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I've come to that stage in my life, where I'd rather spend time with books rather than with people

I just want to leave this here ….

Sparring Match

Eric x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: None

“You know Eric likes you, right.” Tori said one day as you had come to complain to her about Eric again.

“Wait what?” You asked, clearly confused.

“Yeah I heard him talking about you. He makes you sound so dreamy you know.”

You made a disgusted face and Tori giggled.

“So…” Tori pushed, nudging you.

You jumped off the counter and looked at some of the tattoos.

“So what?” You asked.

“Do you like him back?”

“No! Maybe! Yes! Kinda! I don’t know!”

“Are you aware that you just gave me every possible answer to that question?”


Tori shook her head, smiling. “You should tell him. Maybe then he’d stop being such and ass and ask you out.”


That whole night you thought about Eric. Did he like you? Did you like him? I mean, he was good looking. And he could work out for like ever. But… You sighed and closed your eyes. Maybe…

“Your going too easy on them.” Eric said for the thousandth time.

You rolled your eyes and re-positioned one of the initiates position, putting your hands on his waist the move him. You saw Eric tense up. Maybe he did like you… You grinned absent-mindly.

“Should we do a sparring session?” You asked, moving to the mat.

“Why don’t you fight one of them?” Eric said. “At least you’ll be able to beat an initiate. Hopefully.” He added, casting his eyes down and smirking.

“Alright. How about you and me?” You challenged. “The kids can get some pointers.”

Eric laughed. “Seriously?”

You smiled innocently, showing your shiny white teeth. “Yeah… I know how you move, Eric.” You added edge to your voice. “It’ll be as easy as hitting the bullseye.”
Everyone knew you were the best archer in Dauntless.

Worry crossed his eyes before he shook it away and stepped onto the mat. “Alright. I’ll let you take the first swing.”

You stepped onto the mat across from him and got into position.

“Everyone knows whoever takes the first swing looses.” You growled.

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow before sending a jab straight into your jaw. “And to think your jawline was the prettiest thing about you.”

You snapped your neck so you jaw popped back. “No. It’s my hair.” You said. “And mess with my hair. And I can make your death look like an accident.” You pretended to throw a punch at his face but doubled back and kicked him in the gut. He doubled over and you landed a few good punches over his head.

The fight lasted a good 10 minutes but eventually there was so much blood and both of you were puffed out so you called the fight off. Eric was bleeding from his nose, his head, his shoulder and he had a cut across his waist where you swiped your nails across. Your lip, head, arm and finger was bleeding.

“You shouldn’t be able to use nails in a fight.” Eric said as you both sat next to each other on the bench to clean your injuries and watch the initiates spar.

“It’s all about survival.” You said, holding up your bleeding finger. “Well…” You sighed. “That one is gonna have to grow back.”

Eric looked away disgustingly.

“Dude, you look like you’ve just drowned five million times. You shouldn’t be disgusted by a lost fingernail.”

He shook his head. “I’m disgusted at why we fight all the time. Everything is an argument… When did this even start?”



“Y/N!” You mom called from the top of the building you were climbing. Eric’s mom stood beside her, looking worried. “Can you go back and help Eric? He’s struggling.”

You rolled your eyes, smiling and headed back down. When you reached him, you held your hand out for him to take. He did, but he pulled you down to him. You tumbled over his head and plummeted towards the ground.



“I believe it started when we were seven and you almost killed me.” You said.

“Ah… That…” He looked down. “I must of been stronger than I anticipated.”

“Why is it always about strength to you?” You snapped. “Yeah, I’m not stronger than you. But I’m faster. I’m more agile and flexible. I can shoot a bow or even a gun better than you. And you don’t appreciate any of it!”

“Strength gives you better status.”

“There’s only one kind of status that matters to me. And that’s dead or alive. And I don’t know about you but I’d rather stay alive.”
You sighed.
“I physically don’t have the strength to beat someone in a fight. So I work on my other strengths. You want me dead? That’s your opinion. But it’s not my reality. And I’m not gonna put myself down because one person in the world thinks I’m not good enough.”

You stood up to leave but he grabbed your wrist, spinning you around and his lips crashed into yours.

There are five (5) types of Zeref popular in fanfiction!

*note that this is done in good humor. If you at all consider being a dick and sending me a message, here’s a thought: don’t.

1) Final Boss Zeref. He’s been constantly brought up throughout the fic (canon divergent or AU, typically crime based), but doesn’t show up until the very end. Usually not related to Natsu. Probably kills people for the fun of it. His entire personality is essentially an old school mafia boss, just without the penchant for guns and hookers. Has beef with the Heartfilia’s and likely murdered Layla. Much like in canon, his strength and terribleness has been built up throughout the story, but his actual villain-ness isn’t up to par with expectations. Smirks too much. Has others do his dirty work for him. Probably doesn’t die at the end, just slips into the shadows to wreak havoc another day.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • In AUverse he may be a rival of Jude Heartfilia, and (depending on the story), may be used as some sort of catalyst for a Romeo and Juliet esque relationship for nalu.
  • Zeref may or may not be super important to the plot. Half the time he won’t actually show up.

2) Big Brother Zeref: AKA high school!AU Zeref. Natsu’s brother. His only role in the story is to be the stereotypical older brother. Not important to the plot other than to give life/girl advice to Natsu. Probably dating Mavis. Not as prevalent as the other Zerefs, but he has his moments. Broness can be taken to cringy levels, but generally a decent guy.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ??? idk he’s just kind of there sometimes ???

3) Woobified Zeref. Is basically canon!Zeref if he had done nothing wrong. A cupcake. Cinnamon roll too good too pure. Perfect father/husband/brother. Sweet summer child. Fanon has thrown up all over him. He is a precious baby that could never do anything bad. Ever. Could drown a small animal in a well and he would be thanked for it. The crigiest Zeref.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Literally isn’t even in fics half the time. This is just what fanon Zeref has become. The fangirls think he’s cute and have to make up excuses for why he can’t do anything wrong.
  • Actually threatens to murder people, but !!!

4) Well-rounded villain Zeref. Canon divergent. May have a good reason for the bad things he does, but this doesn’t overshadow him being the villain. Is consistent with his motivations/actions. What canon Zeref could have been if Mashima hadn’t wavered back and forth between making him super sympathetic yet also the most evil wizard in existence. Featured in both canon and AUverse fics, though is more common in canonverse. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Is the rare golden Zeref found once in every 100 fanfics, but only if they’re 50+ chapters in length. Good luck finding him.

5) Mostly Canon Zeref. Hyped at the beginning of the story, a constant presence whose motivations are secret. The suspense is amazing and leaves the readers wanting to know more. Isn’t introduced until roughly half-way through the story, but it is very brief. Starts appearing more throughout the story. The more you learn about him, the less you understand the overall plot or his motivations. Kills/hurts people, but this is overlooked because he has a bad past (this is not taken to the extreme of woobified Zeref, however). Has too many connections to other characters to the point it becomes obnoxious. Characterization is inconsistent af

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ???
A Thousand Years

This is one of the four entries I’m writing for @buckysmetallicstump’s Disney Challenge! My prompt for this entry was #14: “Listen to me. The human world…it’s a mess.” - Sebastian, The Little Mermaid. Quote will be in bold.

Song Inspiration: “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee (Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Version). Here is a Link if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpxJGTN3VUw&index=13&list=PLwUW5QOPdB6E3Jlsd4YDDJK8sIFm-kB0i

Summary: The Winchester’s meet an old friend of Castiel’s.

Word Count: 3900-ish

Pairing: Sam x angel!Reader

Warnings: Language, a smidge of violence, MINOR canon divergences, and first time writing Sam x Reader (cuz that should probably be a warning) 

A/N: Part of me feels like I should have done this in five separate drabble posts buuuutttt I didn’t… for reasons unknown even to myself lol. It’s set in Season 9 and is written in five little snapshots of their life. There will be parts that follow the script of actual episodes with a few minor divergences here and there. (Exact episodes: 9x09 9x11 9x13 9x21 and 9x22). Let me know what you think! 

You walked towards the wooden establishment, displeased with the sight of various human officials mulling about. This was angel business. They had no idea what they were dealing with and would only get in the way.

Walking past a shiny black vehicle, you stopped in front of a row of motorcycles. Ever since you had lost your wings in the fall you had been cursed to walk the earth. Never before had you envied the human forms of transportation, but you had to admit, taking one of these would make moving around much faster. And if the angels who had ridden them before were indeed dead, taking one for yourself shouldn’t be a problem. You would just have to figure out how they worked first.

“Cass, slow down!”

You turned towards the voices, watching as a man exited the building, quickly followed by another who was dressed almost identically.


Both men stopped abruptly, their eyes locking on to you in an instant. The second man was staring at you cautiously, his hand resting above the weapon he had at his hip. The first, however, eyed you curiously, stepping towards you and putting a hand up when the other man tried to follow.


You nodded, walking towards him. “I was hoping I would find you one of these days.”

The green-eyed man was at Castiel’s side in an instant. The weapon now in his hand. “Not so fast, sweetheart.”

You stopped, eyeing him curiously. Everyone knew Castiel had spent the past few years running around with the infamous Winchesters, so if you had to take a guess you figured this man must be one of them.

“It’s alright Dean. She’s an old friend.” Castiel assured him, still looking at you. 

“No offence Cass, but I don’t think any angel is your friend anymore.” Typical human, so quick to pass judgement. 

You stared at the Winchester, unfazed by his words. “My loyalty to Castiel has been unwavering since the day we were created, boy. Can you say the same for yourself?” 

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When love isn't enough:He loved me

Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
@pathybo @tigpooh67 @ljvosscmt @scorpio2009 @beltz2016 @beautifulramblingbrains @clublulu333 @ariwolff14 @frecklefaceb @societalfailure @angolodiparadiso @dani5102 @jackiefreakqueen @ericdauntless @jaihardy @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 @glamlover87 @mom2reesie @sparklemichele @muffinmano @singingpeople @james-k-delaney @crystalbaby12 @randomness-ensues

As Eric thumbed threw another stack of pictures he found I seen confusion spread across his features. After the third time of studying them I finally had to ask.
“What’s bothering you about that stack of pictures?” he looked up with a deep frown.
“I don’t ever remember meeting him, or taking these pictures. But it’s right here in front of me. I look like I am maybe six or seven.”
“Can I see?” he handed me three.
“Wow. You really look alot like him. You both look really happy.” he looked extremely upset at the moment however.
“I just wish I could remember. I’d be willing to bet that the memory serum started with me.” I really hated Jeanine more every time we spoke of her.

He opened another set of smaller envelopes that had a letter too. The more he read the more he looked amused.
“Holy shit. I didn’t see that coming. But it explains so much,” he was actually smiling.
“What? It must be something good because you’re smiling,” he really needs to do that more.
“Well seems I am not his only child. However that doesn’t change much. My sister really is my sister and not just my cousin?” I am so confused.
“How is that?”
“Seems Elaine felt guilty and started taking me to see my father. One weekend we went camping in Amity together, all three of us. Apparently the weekend was extremely productive.” he laughed at his own play on words.
“Seems the only child Michael really has is Karen. She’s just like him too. Miserable bitch.”
“That would explain Audi’s Divergence as well. It’s hereditary.” he looked pleased with himself.

When he started to read another letter he suddenly left the room. I knew he didn’t leave the front door never opened. I looked in the living room and he was on the couch with his head in his hands. I wasn’t sure but I thought he might be crying.
“Love? Are you alright?” he didn’t move or say anything.
“Eric? Please say something, anything.”
Without looking up and not much above a whisper he only said three words.
“He loved me.” I am pretty sure he didn’t know how to feel.
I could tell he needed to be alone at the moment so I just decided to take a shower. Wash these last forty eight hours of stress and tenison away.

The hot water felt amazing. I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying with me. Lost in my own thoughts I never heard the door open. I almost beat the shit out of him when hands on my hips and lips on my neck startled me.
“What in the hell?! You scared the shit out me. What are you doing invading my shower?” this was a first.
“Showering. What else would I be doing?” I felt the smile on his lips against my neck.
“Really? You are the same man who demanded I put my clothes back on the other night dick.”
“That was different. It’s not that I didn’t want to thats for sure.” they say women are the unbalanced ones
“So why didn’t you? I want more than one reason.” former Erudite I will probably get three or four.
“Most importantly we had no form of protection. Never again will I do that. I planned on making you forget you cared about me, that would be a gross exploitation of the situation. Last but not least we were in Amity. I want it to be special and memorable for you our first time.” did he hit his head?
“Please don’t get mad but you do realize you won’t be my first for damn near anything right?” no that privilege went to an asshole.
“That isn’t important. It would still be all of our first together.” he really needed to stop kissing my neck.
“Well seeing as how we obviously still aren’t ready, let me get out before it gets carried away,” I for sure would not stop him in this moment.
With a heavy sigh a few more kisses where placed on my neck before hands slowly slid off my sides.
“Go. I’ll join you in a few minutes little Dauntless,” was whispered in my ear. I didn’t turn around or say anything. I just quickly exited the space.

I was almost asleep when the bed dipped beside me alerting me of his presences. Before I even had time to think he was slowly pushing up his t-shirt I was wearing placing soft kisses all over my abdominal region.
Fingers looped inside my panties as they were slowly pulled to my feet with a hot trail of kisses following. Then he slowly kissed his way back up before settling himself between my thighs.
I couldn’t help the small yelp of surprise when a burst of warm air hit my center.

He just let out a small laugh before he whispered “did you like that?”
Before I could even think warm wet lips where pressing onto the most intament part of my body. I was shocked by the low moan that escaped my lips.
Instantly my back arched from the electrifying jolt that ripped threw me.
He looped one of his arms around my thigh placing a hand on my stomach to hold me in place.
“Relax. Just enjoy it,” was the last words he said before lips and tongue attached to my clit. Instantly my whole body was buzzing on censor overload. I had been active before but I knew instantly the difference in touches between a boy and a man.
I desperately fought my body to not jerk up right on the bed. I have never in my life experienced such intense pleasure.
My hips would involuntarily buck towards his face with each stroke of his tongue. Gasp and moans escaping on there own from my lips.
My hands fisted in his hair trying to anchor myself as my body jerked with each new wave of pleasure.
“Ahh mmm FUCK Eric don’t stop,” were the hell the words I was forming I wasn’t sure but they kept tumbling out of my mouth.
My body almost went in to shock as fingers entered and curled while his mouth continued to assault my sensitive spots.
“Ohhh shit!!” my breathing became eratic coming in heavy pants.
“So tight. You certainly don’t disappoint. Does this make you feel good sweetheart?”
“Fuuucckkk I, yes. Eerriicc,” I couldn’t hardly speak.
A warm coiling was building threw my whole body. Everything started to shake as fireworks erupted shaking my whole body. I felt a warm rush hit me deep below inside of my as I stiffened arching hard against Eric.
The high slowly subsided as he moved back and rolled to the side of.
I was a hot shivering mess. Arms wrapped around turning me to be pulled tight to his chest.
“That was a taste. Something to chase away your insecurities that I don’t want you. I do fuck I do. I hope this keeps you satisfied until initiation is over.”
He kissed my forehead telling me quit over thinking and go to sleep.

“Leci I have to go. I hope you think of me all day today.” a kiss placed to the top of my head and he’s gone.

I could get use to this.

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gaealynn  asked:

Taking prompts, eh? These are too good to resist. "3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?" TCW-era, Anakin making the declaration and Obi-Wan being unusually receptive? Looking for a little bit of (relatively, I mean it's these two so...) uncomplicated sweetness...

Ok listen I know you said uncomplicated sweetness but I’m an angst person so… I tried?

Rating: T

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker

~1000 Words

Additional Tags: Canon Divergence, Post-Deception Ark, (Supposedly) Unrequited Love, Getting Together

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anonymous asked:

After that prompt of Yuuri and Victor meeting in Skate America I'm DYING to read a canon divergence fic from you, Iove your writing and aaaaaaah I'm in need

omg thank you for saying you love my writing!!!!! I have always wanted to write a canon divergence fic!!! I probably will one day!! :D

When love isnt enough:About that

Mature content and strong language
Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
@pathybo @tigpooh67 @ljvosscmt
@beautifulramblingbrains @beltz2016 @clublulu333 @scorpio2009 @frecklefaceb @societalfailure @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 @glamlover87 @dani5102 @angolodiparadiso @mom2reesie @ariwolff14 @james-k-delaney @ericdauntless @drowning-in-my-dreams @crystalbaby12 @muffinmano @sparklemichele @singingpeople

Standing at the edge of the pit and I am ready to have a melt down. Where the hell did he go. I am convinced he snuck out of the compound again. I turn down the corridor stomping like a child throwing a tempertantrum. I don’t want to have to talk to Amar by myself. I am not a very good liar. What do I even say?
Before I can even comprehend what is happening I am being jerked down a dark side corridor. I pull back my fist prepared to scream just as I get let go.

“Aleisia sweetheart, hey, hey it’s just me.” Eric. Of course.
“You need to stop doing that jerk,” he has been doing this to me for months now. I slapped his chest as he just tries not to laugh.
“Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you? ”
“The computer lab. I had a few things to do. I don’t want to talk about it in the open. I’ll tell you tonight at home.” Home? I think I might like the sound of that. Something I use to think I didn’t want. A home with a significant other.

“Is something wrong?” oops. Train jumped the track for a second.
“Actually yes. Amar knows we got off the train at four thirty. I don’t know what else he knows. He wants us both in his office.” he doesn’t look pleased.

His face takes on a dark sinster look. For the first time in awhile he is actually scarring me. He must realize what he looks like, he lets his features relax and circles his arms around me.
“Sorry. Just threw me off. Nobody can know where we went. Audrianna’s life depends on it.”
“I know. But you need to promise me you aren’t going to hurt my uncle.” I think this is part of why I don’t fully trust him yet.
“I won’t hurt him. I may have to adjust his memory though.” he cocks his head to the side in thought.
“I can live with that. Stop thinking so hard. Your Erudite is showing.” At this he lets out a small laugh.
“I have to stop at the dorms quick first, but lets go now.”

I knock lightly on Amar’s office door. This whole situation is making me feel uneasy. Eric too I think. After being invited in we enter and sit down while Amar is studying our every move.
“I swear I think you are part Candor sometimes,” I snipe at him.
“Worse.” is all he says.
“You wanted to see us sir.” Eric is rigid and tense.
“Relax Coulter. Neither of you are in trouble. I have no intentions of telling anyone you left. I have something’s to discuss with you both and this one needs to not lie to me,” he narrowed his eyes in my direction.
“We just wen-”
“Shut up son. I don’t want you lieing to me either.” Eric’s eyes darkened.
“After initiation I must leave the city. I need to fake my death. You two are going to help me. In the meantime we need to make plans on how your going to stop Jeanine and stop a war.”

Eric’s eyes went wide, then his face twisted into a feral look. What the hell was Amar talking about and what did he know? I started to panic. I was afraid a fight was going to break out and it would be nasty. But Eric actually surprised me
“This really is not the place to discuss such matters with all due respect sure.” he is calm. A little too calm.
“Relax son. My cameras in here are on a repetitive loop right now.” he smiles coyly.
“Amar I don’t understand. What on Earth are you talking about.”
“Well I had to wait and see who you decided on first Little Bit. Thing’s are not as they seem. However young Coulter here is already well aware of that. Seeing as how you chose Eric now you two are just about the cities last hope.” he is serious. This can’t be good.

“Sir I think you are mistaken. I don’t know what you think I know,” he cuts Eric off again.
“Jeanine is your mother not Elaine. I knew your father. He was a good friend. She murdered him along with my brother. For being Divergent.”

“Jeanine murdered my father? Uncle have you been dabbling in the herb garden again?” this is insane.
“You knew my father? How do you know everything you know? How do I know I can trust you? That you aren’t lieing to me.” Eric seems torn between excited and suspicious.
“Easy. I will show you. Follow me. Both of you,” he stands and we all head to the lower levels of Dauntless.

This is a place I didn’t even know existed. I can feel the unease and tenison radiating from the man standing next to me. After everything he told me I suppose I understand.
Soon we arrive in a low lit area in front of rows of I think storage lockers. We stopped at the last and largest one.

Amar pulled out keys and unlocked it. He motioned Eric over to help him lift the door. Inside where lots of boxes, furniture, a safe, a damn motorcycle. I thought those were obsolete.
“What is all of this,” Eric was eyeing the motorcycle like it was a precious resource or something.
“It’s yours. These are all your father’s belongings. Rusty left everthing he had to you. His only child.” he surveyed the contents before turning to Amar.
“He knew about me? Why didn’t he rescue me from those idiots in Erudite?” I can’t tell if he is more angry or hurt.
“He tried. Candor ruled in Jeanine and Elaine’s favor. He was killed three weeks later.”
“His name was Rusty?” how is he so damn calm?
“Rusty Garrens. Your Aunt is still here in Dauntless. Your uncle is in Candor. He watches over Ryan for me.”
“I have more family? Do they know about me?” he looks like he might get sick. I know I would.
“Albert knew of you but not who you or your mother are. Dawn does not. Both of your grandparents are gone I think. Or at least Factionless. This is Dauntless you know.” The two men stepped inside the large unit. Amar gave Eric a gold and a silver key.
“The silver one opens the door. Gold the safe.”
“May I?” he nods to the safe.
“Of course. It is after all yours.” my uncle smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
“How do you know all of the things you know? Why did you wait so long to tell me?” he inquiries while working on opening the safe.
“Rus and Tish were Dauntless born. Raul, Jeanine and myself Erudite. Of course Raul loved Tish. They met at school. He knew she would never leave Dauntless, so he came here. He was best friends with Rusty and he always had an eye for Jeanine.”
“She was never going to leave Erudite. Your grandmother groomed her to take over as leader since she could walk. Rusty wasn’t going to ever leave here either. Jeanine was furious. The only man she ever had eyes for and he defied her. Refused to join her.”
“How the hell did she manage to conceive me? I am extremely curious.” I could see that Erudite brain turning.

“She begged Rus. But they had to do it the way they did to not be found out as faction traitors guilty of treason. When Rusty found out Elaine actually had you and how Michael treated you he marched right into Erudite threatened to kill both of them and tried to take you. Needless to say he didn’t get far.”

“He went to Albert in Candor and was granted a closed circuit investigation and trial and custody proceedings. Jeanine won. She vowed revenge. Always was a bitter, cruel bitch.”

“She use to use Rus and Raul for trial runs on all new forms of fear serums. That’s how she discovered they where Divergents.” my uncle looked so sad. I have never seen such sorrow in his eyes.
“She used the Factionless riots to cover up their murder’s didn’t she?” Hell fire burned in Eric’s eyes.
“Precisely. I always figured you would end up here. Waited for it. Then you and Four end up going toe to toe over my niece right before my very eyes. Reminded me of Raul and his friend David over Tish years ago.” my cheeks flamed red while my uncle winked at me.
“I sat back waiting to see what path she would choose. I always planned things this way. I just didn’t know if she would end up part of this. As long as you control your damn temper and treat her right, I couldn’t be more pleased.” he smiled brightly at Eric.

“I swear I just want to keep her safe. See if she can show me how to love. She’s already given me someone to trust,” I felt tears sting my eyes.
“I have a long way to go. I’m extremely damaged I am afraid. But I try every day. For her.” he was pulling large yellow envelopes out of the safe.

“Let’s take the envelopes and have dinner at my place yeah.” Amar suggested.
“Sure. I’d like that. Can you carry a few of these for me sweetheart.”

“Absolutely fucking not!!” Eric slammed his hand on the table.
“She will NEVER have contact with Jeanine let alone volunteer to hunt Divergents. Have you lost your fucking mind,” Amar sighed while Eric raged.
“You need people you trust if we are to save as many people as possible. I trust my niece with my life.”

The conversation went south quickly. It was suggested I help so we could deceive and gather intel on Jeanine. Amar also felt it would eliminate her from using me as leverage and deemed it safer.
“Eric it would be the safest thing for her. Besides, she would even out your damn temper. ” they are giving me a headache. I was ready to go home.

“Call it a night. Take her home get her in bed. Think about it. We have time still.”

“There is nothing to think about. Not fucking happening. Wait. Did you just give me permission to stay with Aleisia? ” I was shocked to say the least because that was sure what it sounded like.
Amar just gave him a sly grin.
“Permission? No. Just don’t get caught same as you haven’t for weeks now. It’ll be fine.”
“You’ve known?” I want to die of embarrassment. I figured my mother knew, but never Amar.
“I know more than you think Little Bit. It puts my mind at ease, you not being by yourself so much, a man to protect you and your mother. I think after initiation is done he should just move in if it’s ok with the three of you. Your mother suggested it.” what the hell? I don’t even know if Eric would want to live with us.
“We can all have dinner here on Sunday to discuss it. Get home you two, it’s late. It’s been an emotional evening and Eric still has training in the morning.” what a day. It was beyond crazy and insane.

We laid in bed opening up the large yellow envelopes from the safe. There was pictures of Eric when he was young.


“Around the World” from Grey Gardens
Some of the most beautiful and devastating lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Around the world
With stones and shells.
The nicest ones I lost.
Around the world
without a boat
And just a quote from Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
A lovely crossing on.
Around the world, the world around, the attic wall.

Around the world there isn’t room
For every special thing.
Around the world
You choose a few
To make the music sing.
A silver mask from a masquerade
Around and round I twirled.
You tack them up
So when you go
the world will be the one you know.

A bird cage I plan to hang
I’ll get to that someday.
A bird cage for a bird who flew away.
Around the world.


Keronnen, The Darkin Reaper

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By my hand, great kings fell. Under my feet, revered heroes crumbled. And before my eyes, nations turned to dust. I saw the beginning of all, that stands still… and yet, I am the END

anonymous asked:

i just saw someone say, in defense of mcclain, "it is his canon name though? other canon divergent names are acceptable because creativity rules but that doesn't change his last name". like binch vld is not a fanfic au? it's a totally different show than dotu and voltron force. pidge's canon name isn't fucking "darrel" anymore, it's katie and she's a girl, just like lance is cuban. do you even hear yourself?

i can’t,,,, i’m gonna just toss myself into a volcano like canon divergent my asshole like just let him be cuban with out the fuckin reach for christ sake