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what's you're favorite it's always sunny season? did any iasip moments make you laugh so hard you cried? which ones? do you ever find yourself quoting the show in irl conversation? who do you feel you most relate to in the show? do you have a least favorite character? if you could request anything to happen in an episode what would it be? I have anxiety as well and I hope you feel better and these distract you a bit. I tried to think of good questions🌞💜

my fav seasons are 4, 7, and eight. i never laugh till i cry, but i do laugh rly hard. in the s11 episode in the court room i forget what it’s called when jack’s fake hand goes flying off and he start SCREECHING i laughed so fucking hard at that i can’t think of anything specific but i laugh all the way through every episode that i watch. i say “more better” a lot, but other than that not really bc no one would really get. but dude when my brother and his friends and sometimes my cousin get together they just sit there and quote entire scenes. it’s insane bc i know more about the show than my brother, like topically, but i cannot quote it like that, but i love it when he does it. … this is really mushy and gross but i would LOVE an episode or at least a scene where they talk about dennis’s mental condition and i know they would have to make it funny but i want the gang to like tell him it’s ok and tell him they want him to get better and stuff. it would have to be shrouded in insults and narcissism but i think it could happen.. thank you so much for the questions it did help you’re v sweet!