As a person who had been in multiple fandoms, rps and book/tv/movie ones, I’ve got to say something. The fandoms are sources for creativity and story building. For example, I subsisted off of one line in HP fandom and read fics and made a crap ton of Drarry fan art back in my day. Also inception fandom? A single line fueled Arthur/Eames. So to see people abandoning ships is strange. None of this is real, so why get sad? You can make everything, we already do make everything up. I have so many head canons and aus that I can imagine for a lot of pairings in the 1d fandom and whatever. So don’t tell me I can’t ship Zarry or that they’re dead. They will always live on through art and the wonderful fics that lovely dedicated writers in this fandom make. Shipping is fun and make believe and I don’t want it to be a source of negativity. I do it because I like it. And I will keep making Zarry art and writing bad fic for as long as I want to.

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How is UNIQ's relationship with Inception?

In case you didnt know - and I guess  a few of you at least didn’t! Inception are the three dancers with UNIQ!

L-R: Ko Seunghyun, Kwon Cheoljun, mysterious someone we couldn’t identify yet, Song Wonki

this is YX w Cheoljun! He did most of the choreos of their practice videos huhuhuhuhu, look!

YX hugging Wonki (mystery solved!) he helped Seungyoun with pronounciation!!!! 

Anyways, they’re super talented cutie pies, and you can see they’re close, right?

INCEPTION MEMBERS Cheol Jun Kwon - Twitter: @hg537 // Seung Hyun Ko - Twitter: @kokingkang | Email: kokingkang@nate.com | Instagram: kokingkang // Won Ki Song - Twitter: @swg126 | Instagram: Songwonki

So now you know!!! They’re not just back up dancers, alright?!?!? hehehehe ♥

Quand je me suis fait taggée pour la première fois sur tumblr ! *O*

Merci merci a-frenchican-american-girl !!

Du couup, 5 choses sur moi très intéressantes ! =^_^= (même si je réponds avec une petite semaine de décalage)

- Je suis une grande grande grande fan de Joseph Gordon Levitt de la première heure. Je l’ai découvert dans Mysterious Skin, qui passait mystérieusement sur NT1 à 1h du mat (je pense qu’ils ont cru que c’était érotique). Et c’était bien avant Inception et cie, alors c’est vraiment mon chouchou :)

- Je suis rpgiste Harry Potter (et ça c’est vraiment mon péché mignon ultra secret xD). En ce moment je suis sur imperium-incantatum-rpg, si ça vous intéresse O:)

- Je suis boulimique de lecture. Là je viens de finir Marion, treize ans pour toujours, de Nora Fraisse. On en parle pas mal en ce moment, sur la question du harcèlement scolaire. J’ai été très touchée, troublée, choquée par ce témoignage.

- Je pleure beaucoup, tout le temps, je suis une grande pleurnicheuse ! Dès qu’il y a un surplus d’émotions, que je suis fatiguée, que c’est pas la bonne phase homonale, boom. Je suis même pas particulièrement triste, faut juste que ça sorte. Mais ça m’arrive un peu n’importe comment donc des fois c’est gênant, alors je me mords l’intérieur des joues et je suis incapable de dire quoique ce soit.

- C’est Virginie Despentes qui m’a initiée au féminisme avec The King Kong Theory. Je ne suis pas forcément d’accord avec tout ce qui est dit dans ce livre, mais ça a été une révélation. Depuis je ne vois plus le monde de la même façon.

Encore merci de m’avoir taggée, ça m’a fait penser à m’exprimer un peu plus que d’habitude sur ce forum. J’en profite pour embrasser tous mes followers qui me lisent au quotidien.

Je tagge roxaneravenclaw, howtogetawaywith-walsh, rinneve, minuteofalbane tous ceux qui auront envie de nous parler d’eux :)

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Oh ok :) Hands down, what are your favourite movies? The movies that you watch over and over again without getting sick of?

In no particular order: The Underworld series, burlesque, any marvel or dc movie (x-men included), the hunger games series, Any version of Hannibal, the host, cyberbully, silver linings playbook, the Harry Potter series, water for elephants, titanic, LOTR, The hobbit movies, the boy in the striped pajamas, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Elysium, the perks of being a wallflower, The Vow, Snow White and the Huntsman, the first time, Rise of the planet of the apes, dawn of the planet of the apes, beastly, inception, and many, many, many more.

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Why did you choose your URL?

It chose me.

What is your middle name?

Jean  - no really.

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, 
what would it be?

Oh a dragon of course. I have wanted a dragon since I was 10.  I blame Dragonriders of Pern.  

Settled for cats.

Favorite color?

Purple – deep royal purple

Favorite song?

I really can’t do this one.  I love music and my favorite would take a million pages.  I can tell you that All Time Low’s ‘Paint You Wings’ has been playing in the back of my mind for weeks.  That and FOB’s Jetpack Blues.

What are your top three fandoms?

Inception, Supernatural and Tom Hardy

What do you enjoy about Tumblr?

ALL THE FUCKING COOL STUFF!!  The pictures, gifs, art, fics, meta and FRIENDS!  This is the best place if you just avoid the wank.

I tag - buttherewasnogod  fishwrites  aliksunshine  starksli  roosterbox  onewhositswiththeturtles  amazinmango  some-radical-notion  awesomeavocadolove and everyone actually.  DO IT!

To Do List

Akhet [Chapter 6 - Nebu] - Yu-Gi-Oh - Puzzleshipping, blindshipping - Post-Canon

I need to finish this chapter because if you follow this story, y’all lose your heads at the update. I hope so anyways.

Articulate - Bones - Ensemble - HDM Fusion

Booth had always assumed Squints had, well, squinty daemons - cats, monkeys, things like that.

Castle In Your Skull - Yu-Gi-Oh - Angstshipping, Squint Torn/Thief - Inception AU - Isareya

"He’s not real," Malik tells him, words a drop-kick from behind Ryou, "Nothing’s real here."

"I could have told you that," Ryou answers, without missing the beat. His dry laugh is arrhythmic; tachycardia climbing up his throat, "There’s nothing real about my brother."

Inheritence - Yu-Gi-Oh - ishtar feelings - Pre-Series - cyn

Rishid inherits Malik.

In The Mouth of the Jackal - Yu-Gi-Oh - thiefshipping - Canon AU E098

Frankly, it was a little too optimistic to think he’d get a refund on selling his soul to evil incarnate.

(meta)morphosis - Yu-Gi-Oh - Referenced Shrimpshipping - transguy!Haga - khesari

The terms cocoon and chrysalis are not synonymous.

satisfaction killed the cat - Yu-Gi-Oh - Squint for Tendershipping - Pre-Series - ama

curiosity brought it back

Tenrou - Yu-Gi-Oh - Ensemble, Cast Fic - OG

Domino City, is not by definition, a city. 

Thirds - Yu-Gi-Oh - Sugoroku, Ryou’s dad, teeny tiny Ryou - Pre-Series - kat

The first time Sugoroku meets a ghost it greets him as an old friend.

The second time Sugoroku meets a ghost it wears a young boy’s grief as if it were its own.