Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

Okay, so Mycroft is very obviously holding a pen in TST, and John is very obviously holding a pen in TFP, is there anyone holding a pen in TLD?  ‘Cause then maybe we could assume TST is Mycroft’s “fixing” of Mary’s murder as evidenced by his “fixing” of Sherlock killing Magnussen at the beginning; TFP is John’s mind after he gets shot; so presumably Sherlock would be writing TLD, but was he ever holding a pen in that one?  Does this make sense?

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I just marathoned Sherlock with 2 literature professors. Both male and straight! They'd never seen it before and were absolutely delighted, picking out metaphors and subtext as they were watching it. Both agreed it's probably a gay love story. They pretty much came up with their own tjlc-theory on the spot. So there's more out there in the straight world than just antis. Thought this story would amuse you tjlc-ers. But then literature profs are used to Andre Gide, Oscar Wilde et al. No surprise.

Hi Nonny! What a lovely story! It’s nice to know that TJLCer’s and the general audience and media weren’t the only ones who picked up on the subtext of the series. I really REALLY still don’t think we are wrong, Nonny. I REALLY DON’T. The fact that everything took such a drastic turn in TFP is a large part of why I don’t think we’re done with S4 yet.