To those unaware, RP Inception is a concept created by my love Fynn, @huffledoof, and pulled together by myself.

This is simply  where we dress up, do the make-up for, and imitate our chosen friend/peer, by taking asks. You and said peer can make whatever arrangements you like, as long as you’re having fun.

This will be going on until and through the first of March.

RP Inception Casting Call

I will be @gee-wizard

@gee-wizard will be @askthegirlwhowaited

@theyoungroleplayer will be @huffledoof

@huffledoof will be @lilyflowerevans

@lilyflowerevans will be @rainbow-tonks

@xxkatygirliexx will be @accio-sawyer

@accio-sawyer will be @huffledoge

@notjustattaran will be @levibratbro

@queer–pansy will be @the-moon-and-stars-my-love

@the-moon-and-stars-my-love will be me

@odd-dough will be @xxkatygirliexx

@egdramaqueen will be @lockhart-imagines (pending)

@sleepy-loopin will be @marauders-mess

@marauders-mess will be @sleepy-loopin

@positivity-and-possibilities will be @ofemeraldandsilverblood

@askatruegryffindor will be @the-wandering-moose

@lifeasamarauder will be @girlswillbeboys11

@girlswillbeboys11 will be @lifeasamarauder

@dorathemetamorphmagus will be @askwhathasthiscometo

@bookwormravenclawgirl will be @al-ways-trouble

If you would still like to participate, and have someone in mind who is not already taken, please message me and I will edit this post.

Remember, please have fun with this, It’s going to be a fun week!

February 22nd-29th

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I was just reading about Torchwood on Wikipedia, and then I read this: "From its inception, the BBC invested in a heavy online presence for the series, with an alternate reality game running alongside the show's first two series, and an animated Web series running alongside its fourth." Torchwood had an ARG!

the precedent 

we are sundered; we are crippled; we are polluted; we endure; we wait

a mix for the RED TEMPLARS

featuring tracks from inception, captain america: the winter soldier, the dark knight, ajin, interstellar, & the matrix













and I say that as someone that has seen both inception AND memento










ALSO VASQUEZ (only Supergirl fans will get this)

From the generally curious anon who wanted to understand why portions of CE fandom do NOT like HA. What I’ve gathered so far is that she was trying too hard to prove she was close to CE and was inappropriate on social media?

I mean I guess I understand but if you followed HA at all or search through her old social media she self admits she’s a very flirtatious person who absolutely adores practical jokes. And this behavior mega predates any SM activity with CE. So it’s not special for him or about him.

Her dubsmash thing was a hilarious by product of being bored at cons and also didn’t have anything to do with CE at inception. She and the Agents of Shield cast had some fun with it. The jokes and themes she and the agents of shield cast were going back and forth with were all marvel related. Clark Gregg who plays Phil Coulson was one of the main people she interacted with during the dubsmash war and his character in the Avengers keeps trading cards of Cap and HA played Cap’s love interest so they had fun with that idea. HA’s told the story multiple times at cons of how she called CE and he consented to being in her dubsmash video which was meant as a dig to Phil Coulson’s character and nothing else.

My opinion of HA is obviously skewed in her direction since I’m her fan. I have viewed a lot of her con panels and even had the good fortune to meet her at a con and actually go to her panel. You very rarely read about people having negative con experiences with her. The vast majority agree that she’s very kind in person and my personal experience was just that. She very rarely brings up CE out of context at panels. She didn’t mention him at all in the one I went to until a fan directly asked her and her response was basically a hilarious beat around the bush nonanswer. In her panels because she was Cap’s love interest she does get directly asked about him A LOT.

She does get a dreamy quality to her voice when she talks about CE. I think she definitely did/does have a crush on him but can you honestly look back on both MK and Jobby and still think that HA was fame whoring with CE? That HA “took advantage of CE?” I’m sorry I just can’t see it. This is the same CE that’s been photographed at a photoshoot neck kissing his stylist and hugging all over the photographer? I think it’s more likely that HA and CE are just two giant flirts who pal'ed around for a while and nothing more. HA’s greatest sin so far is that she would and did talk about CE and give anecdotes from filming. She never once posted personal photos of CE’s famous LA house and it definitely wasn’t because she was never invited there. She never shared candid photos of CE either.

When people trot out problematic details for HA so far we have her old twitter where she explicitly asked fans to stop calling her “mom” because it weirded her out and she started blocking people, she confessed she gave CE a ukulele for his bday, she dared to touch his manboobs at a con (I don’t think that was the first time she ever did that either and no he does not look or act insulted by her attention), and one time in her new insta she told a fan to educate themselves on women’s issues. No one’s perfect and I definitely don’t claim that everything she’s ever done is nonproblematic… but really? You can take SJ and her comments about Woody Allen and her white feminism and still ship her with CE with little to no comment from the fandom but HA is the devil? You can look at Jobby’s problematic behavior and think CE is an unproblematic angel? You can look at MK and actual fame whoring and still HA is the devil?

I don’t want HA and CE to be in a relationship. From my armchair they’d never work out. Maybe they did have a fling at some point but we’ll never know. HA doesn’t seem his actual type. She has self confidence and a sense of self worth. She doesn’t seem at all interested in settling in Boston to form a nuclear family either.

HA has said that CE is crap at long distance friendships. HA and CE had overlapping schedules in LA pre-Jobbygate while HA filmed seasons 1 and 2 of Agent Carter. The probably have the kind of friendship that if they are in the same city they’ll pal around but nothing more than that and once they move on or go back “home” which is London for her and Boston for him they lose touch.

I do find it interesting that the events of Jobbygate happened in the time period after HA left LA for Vancouver where she has been for the majority of Jobbygate and most recently she’s been in London. HA was also in a relationship with someone else for part of the time that she was in LA but she was definitely single during the filming of season 2 agent carter. I still don’t think she and CE hooked up. I really don’t think she’s his type.

But I do find it fascinating that HA has a generally negative opinion from a lot of CE fans and it just really makes me scratch my head. As far as me being a fan of CE, I’m majorly on the fence about him these days and as MP said he’s on a probationary period. TBH I’m watching to see where the cards fall post Jobby. I have no illusions that he’s not a fuckboi but I do hope he has learned something in the past year.

I’ll never watch Gifted either. Pre-jobbygate press I would of watched it just because I fangirled for CE but now… just no. I have no desire to ever ever ever ever watch a romance subplot between Jobby and CE. Just ew. I’m still baffled people think their relationship was something other then CE got busted dicking around with Jobby and she left her husband after the fall out. Then I think CE still dicked around with her for a while longer. He definitely liked her at first but then stuck around after he “helped” her with a get out of jail free card from her marriage of boredom. People honestly believe he romanced Jobby from afar on a press tour after she separated from her husband? I’ll never look at CE the same.

TLDR CE’s fandom’s reactions to HA are endlessly fascinating to me. Thanks for running the blog btw I love it! Y'all do a fantastic job!

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Really interesting insight.

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