NISA localizing new game by Harvest Moon creator ⊟

Tentatvely titled Birthdays, the Toybox (Yasuhiro Wada)/Arc System Works collab is about creating miniature worlds, maintaining the environments to allow life to grow and evolve. It’s very cute.

It’s out in Japan in January on PS4. It’ll be out in North America and Europe… sometime. 


Mount Vesuvius Erupting

Joseph Mallord William Turner  Mount Vesuvius in Eruption,1817

Joseph Wright of Derby, Vesuvius in Eruption,with a View over the Islands in the Bay of Naples

Pierre-Jacques Volair, The eruption of mount Vesuvius from the Atrio del Cavallo

JC Dahl, The Eruption of Volcano Vesuvius, 1871

Unknown, Painting of Mount Vesuvius erupting in 1812 as seen_from the Ponte dell Maddalena, 1820 (detail)

Camillo de Vito (attr), Vesuvio, 1820

cravin you || jc + female reader

Request: Can u do a jc imagine where he is falling for his best friend, y/n and it’s all from Jc’s POV 😘💖💖

Warnings? eh.. none? It’s not sad, it’s just kinda… feely I guess?? idk you guys tell me!! might do a part 2 if u guys want. Also a bit shorter than I intended. Sorry

summary: y/n and Jc are really close friends and he falls in love with her over time… but doesn’t know what to do about it. (It’s in 3rd person view)


He’s never felt this way. As cliché and dumb as it sounds, it was true. Each day he saw her, no matter what state she was in he got the same feeling. It felt as though his stomach was doing flips and a great rush of warmth and happiness coursed through his veins. He couldn’t control it, or stop it and he didn’t really want it to stop.

They were so similar you know? She had chubby cheeks like he did. She understands him, knows him inside out and back to front. Probably a lot more than Kian knows him. They wore a lot of similar clothing and shared the same craving for adventures. It was nice for him to be fully comfortable around someone. He never felt the need to put a guard up around her, and she felt the same with him.

He loved days like today, where it was just them. Kian knew about his undying love for her and often teased him about it, so he preferred to not be around her with him. Today they were alone, it was 8pm and the sun was setting as they sat on some random hill over looking the busy city of LA.

He watched her, watching the sky. He loved loved loved when her eyes lit up when she saw something she loved or when she was happy, she bit her lip without knowing it. He loved what she wore; she wasn’t a very girly girl and she rarely wore makeup. Not like he would love her any less if she was the opposite.

When she was sad she would fall into his arms, and he would inhale her scent. He can’t get enough of the feeling of her soft hair running though his fingers. He adored her laugh, her face, her body. God her body. He worshipped it. And if she was his, he would be all over her everyday.

He always took photos of her. Not in a creepy way, but photos of the simple things, like brushing her teeth, or putting on her shoes. Everything she did was so intriguing to him.

He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t tell her. No way in hell could he tell her. He was too nervous, embarrassed almost. He couldn’t face the rejection.

“Jc?” Her voice danced in his ears, causing his heart to skip faster. He snapped out of his thoughts when she turned to face him. He stared into her eyes, her hair was blowing slightly due to the soft nighttime breeze. She was sitting cross legged, tracing her knee that was exposed through her ripped jeans.

“Do you wanna go on a road trip tomorrow? Just me and you. I wanna spend more time with my best friend. I miss you” she gently took his large hand in her smaller one, running her thumb across his knuckles. He swallowed hard. best friend. The thought of that word made him cringe. He didn’t want that. It was bullshit. He wanted to be hers, and he wanted her to be his. None of that best friend crap.

But, as he always did; he ignored his thoughts. “Of course. Where do you wanna go? I could drive” She shrugged at him as if to say ‘I don’t know’ Her eyes then lit up at the idea and she jumped on him. Both of them landing with an ‘oomf’ as they hit the grass covered ground. She stayed there, on top of him. She fixed his hair that had drooped across his forehead from the impact of the fall. His heart fluttered even more.

He couldn’t help it, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer on top of him. He was content, as they stayed like that for a while. He then had an idea. Something they used to do years ago. He flipped her over, and over, and over, until they were rolling around like a pair of idiots.

A small squeal followed by loud giggles escaped her plump lips. He stopped when he was on top of her, slightly out of breathe. “We need to work out more” she chuckled. He gently collapsed on top of her, a laugh leaving his body and vibrating through hers, sending a chill up her back.

He stared at her. This was it. This was the moment. Their friendship, all the trust she had in him, all the late nights he had spent almost crying thinking about her. Every laugh they shared together, every hug, every forehead kiss he had sneaked at times, every friendly hand hold. All came down to this. He was gonna do it. He was gonna tell her, the adrenalin rushing though his veins was enough courage for him.

But he didn’t. He backed out again. She had stood up and broke the comfortable silence between the two. She smoothed out her black jeans, tied the laces on her white converse and tugged on her baggy pastel pink sweatshirt that Jc bought for her last year. She then grabbed a bottle of water from her bag and started to dance quietly. Swaying her hips side to side and pondering about the hill.

The pink and orange tones of the sky reflected on her face. She took a sip of her water and he bit his lip as he watched her swallow. After dropping the water, she grabbed his hands and slow danced with him. She lightly hummed his favourite song and snaked her slightly pudgy arms around his toned torso.

His chin rested on her head as he let out a puff of air through his parted lips. He moved side to side, matching her rhythm. He had so much love for her. So much love, and everyday he was with her, the feelings increased. He was looking out into the sky. He watched the cars flying down the roads. He saw the people walking. They looked so small from this height. He thought about people’s lives, how we are all so different.

He thought about how nothing else mattered to him right now. He had her in his arms, and this was probably the closest to ever having a relationship with her he would get. He craved her more and more with every step they took together.

He grabbed her face out of his chest and forced her to look at him. He took a huge breathe in before resting their foreheads together.

“I love you. More than best friends, and I need you to know because it kills me every damn day that I don’t tell you. I want to be with you so badly. I need you. You.” He mumbles into her skin, leaving a soft kiss to her forehead.

She pulls away and waits for him to tell her that it’s a prank, a joke, anything. But he doesn’t. He runs a hands through his hair and shrugs.

He searches her eyes for her emotions. She opens her mouth, starts talking and he listens to what she has to say.


a/n: lmao.. what did she say tho?? ahhhh what was that ending idk!!

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Testimony of a Columbine Library Survivor

I don’t know if you guys know these exist, but here is a series of videos a Columbine library surviver named Amanda Duran has posted on YouTube. I think these are very interesting because she gives a personal account of what happened on 4/20 and what being a student at the school was like after. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in Columbine!

At the time of the shooting her name was Amanda Stair and you can find her library witness police reports on page JC-001-000589.

Also: Her brother Joe Stair was the founder of The Trench Coat Mafia, and knew Eric and Dylan.

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INTERVIEW: JC Chasez on what a maverick is, what mavericks he admires, what he appreciates about ‘Details Magazine’, the magazine cover, and why Ryan Seacrest is a maverick at the Details Magazine Celebrates 'Mavericks 2008’ at NULL in Beverly Hills. #jcchasez ❤

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