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i’m not even kidding i’m going to come right out and say it that frankie/stormcloud is THE most loyal thunderclan cat that there ever has been

Got A Melancholic Temperament (that's what they said to me)
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A new meta with a strange ability has public opinion divided on whether she’s a menace or a miracle-worker. The jury’s still out on the matter when the Snart siblings get caught in her crosshairs.

Or: Leonard and Lisa end up temporarily de-aged. It’ll wear off, but in the meantime, Team Flash has to figure out what the heck to do with them and how to keep them safe. Inviting them to live at the West house seems like a natural, if terrible, solution.

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For your adopted brothers au what if when they were younger and Keith wouldn't stop doing something that Shiro didn't want him to do so he would always count down from 10 so then one day Keith decided he wouldn't fall for Shiro's countdown (he always stopped when Shiro said "10") so he doesn't stop doing the thing and Shiro's like "10...9...8...7...6...5..4...3..2.." aND BEFORE HE SAYS 1 KEITH JUST STOPS THE THING IN PANIC

They totally would

My sister pulled this shit on me 24/7 when we were kids and let’s just say I’m glad I never had to experience what happened first hand if she reached 0 so I feel Keith

Ultralight Beam

Author’s Note: Immmm bacckkk. Jesus it literally feels like forever since I have sat down to write something that wasn’t an essay for my classes. It summer break and I’m making comeback to Tumblr and my comeback as a writer. This took two day to right but I put my heart into it, shout out to Harrys-writing she probably doesn’t even know me but dude you inspired me to start writing again, so this is high key dedicated to her. If there any grammar errors sorry. My request box is open and I’m open to writing about other artist, I’ve just been in my Harry vibes for a bit ( when have I ever not been in my harry vibes tho?) . This is supposed to be two parts, the next part may contain smut but that’s all up to if you guys want to read it. Also for extra effect you could listen to Harry’s cover of Ultralight Beam by Kanye West, as this was what I listened to when writing this .( https://youtu.be/AHYG-XcPLWY ) . Anyways thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it!
You had everything you ever wanted. You were engaged to the love of your life, Nick Campbell. You lived in the home of your dreams. You loved your job. You would think you would be satisfied, but you know what they say only fools are satisfied.
You arrived at the listening party 20 minutes late due to your fiancés nagging and traffic, Nick couldn’t see why you were such a rush to be there since you were always in the studio with Harry while he was making the album. You had even travelled with him to Jamaica when he was writing, but none the less you just had to be here. You had to see him again.
“I’ll be back”, you assured Nick before placing a kiss onhis cheek and disappearing into the crowd of people. You would think it be easy for you to find the man of the hour, but it seemed impossible in sea of people in the venue. You continued in what seemed like a hopeless journey before a strong hand grabbed onto your forearm tightly and pulled you into a secluded hallway. “Hey get your paws off me, my fiancé will-” “Are you sure about that love?”. Your heart jumped and your breathing hitched as you turned to see him, the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Edward Styles hovering over you with the cheekiest smile on his face. Harry looked mouth watering, he was dressed head to toe in Gucci and his shirt was unbuttoned showing of his bare chest. He smelt like his infamous Versace cologne, the same cologne he wore when you first met- the smell brought back memories of the two of you together. You let out a small huff in attempts to pull yourself together - Harry notices and chuckled softly, that smug grin never leaving his face. “ I’ve been looking all over for you. Come with me”

This was so wrong. So so so so wrong. Your future husband could walk in here at any moment and everything would be over, your dirty little secret would be out. The background history of you and Harry was simple, you had met Harry at a mutual friend’s party after having a bad argument with your fiancé. A full bottle of vodka in both of your systems was to blame for you never making it home to your fiancé that night and waking up in Harry’s arms the following morning. That’s as far as it was supposed to go between you two, but Harry couldn’t get you out of his mind so he reached out to your mutual fiend to get you number. He texted you everyday for a week until you finally gave in and met him for lunch at his hotel while he was in town which lead to him fucking you on the countertop, and after that you two couldn’t get your hands off of each other. You would sneak out at night, make up lies about working late or staying with a friend, just to have Harry’s cock buried deep inside of you. It was ridiculous and you knew it but here you two are making out and dry jumping like two high schoolers. Harry was attacking your sweet spot on your neck with his lips, it had only been maybe 10 minutes since you two finally found each other but you were already melting like butter for him. “ Harry..shit fuck… my fiancé ”, you moans softly into the air as Harry’s warm hands began to wander all over your body. He chuckled softly,” Is that suppose to scare me… That twat is irrelevant”. “ That twat is the man I plan to marry”, you retorted back pushing away from Harry. “ Oh please (Y/N) don’t give me that shit, just a week ago you were at my door crying about he’s fucking his assistant. How long are you gonna keep this act up?” His nostrils began to flare, he was trying his best not to explode. You calling the twat your fiancé was enough to make him want to tear down the walls of the hallway you stood in. “ Nick is a good guy… we are..” “Don’t you dare say it (Y/N), it’s a lie and you know it. If you were happy you wouldn’t be in my bed every night”. The two of you stood in silence, the echoes of Kiwi bouncing down the hallway, you bit down on your lip softly unsure of what to say. You thought you were happy but as the months passed you started to put on your clothes a little slower whenever you and Harry had quickie, you would dread having to leave Harry and go back to your husband. “ You’re not happy and you know it. It’s bad enough he’s enough of an asshole but he bores you . You’re bored ( Y/N). What you have it’s not love, your just scared for once to take a leap of faith” , Harry began to pace in front of you his veins were bulging out and you could tell this whole thing had angered him. “ I can’t just leave him… you know that”, you whimper and look down at your hands. You never meant to hurt anybody, you knew this was wrong from the start but seeing Harry in such distress because of your actions was a nightmare come true.
“ You can’t just make decide like this”
“ No I can’t but it’s very clear what you’ve decided”
“ Harry stop please”
“ No you stop! You would rather marry that piece of shit than to be with someone who actually loves you. God dammit (Y/N), I’ve loved you since I first met you! But you’re too blind to see it !”
“ Harry… I didn't”
“ Of course you wouldn’t have known, you’re too stuck up that twats ass to notice”
“ Stop. This stops right now . Enjoy your life with Nick”
Harry gave you one last glance, his eyes a mixture sadness and anger, before he walks back into the crowd of guest leaving you to suffer in your own guilt.

Here’s a short cover of the beautiful song from Winter Light. I really wanted to cover this song but I was nervous about hitting the notes and had no idea how to play it, but I ended up learning all the guitar by ear so I’m really proud of that :). I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! THANKS FOR LISTENING <3

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I wonder why they didn't redraw Sailor V poster in Season 3 ( since they redrew the chibimoon scene from season 2 in the first part of season 3) If only s1 and s2 had looked like that poster all the time. But I understand why Crystal was hard to animate because Sakou had really detailed designs, which when done right by certain animators came out really good.

Let’s be real, the Sailor V poster is one the few things that actually looked good in the first season of Crystal.

I think they didn’t redraw this poster because they decided it looked good enough and also ~laziness~.

However, since the style was dramatically changed for season III (and the poster remained in the old crystal style) it was a bit weird seeing how Minako and Sailor V didn’t look the same anymore.

To be fair, Minako (season III style) looks more like Sailor V (season I-II style) than Minako (season I-II style) despite of the latter being in the same style that the poster lol.

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ayoo! I really liked the pregnancy preference you just wrote! maybe you can do something like that again but instead your secretly dating one of the boys (maybe dal or steve) and they get mad and make a big scene cause you didn't tell them first? thaaanks :) (btw really loooove your writing!)

thank you! this made me smile omg :) (since you suggested dally and steve, i decided to make this two separate imagines! hope you like!



It had been two months since you started dating Tulsa’s bad boy. It wasn’t all that bad and he could be really sweet, but there was a problem.

None of the gang knew about it. And you all didn’t want them to.

Dally had found something for once that made him truly happy. He found someone who loved him for who he was, even though he was always up to no good. He believed his friends would tease him and ruin things for the both of you, and he didn’t want that.

But all secrets would be revealed in time.

You and Dally were out and about one night and it just so happened that the gang was heading to a rumble. They saw you two walking and you had just slipped your hand into Dally’s. They saw it and, boy, were they confused.

They ran up to you two and started to scream, “So, what’s going on here?”

Two-But was really the first to acknowledge that you two were holding hands when he said, “I didn’t know you were into hand-holdin’, Dal.”

“I’m not, man. What are y'all doing here?”

“Well it just so happens that we were on our way to a rumble,” said Steve.

“Oh,” you quietly remarked.

“Is there something you all wanna tell us?” asked Two-Bit.

“No, not really,” you said.

“Look, it’s obvious now. You all are a thing.”

“Why would it matter if we are a ‘thing’? We are both happy, I hope, and we just wanted to try it and see how it would work,” Dally snapped.

“Why didn’t you tell us? We would’ve been fine with it!” Darry raised his voice, angry at the fact that a secret had been kept from them.

“How long has this been going on?” Ponyboy asked.

“Two months,” you said in a low voice.

“Why didn’t you all say something?! It wasn’t like we were going to do anything! We weren’t going to steal her from you!!” Darry yelled again.

“Guys, please don’t fight,” Johnny said, getting in between Dally and the rest of the gang.

“There will be no fight because we are leaving,” Dally grabbed your arm and pulled you away from them.

You looked back at them and one of them yelled, “We’ll talk about this later!”

You turned around and heard them leave. The closer you two got to Buck’s, the worse you felt.

“Maybe we should have told them. I didn’t think they would react like that.”

“I know, but this is what we want, and I am fine with them being upset with us for a while if that is what it takes.”

Dally usually never got defensive over you if someone didn’t like the relationship. He would just tell them to get over it, but the gang was different. They were like his family. He wanted them to at least not be angry over his decisions, but it was different this time. He meant what he said. He really did want this relationship, because he was happy even though he wouldn’t say it.



You loved Steve with all of your heart and he loved you the same way. You all had been a couple for almost 6 months now and you hoped it would stay that way forever.

The only bad part to this relationship was that the gang had no idea that you two were dating. Both you and Steve were worried about how they would react, especially Sodapop. You both were worried that Soda would feel as if you were taking Steve away from him and you didn’t want him to feel that way. So from the first date to now, you two promised to keep it a secret.

Until one day when Ponyboy saw you two at the Dingo together.

He ran home and told Darry about it.


“Pony? I thought you were going to the Dingo. Why are you back here?”

“You won’t believe what I saw. I saw Y/N and Steve there together. They looked like they were on a date.”

“Why would that matter? He may have invited her there for a little while and they were just having a good time.”

“I know that, but could we ask ‘em about it? I mean, that isn’t really normal, you know?”

“You can ask when they get here.”

Pony really didn’t like Steve, and he figured that this would be a time to get back at him for everything he has ever done.

You two walked in the door laughing and the whole gang was in the Curtis living room.

“I have a question for you two,” Pony said.

“What’s up?”

“Are you two a thing?”

Both of your faces got red.

“Why would you think that?”

“I saw you two at the Dingo tonight. You all kinda looked like a couple so I thought that I’d ask.”

Sodapop looked at you two and asked you all if you were a couple. Steve couldn’t lie to his best friend.

“Yea. We have been for about 6 months now.” He hung his head low.

“Why didn’t you tell me, buddy? I would’ve been fine with it,” Soda smiled.

“We didn’t want you to feel like I was taking Steve away from you,” you said.

“I don’t feel like that. I’m happy for you all.”

“But I’m not!” Pony yelled. “Why aren’t you all mad at them?! They have kept this huge secret from you guys for 6 months!”

“Pony, it doesn’t matter,” Two-Bit remarked.

“Yes it does! They didn’t tell us!”

“Cut it out, Pony,” Johnny stepped in.

Pony stomped off to his room and slammed the door.

“Maybe next time you should tell him first,” Darry laughed.

They were all happy, except Ponyboy, but that was only because he wasn’t very fond of Steve.


A/N: i hope you enjoyed this and i am so sorry you had to wait a long time for your request to be written. i wasn’t around a computer and my phone was acting up. but really, thank you for requesting!


So this show is trying to make us believe that Tikki and Plagg don’t feel a presence of each other in that classroom even though show hinted two times that Kwamis feel presence of other Kwamis. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Reveal being caused by one of them accidentally seeing the other one’s Kwami. It’s not so romantic but it would be funny to watch how interactions would change if only one of them knew other’s true identity. Can’t decide who would I prefer to find out first but Plagg appears to be a more careless one and more likely to be accidentally seen. 

How My Life Fell Apart
  • me: *didn't like one direction or their music but decided to give Harry Styles' new album a chance*
  • me: *listened to Harry Styles' new album and actually fell in love and listened to it on repeat for hours*
  • me: *remembers hearing about a ship called "Larry Stylinson"*
  • me: *makes the fateful decision to look up "larry stylinson proof" on YouTube*
  • me: *ends up watching videos of proof of larry stylinson for hours and is instantly obsessed and convinced"*
  • me: *remembers how when I first heard about the ship I said, "no way they're like the definition of straight"*
  • me: *thinks how sadly mistaken I was"

Well, I wanted to thank people for their support somehow and decided to upload a bunch of scraps just because. The first one is just a sketch from a completed image, though. Pretty lousy, but I figured “maybe there’s at least one person that’ll get a smirk off of something in this pile of never minds.”

If not then I did myself a favor by not going through with them. Lol.

So I just figured something out, 
Friendship is about trust. You trust your friend not to leave you just because you said something odd or you feel a little too strange and you trust them to not pretend that they like you or at least tell you how they feel. 

If you don’t trust your friend you’ll constantly ask them if they like you, or you’ll find yourself always apologizing for wasting their time with your presence. But if you trust them you’ll just say “they’d tell me” and sweep all that away somewhat. 

Trust makes the friendship closer and you’ll actually feel a bond and are less likely to hold yourself at arms length. And if your trust is betrayed that’s okay, that was one person, maybe it was five. BUT Please don’t stop trusting your friends, it’ll only make you feel incredibly lonely. IT hurts to be betrayed I know. It’s awful. But it’s worse to feel so alone and keeping all your interests and hobbies to yourself and never letting anyone in. It’s so much worse. 

So anyway, trust your friends and let them into your heart. 

Got7′s Reaction to you pretending that you can’t speak Korean when they say something mean

Thanks! I’m glad you like the reaction and I hope you keep liking them :)


*You knew he was about to say something mean so right after he said it you pretend that you didn’t understand what he just said.*

Y/N: *in English* “I swear he best not say it again or he’s going to die today…”

*You tried saying it as fast as you could so he wouldn’t understand, which somewhat worked. But he could still tell that you were mad so he gave you a back hug. (you’re Mark).*

BamBam: *in Korean* “So now you’re pretending you don’t know Korean?” *mocks you by trying to say what you said in English.*

*You’re literally just Mark.*


*He started to laugh after he said that you didn’t looked good with what you had on. So you pretend that you didn’t understand what he just said.*

Y/N: *in English* “I look nice in this.. Right? Yeah, I think it’s fine.*

Yugyeom: *in Korean* “No, it actually doesn’t. I personally like the one you had on earlier.” *laughs*

*You look at him with the maddest face ever and while he still laughing you push him out of the bathroom which he probably fell lol.* (you’re JB)


*You two were just making fun of each other all day, which was pretty funny and fun, until he decided to take it to the next level. He decided to make fun of the way you spoke Korean. At first it didn't bother you but the he kept doing it and it annoyed you and made you get angry. He saw that you started to get angry and stopped doing it.*

Youngjae: “Yah! Don’t get angry! we’ve been doing this all day… we’re just joking around.”

*You were angry at him so you completely ignored what he just said and pretend you didn’t understand.*

Y/N: *in English* “You want to keep making fun of me go ahead.. Now I’m only going to speak English and you’re not going to understand a word I say. Just watch.”

*Obviously you spoke so fast that he didn’t understand so he just threw out whatever English he could think of at that moment that would make you stop being mad, which it low key did.. (because the way he says it is just hilarious)*


*You two were waiting for the rest of the guys to come so while you waited you started to listen to music and sing (in Korean) since you were bored. JB just sat there next to you and laughed.*

JB: *in Korean* “You shouldn’t sing in Korean… It doesn’t suit you.. Go back to singing in English.” *laughs*

*You try to ignore what he said and pretend you didn’t understand but you got so angry about what he just said that you just had to respond.*

Y/N: *in English* “Fine JB! If you don’t want me singing Korean I won’t. I’m not even going to speak it anymore.”

*He has no idea what you just said but he could tell you got mad so he looks at you straight in the eyes and laughs.*

JB: “Jagiyaaaa…. Joke.”


*He knew you’d get mad but he said it anyway because he just wanted to mess with you.*

Junior: *in Korean* “Yah! Why is your dinner today tasting horrible? Don’t you know how to cook?” *laughs*

Y/N: *in English* “What is Korean? Like I have no idea what you just said.. Did you say something bad about my cooking? Because like… Are you going to cook instead?” *serious face*

*He knew you just asked him a question but he didn’t really understand what you said so he just (gif).*

Y/N: “That’s what I thought..”


*You were still learning Korean but you could speak it pretty well since now that’s the only language you hear but you still made some mistakes here and there. Mark thought it would be funny to make fun of you when you made a mistake so when he heard you make one, he took that chance.*

Mark: *in Korean* “Jagi, why don’t you stop speaking Korean… You just keep making mistakes. Just talk in English, it’s so much better for you.”

Y/N: *in English with anger in your voice (you’re literally Jackson right now)* “Sorry, I don’t speak Korean and don’t understand what was really said so can you like translate.”

Mark: *laughs* “Yes!”

*You just stand there looking at him while he laughed but then he came up to you and gave you an ‘I’m Sorry’ hug with a kiss which made your anger go away.*


*Right after he said it, he knew you were going to get mad so he quickly hugged you while he laughed.*

Y/N: *pretending not to know what he just said* “Why are you hugging me? Stop.. Get away.” (you said that in English of course lol)

*He then would start to say sorry and to not get mad at him, that he was only joking.*

If you guys have any requests, please don’t be afraid to send them in :)

“What business do you have with the Clever One, outsider?” - Sentinel Vanarel, to the Inquisitor

@feynites after you mentioned Clever Melarue as a Forgotten One deity I got a few asks about them and I plan on writing something but in the meantime…here’s a sentinel of Melarue’s temple, perhaps meeting the Inquisitor and their companions for the first time.

Melarue’s vallaslin appeared after they and the other Forgotten Ones were imprisoned, when the pre-Dalish elves who had followed them decided to mark themselves in their own form of rebellion. The design persisted, and though rare even among worshippers of the Forgotten Ones, easily recognizable. 

  1. Anonymous said to ask-a-ravager:Did Peter get out of the vents?
  2. littleredhotridinghood said to ask-a-ravager:So after seeing how you Ravagers look in dresses.I have a job for you,well several jobs. If it makes you feel better, Peter has to be a girl for these. An I’m sorry but your lovely ladies won’t work. For one, Kraglin is the only one passable to be related to Quill for the first job and no worries dear you won’t have to change a thing on your looks, where you’re going you’re technically the height of female beauty. Simple retrieval jobs I promise or they should be. Payment is six million units
  3. littleredhotridinghood said to ask-a-ravager:So I did say several and the second job will have to be done by Yondu and Peter. I have some dye that will make Peter’s skin blue to match. Like Kraglin, Yondu is the only one who will work on this world. Both jobs involve acquiring small items from the targets, the first one a key and the second one a jeweled box.. I do hope you boys can handle a bit of flirting while Peter gets what is needed from the temples on these planets. And no you can’t just steal them.

They’re lucky Czar’s dress shrunk in the wash.

Kraglin’s either seeing death or checking out Yondu’s ass; I’ll let you guys decide.


uh so I was bored and decided to kinda doodle some of you cuties (I’m bad at drawing so they look bad)
@galaxylestrr @spacedust-sapphic @starcatcherphan @paradisedan @writerdan @dangoghs @starducky


Collab with @reiyacchi, yup it’s a preview of my redesign of my current persona, (I already made a beta sketch concept of it and haven’t had a finished concept of it (trad/digital) I decide to post the trad concept later).

Sketch by @reiyacchi (she decide to sketch the redesign of my current persona suddenly XD)
Lineart (and coloring) by me.

I’m really sorry rei if I had a mistake on the linearting ;w;)/