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hey just wanted to ask you if you've watched harry's opening monologue at the legacy awards? bc a lot of ppl are feeling uncomfortable as am I... and I feel like you might be one of the most level-headed logical people in this fandom so I wanted to ask you for your take on it? it's okay if you don't want to, I understand it's a touchy subject.

tbh my issue goes to the root of it which is that the Outfest Awards hired a straight actor to emcee in the first place. it was an lgbt+ event headed by someone who is not lgbt+ (even if he portrays one on television). the moment you put someone straight as the face of an lgbt+ event it’s never going to go well for anyone. it’s no different than hiring a white guy to host the BET Awards. you cannot expect that to work out.

basically, the text really read like it was written for people within the lgbt+ community. the reason i say this is bc it was all the same type of reclaiming jokes minorities often do – it’s so off-the-wall that most straight ppl know you can’t say that out loud. (straight ppl being homophobic is always much more insidious in my experience, a sneaky type of concern trolling.) but it really should have been spoken by someone within the community.

like i also joke about being an Emotionless Asian Robot to other Asian ppl all the time but it doesn’t mean white ppl are allowed to do the same. i’m surprised Outfest didn’t seem to take this into consideration when they made their decision.

  • Albus:Okay, There's nothing we can do now that the creature has taken Miss Weasley. Everyone just needs to calm down.
  • Minerva:Calm Down? CALM DOWN!? You've let an eleven year old child be taken by an unknown creature because you were too damn stubborn to close the damn school!! Don't tell me to calm down! I'll thrown a brick at your face!!!

Highlights from the Matt live chat:

- I can’t believe he talked about pumpkins for like 85% of the time like what a nerd
- I love that he’s so accommodating with regard to talking about malec. I’m sure that getting asked about it all the time must be mentally tiring but he’s such an awesome bro about it
- “[malec] comes out fast and it comes out hard” PLEASE ELABORATE MATTHEW
- God but Alec interacting more with the downworlders in season 2 is everything I want and I’m happy that Matt confirmed it in this chat. I think there’s something really meaningful about that happening (more development with shadowhunter/downworlder relations right?), considering how his relationship with Magnus has developed so far
- I’m sure the whole malec fandom was screaming when he said Harry would make the best shadowhunter but I’m curious as to which of Harry’s qualities in particular Matt’s thinking of (I know he simply said that Harry has the right temperament for it but I wish he’d had time to talk about that more lol).
- He refers to his own neck rune as “this guy” lol istg
- “I’m trying to teach [Magnus] how to use magic” I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS GUY (was he serious about the water tank/construction equipment part of that answer though or was he just joking? Because it’d be really cute if Alec really did sidestep magic and taught Magnus a pretty mundane-ish way to fix something. I’d honestly love to see that).
- Really, really love the way his hair looks and I’m happy it’s going back to a style with a little more volume lol. They kinda flattened his hair for the episode 1 preview (by “they” I obv mean the hair & makeup dept) right? He still looks good then though, I just personally prefer the style with a little more lift to it. It’s really nice and tousled and chill
- Closing the chat with “I’m pressing finish, this is so terrible” I’m crying lol

  • HAO:Ash, don’t you dare hurt her.
  • Ashlyn:[Laughing] I won’t.
  • Press:Don’t laugh. She means it.
  • Ashlyn:I-I won’t.
  • Tobin:Seriously, don’t hurt her.
  • Ashlyn:Ok. I’m not planning on hurting her.
  • Alex:You better not be.
  • Ashlyn:I’m not.
  • Crystal:Hey Ash, you best watch yourself.
  • Ashlyn:Why do any of you think I would hurt Ali? You’re all my friends too.