By request, I’ve finished and uploaded the TS4 version of my Sago Palm Apartments. The lot contains three apartment units, each with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a study (which could easily be a third bedroom).

There is some CC required, but not much - I kept the furnishings in each apartment CC-free. You’ll notice they have mostly the same furniture, but I did change the color schemes so there’s at least a little variety.

I used a few objects from Get to Work and Cool Kitchen Stuff, so those are recommended but not absolutely required (you’ll just have some missing deco and/or lamps). (ETA: Just noticed I also used a few things from Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, and Perfect Patio as well. But as with GTW and CKS, they are not absolutely required.)

The interior pics shown here are from the 2nd story apartment. You can see the color scheme of the 1st story here.


  • Lot size: 20x30
  • Lot location: “Granada Place” in Oasis Springs
  • Cost: §211,317
  • To install, download the RAR file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 8 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 
  • If you can’t see the lot in your Library, make sure to check “Include Custom Content” under “Advanced” options in the Gallery


**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse

Don’t forget the CC:

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50 Follower Celebration Lookbook

I hit 50 followers (now I have 54! :D), so here’s a celebratory/thank you lookbook.  

Up here in the northern hemisphere, summer is coming to a close. So, I decided to do a lookbook bidding it a farewell until next year.

CC used below!

Male Hair: EA GTW Faded Flat Top
Skin used on both: lumialoversims Ooh Smooth Skin 2.0
Poses: juoo9082 Couple Pose 14 & Couple Pose 12
Lashes: kijiko-sims (Skin Detail version)

Look 1:



Look 2:



Look 3:



Look 4:



Look 5:



shortandsweetsims replied to your postWCIF,

I dunno of any. ;_; You should invest in GTW though. I got my copy off g2a for only $20 instead of what, $40? It’s a great EP :D

It’s too late yo. LOL.

And well, I thought about buying it. I just might some time. So far, none of the expansion/game packs have looked good to me. Well, maybe not “not good”, but I want something BIG. GTW yea that’s big. But I’mnot buying Get Together..lol. Maybe they’ll catch my eye some time with something really engaging for me, like Seasons!


Sim Request #4 - buttonpixie

Requested - Female, y/a, pastel-themed, base game and GTW content only

I’m gonna apologise now because I am absolutely terrible at making pastel sims LOL I’m even entirely sure she would be classed as pastel but it’s as close as I could get with what CC I had.

EDIT: Oh and sorry about the video being such a hatchet job! It took me forever to make this sim and cutting the video down to fit the song was a mission and a half lol

buttonpixie please send me an ask so I can send you the link to download your sim. Hope you like her =D


Some uh..like okay so. I’m going to be posting the Paramedic trait. And I wanted to have my sim wear something well, medical. And no I do not own Get to Work so, I don’t have any scrubs nor recolors of them of course.

Would be rad of someone could lead me to some. If not I’ll just dress my sim up in something nice I think.

I think all the scrubs, gloves and if there are even medical masks, would be for GTW. Makes me sad, yo.


Knitted Beanies (Unisex)

I’m patiently waiting for TS4 to have beanies like this (pretty please someone make these!) so for the time being I just gave the GTW beanies more variety :)

  • Comes in 10 different swatches and found in the Brimless Hats category.
  • Are also available for both males and females.


Hope you guys like it!

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ol-eamonn replied to your postWCIF,

Jennisim had a GTW clothes coversation for BG, but it looks like she deleted it. But if you have OR, there is a “bat styled?” (google it :D) shirt, wich look pretty similar in white to a medical assistant’s wear. Just a tip.

Ohno, I don’t own that either. LOL..I should probably invest in these some day. Thank you for the wonderful tip though!



I don’t know what to say but thank you so very much for following me and liking my content – I know I’m still a beginner and some of my things aren’t of the best quality, lol.

With the next series of Doctor Who almost upon us I’ve recoloured the boys tie suit and also made it available for girls too because bow ties are cool!

A massive thanks to threesmallhearts​, vanillasimsfan​ and sims-everlasting​ for testing and sims-everlasting for suggesting the patterned version of the set <3

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire / SimFileShare


  • Requires GTW
  • Standalone Items
  • 8 Swatches For The Patterned Shirt/Plain Tie Set
  • 10 Swatches For The Plain Shirt/Patterned Tie Set
  • Male-Female Child
  • Available For Everyday, Formal & Party
  • Disabled For Random

Colour Palettes by pleyita & funboysims
Pose by dearkims


Functional Retail “Little Sprout” Seed Display by Menaceman44 (The Sims 4)

This is a new seed display known as the Little Sprout Seed Display which functions as a planter allowing seeds to be purchased from it directly. Designed to fit in with a retail setting of a garden store or similar, this may also be used on home lots.

This is a brand new object that will allow Sims to purchase starter packs of seeds, just like the garden planters already in the game. They do not allow you to attempt to plant produce in them. That would be silly. You will receive a notification when seeds are purchased and they will be placed in the purchasing Sim’s inventory as normal.

It comes available in six colours at a cost of 180 simoleons each.
It can be found under Activities and Skills > Miscellaneous and Room > Outdoors > Outdoor Activites and, if you have GTW installed, Retail Objects as well.
When playing as a store owner, this is intended to function as decor only. Sims will not autonomously purchase from it and if you set it for sale, they will purchase the entire display instead of just seeds. It is mostly intended to flesh out the look of your stores and to allow controlled Sims that visit the store to purchase seeds in a believable way that does not involve insta-ordering from the computer. When controlled Sims make a purchase, money will be deducted from their household funds but the store owner(s) will NOT receive any income from the sale.

The mesh is based on the console games display from TS2 and has been heavily remapped.
The wooden textures are also Maxis-match.




My first CC is finally here. This is a basic recolour of the GTW chinos in 10 funboysims​ colours. Huge thanks to xdeadgirlwalkingsimtaku​ & fallenstar1119​ for testing them out for me! And an extra special thanks to xdeadgirlwalking​ for her live streams, they’ve helped me out a lot <3 And like the scatterbrained person that I am I’ve typed Funboy instead of Funboysims xD

DOWNLOAD: SimsFileShare / Mediafire


  • Requires GTW
  • Standalone Item
  • 10 Colour Swatches
  • Teen-Elder Male
  • Available For Everyday, Formal, Party & Retail
  • Disabled For Random (I will allow for randoms if you want, just send an Ask or Fanmail)