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“We ‘accidentally’ leave the pantry open when his dog food bag is down to crumbs. Within minutes of us ‘looking away,’ he sneaks in, steals the bag, and runs (or carefully walks) it upstairs. I finally got video of the ‘theft.’ His proud butt waggle kills me.” - shinyblackdogmama

Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter with Illustrator @taryndraws

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Like millions of others around the world, Taryn Knight (@taryndraws) first discovered the magical world of Harry Potter when she was a young girl, and hasn’t stopped loving it since. “I just kept reading them over and over,” she says of author J.K. Rowling’s book series. “Something just clicked. I was immediately obsessed.”

It wasn’t until Taryn, a Colorado-based freelance illustrator, was older that her love for all things witchcraft and wizardry began to manifest itself in her drawings. “I didn’t do a lot of art when I was first reading the books,” she says. “But once I started drawing regularly, my passion for Harry Potter began to creep in.”

Taryn, a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, is excited about the celebration surrounding #HarryPotter20, the 20-year anniversary of the UK release of the first book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” “It seems to be reigniting everyone’s love for the Potter world,” she says. “It feels a bit like that old familiar buzz of a new book release.”


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When you have to force your friend to go out with you.


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