anonymous asked:

dude i had a dream u doxxed me for reasons unknown and found my school and told them to remove me from all my classes and i got an email that was like sorry. klanced got u! i woke up in a cold sweat tbh

your dream was a prophecy

champagnemagnus  asked:

hiiiI! i just wanted to tell you you're pretty much my favorite person in this fandom and i live for hearing your thoughts on what's going on with characters and plotlines and such; you always have such valuable insight that i really love. anyway, lots and lots and lots of love to you, and all my thanks for your general awesomeness! x

ashjahsjhahjs OMG, pumpkin, what are you doing to me? I am blushing so hard and I don’t know what to say because it wouldn’t come even close to your words. Wow, honestly, thank you so so much. This is so sweet and nice of you!! <3333