Look, you’re gonna get on that train. Okay? And you’re going to New York, and you’re gonna be a star. Without me. That’s how much I love you. You know what we’re gonna do? Surrender. […] But-but we’re gonna, we’re gonna sit here, and we’re just gonna let go. Okay, and-and let the universe do it’s thing. And if we’re meant to be together, then we’re gonna be together. W-Whether it’s in a little shoebox apartment in New York or on the other side of the world.

Klaine Road Trip 2015 - South Jersey

“Way Off Broadway”

Written by quizasvivamos

2,200 words

Summer 2015 - Masterpost

Stop #2

“Why’d you turn off here?” Kurt said, suddenly alarmed when Blaine turned the wheel and rounded the exit, taking them off the highway. “I thought we were headed to Philadelphia next?”

“We are, but I wanted to make a pit stop somewhere. It’s a little surprise.”

“With you, surprises could be really great or generally terrifying.”

“Hey,” Blaine said, feeling offended.

“You have to admit that your track record is not great, Mr. Gap Attack,” Kurt teased.

“I can tell you’re never going to let me live that down. Haven’t I been humiliated enough?”

“Yes, but I still love teasing you about it. Especially when you get all pouty. It’s cute.”

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