• whenever luke gets sick, han gets all fluttery and nervous, trying to make it better but not knowing how
  • han is constantly cuddling him and rubbing lukes stomach and back, ofc getting himself sick
  • luke has no idea what to do when han is sick and tries his best to make sure han has everything he could possibly need but mostly just tires himself out
  • most of the time chewie ends up having to take over bc he’s basically a mom and these idiots need someone to help them help each other


Usually I don’t cover non-Tumblrs, but I’ll make an exception. A DNL link to prevent from this post rising the ranks with more views.

“I’m going to begin this article with the simplest, and the likeliest thing. It’s only going to get more implausible from here on out, so hold on readers. This is why I think that this abusive relationship should be canon and they’re actually soulmates uwu.

You see, poor Kylo, he’s actually a good guy! I have no proof at all for this, and am only going to say that I think this is the case, but it’s totally a good reason, right?

Kylo was totally careful with Rey. You know. Knocking her out is totally careful. And then that torture scene, you know the one, the one the director said was a rape parallel? Woof. Now that was hot. There was so much chemistry as Rey strained to get away, fear on her face, crying. 

Finn can’t top that, with his genuine respect and affection for Rey, which is obviously returned.

It’s also so cute how Kylo doesn’t kill Rey in that final battle! He wants to amass more power by getting a strong apprentice, so it was totally romantic that he didn’t kill her! I have incredibly low standards of romance!

Anakin finally fulfilling the Balance to the Force prediction wasn’t true at all, in my opinion, because what if Rey and her torturer have babies and bring balance to the Force!

See, this is why Reylo is totally canon.”

Hailey is in his room. She is the only one in his room (except for Esther the dog, who smells incredible). When we enter, Hailey is wearing a black crop top and tight black pants, sitting on a pristinely made bed. She is doing nothing—no TV, no book, no phone, no computer, no music, no oil paints, nothing. She is pretty and polite and 19 and asks me, “What’s up?”
—  I’m sorry but this is hands-down my favorite detail from the Bieber GQ piece. Because like, whaat? Is she meditating? Wistfully day dreaming? Recharging her it-girl-robot batteries?