Roleplaying is a hobby. It’s a community where like-minded writers meet and create pieces of wonderful, imaginary, enjoyable pieces of writing with FOR FUN. Not as a job, not as a chore — as an escape from reality and as a way to express their emotions and their talents through words. Nobody has the right to feel inferior on here. Roleplaying is NOT, I REPEAT NOT A COMPETITION.  If somebody portrays the same muse as you, so what? Every single person on this website has a unique way of writing — they bring their characters to life in the way that they see them through their own eyes. They’ve given a canon character magical powers? AWESOME. They’ve created a ship with a different character? GREAT. They’ve altered the characters personality so, instead of being evil, they’re reformed? THAT’S FABULOUS. If you have a problem with how somebody is portraying a certain muse, get off your high horse and keep your opinions to yourself. NOBODY ASKED FOR THEM. 

I KNOW we’re all feeling v confused, hurt and offended aboutthe whole Lexa arc, but idk how to tell you people that on a narrative/trope level, as WELL as a character level, that was AWESOME


  • In femslash relationships, more than any other type, the love interest is usually so in love with their person that they would do anything for them; this is due to both stereotypes about women (“they love so passionately”/”without your head”) and femslash relationships (“TWO WOMEN = TOO EMOTIONAL” etc). This show didn’t even acknowledge them; yes Lexa has a crush on Clarke, but Lexa is also the head of an army, and she already sacrificed a lover for the sake of her own people. What makes you think she wouldn’t sacrifice a potential lover for the sake of them?!?!?!?!??!
  • Lexa’s mantra this whole season has been: Don’t trust anyone. This implicitly loudly included the addendum “DONT TRUST ME” which Clarke violated from the very beginning. JUST BECAUSE LEXA TRUSTS CLARKE DOESN’T MEAN SHE THINKS SHE DESERVES CLARKE TRUST. Never, not ONCE, did she say “u can trust me about this Clarke”
  • Essentially, I think that anyone who claims that this “””betrayal””” is inconsistent with lexa’s character has been interacting too much with the fanon interpretation where she’s a ‘lil racoon’ who only makes heart eyes at Clarke. This is an element of her character, but ultimately she is a military commander and a canon killer who was able to look her mentor figure in the eye while she stabbed him. Lexa is not scared of making difficult choices, even if it does hurt her.
  • LEXA ALSO VERY STRONGLY BELIEVES THAT NO LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN ANOTHER: no special treatment from the grounders (making them an interesting parallel to the Arc ppls). When she and Clarke are being attacked, she tells Clarke “leave me here”; essentially, save yourself. Lexa literally looks at a situation, looks at who can be saved more easily, and saves that person. Even if that person isn’t even her.
  • Which brings me to my penultimate point: this was meant to be A RESCUE MISSION. It was successful. People were RESCUED. And you know that if the mountain men had said “u can have 70% of ur people but we keep 30%” lexa would have also agreed 2 that
  • Ultimately, THIS was a bad plan. IT DEPENDED ON A LOT OF SINGLE PEOPLE DOING SPECIFIC THINGS at the EXACT right time. By doing this trade off, Lexa may be “”””losing””” a battle against the mountain men, so that she can ULTIMATELY win the war. Once those MM’s come up, u can BET UR TINY LIL ASS that they will be slaughtered, picked off, one by one, without any substantial damage to Grounder troops. Dante said “peace w the savages”; what he means is a temporary truce until the Grounders are in a position of power. Then: BOOM.
  • ALSO ALSO remember when Jason Rothenberg said this show wasn’t about ships, but characters and survival?!?!? Yeah, I do too. If u want fanservice and putting ships above anything else, watch Lost Girl.

If you still didn’t like the ep, here r some reasons to actually be annoyed about this ep:

  • It was more racist than usual, which is saying something
  • Children make terrible military commanders
Hades is in love with a girl who has innocence in her walk.
She has flowers growing from her pores and always smiles when the weather changes.
Hades is in love with a girl who needs space and he understandably gives it to her.
Hades smiles when he looks at her. His teeth are rotting out but his heart is finally melting.
He does not know the word “gentle”.
But he is trying to learn.
He is trying to learn for the girl who makes the rain fall and has sunlight flowing from her dress.
He knows he will have to destroy her in order to be what she needs.
Hades lives in a world of darkest fears and she is not afraid.
When Hades saw Persephone, his heart crumbled into pomegranate seeds.
He dug them out,
Smuggled them past the spaces of his ribcage and handed them over.
Persephone swallowed them whole.
They took root in the pit of her stomach.
She sunk her fingers into her skin and squeezed.
Juices ran red like the Nile down her holy wrists.
Hades felt the knife twist in the center of his shadow chest.
She smiled and she knew her fate.
Hades is dark enough to see her light and he revels in it.
Persephone softly kisses the snow because she knows even the coldest things need love.
Her lips are hot enough to turn that ice into rain; that rain into plants.
Her love feeds us.
—  She does not know winter. Only that she is the reason for it.