the phases of my blog as dennis reynolds moments:
  • when i'm asleep and it's just my queue posting:dennis reynolds saying "i....am....god" in "the gang saves the day"
  • when i'm awake and posting Bad Content:dennis reynolds on the floor of family fight saying "this doesn't represent me"

coldestpillow asked:

I just wanna throw this out there: it's always sunny and asoue are oddly similar in a depressingly funny / funnily depressing way.

!!!!!!!!!! I HADN’T EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THIS ONE BUT OK - LET’S BREAK THIS DOWN (add if i miss anything!!!)

  • asoue is basically the inverse of iasip in that instead of adults with stunted/arrested development and very little emotional maturity who effectively behave like children, it involves children who are forced to mature quickly and speak/act precociously and effectively behave like adults
  • structurally, getting passed from guardian to guardian with little change vs going from [metatextual sitcom scenario] to [metatextual sitcom scenario] with little development provide for a very similar reading/watching experience
  • S C H A D E N F R E U D E holy shit. like you always feel bad for the baudelaires but good god in the end you’re glad you’re not living their life; similarly, the gang is always fun to watch in the most depressing, keep-them-at-a-safe-distance kind of way
  • people bonding over their inescapable, terrible childhoods and forming found families to give themselves and each other at least one pillar of stability (i know the baudelaires don’t qualify as a ‘found family’ since they are literally siblings, but their dynamic has to change completely once their parents die, violet and klaus are basically raising sunny)
  • also… “sunny” lmao
  • dark satirical occasionally problematic humor, playing around with genre conventions (i’m reading too much into this part for sure but the sort of vague anachronistic nature of asoue vs the gang’s depressingly dated interests, understanding of the world, inability to evolve as the world evolves, etc) (the humor is probably what you were talking about when u sent this ask)
  • ravenclaw: the series
  • most people i know who like one tend to like the other so there’s that