunk
  • Seto is an insomniac
  • the GoM falls in love with Kuroko, who is a merman in an aquarium
  • the GoM are the best thieves in the world, but Kuroko realizes their wrong ways and wants to stop them. The problem? The rest of them use magic for their cons and Kuroko can barely make a fireball.
  • Alex and Momoi are a pair of detectives under the name of “Sherlock”
  • the main schools have a sleepover at Kagami’s and it’s super crowded.
  • the main schools have a sleepover at Kagami’s, and it’s crowded, and in the middle of the night they realize that Kise sleepwalks and ends up kissing Aomine in his sleep
  • a group of OC girls steal/break Midorima’s lucky item each day because they are curious what would happen
  • Murasakibara is bulimic and throws up everything he eats
  • Akashi dies and all of the GoM+Haizaki+Momoi+Nijimura reflects on their memories in Teiko
  • Akashi is a prince and falls in love with Kuroko, who turns to be a thief
  • Midorima takes a selfie in the tub just for kicks, and doesn’t send it to anyone, but Takao sees it when he steals his phone and sends it to himself and erases the evidence from Midorima’s phone. Not only does he tell Midorima he sent it to Takao, but he responds with one of himself in the shower, and holy shit Midorima realizes Takao is attractive.
  • Kagami and Aomine are mistaken for a couple in the airport, and spend the whole trip arguing and telling people that’s ridiculous, only to realize they have feelings for each other
  • colors of hair are significant and the stronger pigment means the stronger person (oh wait….)

And last but not least…

  • Nash loses his passport and has to live in Japan temporarily and has to hide from the basketball world

Please tell me if you decide to write one of these! I want to see them!

Kagami's Laugh
  • Kagami's Laugh
  • Ono Yuuki & Ono Kensho
  • KnB Drama Theater - 3rd Games

(ETA: I’m not sure why this won’t play on my dashboard -_- but it works on the permalink: http://dragonreine.tumblr.com/post/123275993092/ )

If any of you are wondering how Kagami’s laugh in Waiting Game sounded like, it’s very similar to the laugh he’s making near the end of this clip.

Kagami: Pfft—! It…it su…suits yo—hahaha!

Kuroko: (muffled, sounding disappointed) Kagami-kun…

Kagami: A yellow-colored Kuroko, smiling—!

Kuroko: (muffled) This is a waste of time, so I’m not going to laugh… (deadpan) peka.

Kagami: (bursts out laughing) Bwahahaha!

Kuroko: You’re laughing too much… (takes off mask, voice goes back to normal) We need another strategy.

Kagami: Peka-peka—hahahaha!

Too cute xD