Took All the Trees (And Put ’em in a Tree Museum) - by orbingarrow
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Summary:  Steve’s homesick for the past and Tony can’t cope with the present. Moving on is easier when you aren’t doing it alone.

Rating: NR, probably Teen at most

Warnings: Panic attacks and discussions of them

Thoughts: I really like how this fic approached the idea of them getting together and how it touched on Tony’s issues. The end was really cute.

But see he’s not a villain. Not in the traditional sense.
Barney Barton was the brother that suggested they run away to the circus.
Barney Barton was the brother that realized that an education and a good job would be better than just staying in the circus.
Barney Barton was the brother, the man who joined the army, and then the FBI (which you should know is not an easy task) instead of staying in the circus.
But he respected his brothers choices. He knew of his double life as a masked avenger.
Barney Barton is the man that while he was undercover, broke his cover and went to the avengers, nay, his brother for help. Who risked everything to stop a mad man. Who died for the sake of saving not only the world, but the only family he had. He died, and his “death” motivated Clint to get his act together and be the man and hero we know today
But then he wasn’t dead. Clint didn’t know that, but barn didn’t know Clint didn’t know that. When he awoke to Baron zemo telling him his only family had abandoned him (much like when he left for the army, and to his knowledge Clint had abandoned him them) he was angry. And anger can drive a man to places he shouldn’t go.
So he worked for zemo for a while. But he never took a life.
See that’s the thing. See, Barney was classified as a “villain” but in reality, and psychological ways, he actually didn’t DO anything wrong.

He was manipulated. See, Barney is a very smart guy. You don’t get selected to go undercover, much less work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation by being an idiot.

See, to Barney, Clint had abandoned him, not once, but twice now. He was manipulated to believe his own family, his brother didn’t care. So he swore vengeance. Been there. It sucks. Your mind can go terrible places.

But he fights Clint, but he does lose. It happens. He’s had training in archery and all that jazz, but even though Clint is going blind, he beats him. Because, and Clint is guilty of this too, he is the Barton ego. He lets his feelings get on the way.

Then he donates blood marrow to save his brothers eyesight. Now, at this point he goes to avengers tower in custody of Clint, and Clint technically (since zemo was in charge of it) steals or “inherits” all the money Barney made while in the army and the FBI. Which is A LOT. LIKE A LOT A LOT.

SO Barney is in avengers tower. It’s never said if Clint visits him, though implied that he doesn’t. When avengers tower collapses, he’s thrown into a coma and only Norman Osborn comes to visit him to recruit him.

And why shouldn’t barn join Osborne dark avengers? Not like the only family ever visits him. AGAIN. for the third time.

But Barney is a smart guy. See, he even calls Osborn out on his shenanigans. And unlike the other dark avengers, known killers, did you know, other than in the army, Barney HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. repeat. He has never took a life unless there was no choice.
He’s on a team with two gods, a serial killer mutant, the son of the FUCKKNG hulk, and a feminist who literally kills men.
But here we have a soldier who doesn’t kill. Though he does talk a big game. He’s a Barton after all ^^.

So at this point he goes to another dimension. While there he sees a version of his brother start to die, as AI apaic bit him and clints gonna die.
Barney holds his dying brother on his arms and realizes. No matter what, the brothers are the only family they have left.

So when Barney returns to 616, he leaves the dark avengers and finds his brother. He makes amends.

Because they are family. He’s not a villain. He’s a man that has been manipulated, used, and tossed aside. And that can destroy someone. Trust me.

I didn’t want him to die for many many reasons .
But one is, that his death already broke Clint. But he lives this time and gets to finally leave all the anger, violence and betrayal behind and be happy. And that’s all anyone really wants, no?

Oh, and he didn’t steal clints money. That was actually his.


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Hi for the motor cycle head cannon, sure it would be awesome to see Bucky sitting in the back and shooting people but imagine Bucky wearing his hair free and spreading his arms and just cruising along some beach road on the back of Steve's motorcycle, yeah it is silly but But Bucky will love the wind in his face

(art credits to kimeido)

Send me Bucky motorcycle headcanons

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God I read so much about why Bucky's arm was stuck in the machine but this takes the cake. See Bucky was in a fight earlier and he got hungry. He was searching for food and found a doughnut in the machine. He was just eating the doughnut with his hand resting in the machine and that was just Jelly in his forehead from the doughnut. Isn't this much better?


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I had this truly weird dream today. I fell asleep after watching West wing. In my dreams, I receive an official invitation from the white house to watch the premiere of Season 4 of Arrow along with few other arrow fans. Want to know the catch, at the bottom of the letter, it is signed MERSAYSEH, President of the United States. It is even more hilarious because I don't even live in US.

This is by far the best ask I have ever received. Ever. 

So thank you! 😘

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Name: Arra
Time and Date: 11:31pm, July 19th 2015
Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7ish
Last Thing You Googled: Ouija because my mom was watching it and wanted to know who the actress she recognized was from 
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: constantly questioning within the realm of queer
Favorite Color: red
One Place That Makes Me Happy: the beach, i love the sand and the waves, being near the ocean makes me happy
What I’m Wearing Right Now: black torn leggings and a floral dress
Last Book I Read: Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen
Most Used Phrase: “how dare you”
Last Thing I Said To a Family Member: “I’m on vacation I do what I want!!!”
Favorite Beverage: vanilla coke, almond milk
Favorite Food: sushi, chili
Last Movie I Watched: The Book of Life
Dream Vacation: travel anywhere outside or even inside of Canada. Just travel. Somewhere. Please. (road trip in a van with a mattress in the back would be awesome)
Dream Wedding: no friggin clue, I just want to be able to take my wedding party dress shopping at some place fancy where you try on all the dresses and drink wine and they have sofas.
Dream Pets: two Norwegian forest cats, they’re so FLUFFY
Dream Job: author, artistic director
Random Fact: i really love high heels and boots and I have no issues walking in them, in any terrain. I wore high heeled boots all winter once. Winter IN CANADA (and not a warmer part of Canada, in NB)
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Eragon-ish Davekat AU where smol tiny Dave lives with the Lalondes on this really shitty piece of land. (Bro dissapeared when Dave was born, nobody knows where he went. The Lalondes ended up raising him(Bro left due to plot reasons- The Lalondes take the place of Uncle Garrow and Cousin Roran))

The piece of land they live on is actually a small farm- Aunt Roxy mutates and breeds livestock and familiars for a quick buck, giving them slightly altered genes such as i.e. more body fat for food, rougher/thinner hides for leather and such. Cats are also a big thing for them- four-eyed cats would make great familiars with the locals that deal in witchcraft or herb lore. 

Dave has to keep himself busy somehow- it’s a bit boring to clean up animal shit all day and play makeup artist. (Who knew brushing a cat was so hard? They squirm so much.)
So, of course, Dave plays the role of the smart boy raised well by running off blindly into the forest. He normally finds dead woodland creatures (which he keeps in jars for some weird, strange reason) and cool-looking rocks, right?

So one day he’s managed to find a dead chipmunk so far when he stumbles across this weird-as-fuck rock, okay
Like, a bright neon scarlet, candy red rock that’s oddly shiny but insanely rough and thick. But it’s pretty light. Weird, so of course he takes it home and puts it up with his weird rock collection.

And everything’s fine until about 4 months later he hears this weird shattering sound from his room. He rushes in just to see- what the fuck is this shit? It’s this,… weird… lobster-beetle thing. With praying mantis claws for arms, teeth that could shred through steel and ridiculously nubby horns that kill off any sense of fear Dave could ever have. When he goes to pick it up it bites him (obviously)
But when it obviously should’ve ripped his hand in half, it just has this really deep white scar that looks years old instead of a seeping cut all the way through his hand.
Really fucking weird.
Even weirder when there’s this sudden, loud nagging at the back of his mind
Impatient and wanting something? Like, food? It’s definitely not his own thoughts.

So Dave just ends up feeding it to shut it up because it won’t leave the house- just constantly screaming for something to eat- and they end up growing up together
Karkat finds his own name (through mind shenanigans)
Karkat eventually evolves from a demonic shrimpbeetle into a scaly cutie with a p good booty
Not to mention they’re not attached at the hip- they’re welded to it with lava and iron chains. And they can have private conversations inside each other’s minds
A bond like nobody’s seen before
Trolls are supposedly freakishly rare due to poaching n shit
wow dave might be falling really fucking hard for a goddamn pebble he found deep in the depths of the forests. he swears its not even a rock anymore, he found a goddamn wood nymph out there and it has blessed him. (of course the age gap isn’t terrible, plus troll terms of age and everything and it’s not exactly,,, bestiality because humans and trolls have gotten together before in ancient stories n shit so all is fine)

aHHH I REALLY LIKE THIS A LOOOTTt… sO much omg im a huge sucker for “grew up together and are so close theyre basically one person” davekat aus.

do u have like,, a design for karkat bc i wanna doodle these goobers omggg

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What’s your…
Last drink: Fanta
Last phone call: My Dad
Last text message: I don’t actually remember - my phone memory is really cruddy so I have to delete my messages to make room -_-
Last song you listened to: Demons -Imagine Dragons
Last time you cried: I can’t actually remember O-O

Have you ever…
Dated someone twice: No
Been cheated on: Not exactly
Kissed someone and regretted it: No
Lost someone special: Yes
Been depressed: No - though I have had times when I’ve had really anxious days and I’ve worried and overthought everything so much that I feel really quite down for a few days in a row, if that counts?
Been drunk and thrown up: Nope - and I don’t plan to

In the past year have you…
Made a new friend: Yes ^-^
Fallen out of love: I guess so?
Laughed until you cried: Many, many times
Met someone who changed you: Definitely - both for better and for worse
Found out who your friend’s are: Yes, definitely
Found out that someone was talking about you: No
Kissed anyone that follows you: No, bc I’ve never kissed anyone outside of le family c:

How many people from tumblr do you know in real life: 5
Do you have any pets: A dog and a goldfish :3
Do you want to change your name: Nope
What time did you wake up today: Uhh, well initially 4am, before going back to sleep and waking again at 10am
What we’re you doing at midnight: Sleeping/dozing off to sleep
Last time you saw your Mum: She’s in the same room as me rn XD
What’s one thing you wish you could change about your life: Nothing, really - I mean of course there are things that’d be nice to change or be rid of, but those things are essentially a part of me and my identity, and that makes me the person that I am today - I’ve elected to be proud of every part of myself (positivity is good!)
What are you listening to rn: The TV blaring away about something (I’m not actually listening)
Have you ever spoken to a person named Tom: Multiple people, yes
What’s getting on your nerves: Nothing atm
Blood type: I don’t know
Nicknames: I don’t really have any
Relationship status: Single ^-^
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Pronouns: She/her
Favourite TV show: There’s toO mAny (yeah basically I’ve ruined my life) bUT Teen Wolf, Sherlock and Supernatural are among my faves
High School:
Hair colour: Brown
Long or short: Long
Do you have a crush on someone: (Do celebrities count?)
What do you like about yourself: A friend told me that I was very compassionate - so if that’s true then that would be it
Tattoo’s: None - though if I did have one then I’d have a small treble clef on my wrist
Righty or leftie: I’m pretty ambidextrous, though my writing hand is the right one

Surgery: Never had one
Best Friend: Her name is Eleanor - and she’s still one of my besties to this day!
Sport: I don’t know
Holiday: I was still in the womb, so I don’t actually know XD
Trainers: I don’t know

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Tea (yes - I’m a stereotypical Brit)
I’m about to: Read a book
Listening to: Still the TV
Waiting for: ??
Want kids: One day, yes
Get married: Yes
Career: None

Which is better…
Eyes or Lips: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: It depends in the situation, but I think hugs
Shorter or taller: Taller
Romantic or spontaneous: That’s tricky - I think that both work well together?
Nice stomach or arms: Either, really XD
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
Hook up or relationship: Relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: I have no idea

Have you ever…
Kissed a stranger: No
Drank hard liqueur: No
Lost glasses: Nope
Sex on first date: Nopety nope
Broke someone’s heart: I hope not, but I would never do it intentionally
Been arrested: No
Turned someone down: Yeah
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: Yeah

Do you believe in…
Yourself: I try to
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Not really
Heaven: I believe in an afterlife of some form, though I’m not sure it’d strictly be heaven
Santa: When I was little
Kiss in the first date: If you’re in to each other and want to keep the relationship going, then yes!
Angels: Yes

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Name: Ser
Gender: ugh no
Height: 5′5″
Where I live: Netherlands
Time/ Date: July 27th 15:14
Average amount of sleep: I don’t know. Like 8, 9, more, or less.
Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: Ant-man. *makes clapping noises and yells ANTS*
My favorite band: Muse
One thing that ticks me off: people disturbing me right after i get into my chill zone
Favourite drink: mango juice
Meaning of my URL: you know what it means.
Most used phrases: ‘fuck’, ‘fuck me’, ‘no, eat my entire ass’, ‘gdi’
Favorite movie soundtrack: Inception????? Idk I don’t really do soundtracks but I remember that one being hella good.

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7. wolfgang x kala :D

Still taking these prompts (or any others for that matter).

7. “How long has it been?”

He thought he wanted to be alone, tried his best to convince himself of that, ran from the world and shut everybody out. Yet, she wasn’t the one who started this.

Wolfgang was sitting outside, watching the sunset, wondering where he should go from there.

Kala was on the roof, watching the city bellow lit against the night sky, wondering what would happen to them.

It was the first time they were alone since what happened at his uncle’s house. Wolfgang needed space, and she gave it to him. Their growing control of their abilities meant she was able to show her support, let him feel she was there, without actually pushing her presence.

This visit was his doing, not hers; he was reaching out even against his will. She sat with him, eyes front, letting him decide what to do. He stood with her, looking at the city rather than her eyes, not knowing what to do.

“How long has it been?” Aside from the help during Riley’s rescue, Wolfgang was avoiding contact with his cluster, with all humans if he was being honest.

“Two weeks,” Kala answered. She didn’t know how to react, was afraid of scaring him away.

“I shouldn’t be doing this; it’s not safe for you to be around me.”

“I’m not afraid of you. What happened that day can’t change this.”

He turned to face her; she mimicked the movement. “I’m a monster, and I need to keep away from you before you get hurt.” ‘Like Felix’, he thought, couldn’t say.

Her eyes on him were almost too much. He expected fear, could understand disgust, but the unabated love he saw there was something he didn’t know how to deal with. She placed her hand on his face.

“You are not a monster-”

“How can you not see it? After what I did-”

“What we did. Together. Do you really think I would have built that bomb and helped you kill them if I thought you were a monster? If you really think that what you did is terrible and unforgivable, then you should at least see that you are not the only one who is responsible for what happened.”

“It’s different. It’s…” He turned away; the weight of those feelings was more than he could bear.

But she wouldn’t allow that. She moved to face him again. “There is nothing you can say or do to convince me that you are a monster.”

“Kala. I’m not a good man, I’m a thief, I’m a murderer.”

“I don’t care. Maybe this means that I’m not a good person either, but I don’t care. I love you.”

Kala framed his face with her hands, holding him in place. They stared at each other for a moment, then Kala kissed him, trying to pass with their connection all that she felt.

When they separated, he spoke first. “I’m sorry, I-”

He disappeared, stopping his visit and keeping her away. She could push it if she really wanted to, for her presence on him, but she wouldn’t start this now. If he needed more time, then she would wait.

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R: Already done!

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I: already done

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(for the birthday ask game) December 15th

So I love you, yes, thank you.


Anyways! Birthday ask game yes.

December: What do you want for Christmas? - Well, I really want some Harry Potter Merch to decorate my room with, and along with that, some PC games, or old PS2 games, ORR, a PS4, because I really want the Final Fantasy VII remake when it comes out.

15th: What time does your alarm clock go off? - In the Summer, never. During the school year, it depends on my class schedule. This semester, on Mondays and Wednesdays it’ll go off at 7:15, While on Tuesdays and Thursdays it’ll go off at 10:30. On Fridays it’ll go off at 11:15, however. 

Everyone should ask me something yes, it doesn’t even have to be a part of an ask game. If anyone wants to talk, or ask a question, OR JUST SAY HELLO CAUSE I LIKE THAT YES, go for it :3