Lowkey kinda pissed about all the memes flying around about North Korea and the war. Do people not realize how serious this is? For US citizens I doubt you care. All you’ve done is made memes about a horrible regime and joke about the dictator and not care about the people stuck there without knowing anything more than what he says.

But for kpop fans, this is directly north of your idols. Some of them are enlisted into the army as of right now… but you shouldn’t just be worrying about your idols. There are millions of people living in S. Korea. And people are already being evacuated in places, but there are gonna be people who can’t afford to evacuate. This is going to effect everyone in south east Asia or in the close proximity. My best friend’s mom just came back from Japan and his dad is going and to think that something could happen to his parents… There are families there that are being threatened by a man who is crushing his own people and all people want to do is make memes out of it. This is pretty serious and y'all are jokin about exo and yoongi’s mixtape like this is huge.

People are suffering and all people care to do is make jokes out of it. You don’t think about the people who are stuck there. The people who don’t know the world because they’ve only ever heard what he’s telling them. Everyone needs to wake up and remember those people. And the surrounding countries. Because when shit does go down, everyone’s gonna be like ‘pray for ____’ but how can you say that when you were joking about it. And it’s so disheartening to know that people don’t care and are only seeing this as a joke. I don’t want this to be another pray for. I want people to take this seriously.

Reminder that the Korean War never ended, it just went to a ceasefire. Anything can happen at any moment and everyone’s just caught up in the stupid memes.

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Consider Hanzo wearing that white kitty lingerie.

ive drawn hanzo in kitty lingerie twice but they are on my main ;___; that was waayy before i made this blog but i’ll leave this here anyway


“He understands his circumstances but it doesn’t make him feel less responsible. The horror lies in feeling helpless. It’s as you wake up from a nightmare, and you have that brief moment of relief as you understand you were just dreaming, but then you realize it actually happened. You just couldn’t stop it.”


A painful love story

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there’s a lot of stuff about lance’s ethnicity i’ve seen where he’s cuban and stuff but i’m gonna slide in my own headcanons over here where he is … … will smith pose ‘indonesian’ or more exactly, ‘balinese’.

  • i’ve seen the picture of lance’s family and i sort of see it as a mixed race family, which leads me to believe lance is mixed.
  • lots of people i know who live in bali have parents who are indonesian and foreign (usually from america or from europe or sometimes from east asia).
  • lance is probably half indonesian/balinese and half something else (i’m leaning towards american but u know whatever floats ur boat)
  • honestly if someone were to put a bunga kamboja in his hair i’d start crying bc he looks so good in it im cry
  • bali is an island surrounded by water and it’s people (as well as the majority of indonesia) are deemed as a very hospitable, warm, and open to new people. (proof here also i live here so)
  • which probably explains why lance was chosen by the most accepting lion, and they’re the guardian of water and bali and indonesia in its entirety is surrounded by water.
  • i hc that his dad was a pilot for normal planes that carry people from country to country for vacations and stuff (coughs he was a pilot for garuda coughs) and he’d probably bring lance and his family on a lot of plane rides from place to place (lance’s favorite place was probably varadero beach bc lance loves beaches but some beaches in bali are really dirty bc that’s sort of a general thing here in indonesia, we’re working on it)
  • okay but consider lance playing soccer everywhere because he used to do that as a kid in the streets of bali asldjfndsaf
  • lance, leaving the house with sandals on: guys i’m going to the nearby mosque/temple to do stuff 
    keith probably or someone else: oh okay see you later
    lance, upon returning: (is barefoot) don’t.
    other person: what happened
    lance: dON’T.
  • lance has probably lost his sandals twenty times already and he’s ready to file a fucking lawsuit. (it’s a thing here where apparently you gotta name your sandals when you go to a religious place where you have to take off your shoes or else they’ll be stolen, my uncle has filed a complaint to a nearby police station about this to which the police replied with ‘it’s happened to me fifteen times before’ lmao sometimes even if you do name them they’ll just fucking disappear)
  • he literally looks like a drawn version of my balinese friend but that’s irrelevant
  • when lance swings his hips all i can think of is the traditional balinese dance, also notably the way he moves throughout the entire show reminds me of the traditional balinese dance. (you can see a video of it here, i especially see lance in the baris warrior dance (starts at 2:43 in the video) which ‘depicts the courage of a man going to war’)
  • TO
  • WAR.

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like despite the high kicks i can sort of see it aadsfjnladsfn r u sure you’re ready for war lance