She’s a Nashville songwriter. When you write a song like Better Man top to bottom on your own with your acoustic guitar, that’s Nashville. She’s a storyteller. She loves country music. Her last record was more poppy but who knows? Taylor can do anything she wants to. And she will forever be a Nashville girl.
—  Karen Fairchild of Little Big town discussing Taylor Swift (USA Today)

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Karen had never pictured herself grocery shopping with a wanted man, and yet here she was. It seemed so normal, so mundane and routine that Karen barely noticed anymore the fact that Frank pulled down his baseball cap so far it was almost hard to tell it was even him.

To others, he was just a man tagging along to the grocery store. To Karen, he was an overprotective boyfriend who didn’t like the idea of her leaving their safe house to grab necessities.

‘’Cereal,’’ Karen spoke under her breath, looking down at the small note in her hand. ‘’Eggs, milk, butter- hey!’’

Karen looked behind her and saw Frank smirking, his hands now by his sides as if he hadn’t just pinched her side cheekily.

“Ma’am?” he asked, a smirk on his lips.

“If you want to get out of here quickly, I need to focus,” she warned, a smile tugging at her lips.

Turning back to her list and the cart in front of her, Karen began to scan the aisle for the item she needed, watching as Frank slipped his hands into his jacket pockets.

A few aisles later though, as Karen stared at assorted pastas, Frank pinched her side once more. Ready to reprimand him again, Karen spun around to be met with Frank’s lips hovering over her own.


“Shh,” he whispered, shaking his head softly before pressing his lips to hers.

In the empty aisle of the grocery store, Frank and Karen almost became lost in one another’s kiss. Karen smiled against Frank’s lips, pushing him away gently.

“You’re going to draw attention,” she told him softly.

“We’re fine,” he assured, pulling her close again.

Karen couldn’t argue against his kiss again, she enjoyed it too much to do so. They may have been dealing with gangs, murder and corruption on almost a daily basis in their lives, but it was moments like this that reminded each of them what it was like to be normal.

As their kiss continued, Frank registered another shopping passing them by, rolling their eyes and huffing in annoyance. He couldn’t help grin in return.

“We’re never getting out of here if you kiss me again,” Karen warned softly, a smile on her lips.

Frank smirked and pulled away, settling for slinging his arm over her shoulders and walking by her side. Cap pulled down over his face, his other hand in his jacket pocket, he looked almost the complete opposite to the ray of sunshine that was Karen.

But for the rest of the time during their shopping trip, Frank and Karen couldn’t help smile at the fact that each person they passed thought of them as just another couple who couldn’t survive without touching one another.

Through the eyes of everyone, they were a typical couple doing some shopping. And for the twenty minutes they were there, that’s exactly how they felt.

i fffffffuckin hate when ppl make posts like "people dont seem to have noticed ___“ or "no one is appreciating the deep role ____ has” like ok karen shut the fuck up im gonna keep focusing on romantic possibilities in the show and u keep focusing on being a pretentious dwindleprink