Emily sneaking out at night
  • [masked, Emily jumps down to the street, strolls around a seedy lane and past an off-duty watch guard]
  • Watch Guard:hey beautiful... what's your namne?
  • Emily:*looking around for crates and ledges to practise her climbing* ... Em.
  • Watch Guard:is that short for...Emmeline?
  • Corvo:*landing on the guard's face* short for EMPRESS
  • Emily:omg, dad!
  • Watch Guard:hrk
  • Corvo:GOT A LOT O' NERVE hitting on my DAUGHTER
  • Emily:*hissed* he wouldn't even have known it was me if you'd said nothing
  • Corvo:*shoving the guard up against a wall* ARE YOU TWO USING PROTECTION
  • Emily:GROSS DAD. And at this point, you've had more contact with him than me
  • Corvo:I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I DON'T OWN A SHOTGUN. But I do have a pistol and a crossbow, and a very special set of skills...
  • Emily:*climbing back onto the rooftops* you have got to stop following me around, dad, it is SUPER lame
  • Corvo:*still holding onto the increasingly nervous guard* YOU'RE STILL GROUNDED YOUNG MISSY
  • Emily, several buildings away:YOU CAN'T STOP ME LA LA LA

You know, I need some answers about Emily Kaldwin
Is she happy? Did she have time to mourn her mother’s death? Does she have someone to call them a friend? Is she happy? Does she draw regularly? Or does she have any other hobby (except for climbing on the rooftops)?
Is Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin happy?

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Favorite anime/manga: as of this minute i would gladly drop almost everything else i read if i could just get the entirety of boku no hero academia & jojolion & haikyuu! all time favorite would be liar game & eyeshield 21 though

i dont watch anime as much as i read but im really enjoying diamond is unbreakable rn as well as the bnha anime

Favorite Videogames: every fire emblem (surprise surprise), 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors, virtue’s last reward, ghost trick (play this it’s underrated and amazing), Bastion, Transistor, XCOM, hyper light drifter, bravely default, shadow of the colossus, dishonored

Favorite Books: DISCWORLD….. i miss you terry pratchett we didnt deserve you… i also like the dresden files by jim butcher

Favorite TV Shows: brooklyn 99, arrested development

Last Song I Listened to: block rockin beats by the chemical brothers

First Language: english & hindi & telugu all learned at the same time growing up, but i can’t speak that much hindi anymore

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neurodivergentjunkrat neurodivergentjunkrat This…really bothers me. The…

Exactly, I think the vg industry has to move away from the notion that everyone who emulates only does it to screw them out of money. I mean obviously there’s a difference between emulating SF2 or Dishonored or something but the preservation aspect needs to be acknowledged or else the industry is going to suffer for it, let alone the consumers.

I think there is a certain acknowledgement to it, and that was seen a bit more within the last two console generations. The PS2/Gamecube/Xbox saw the rise of classic game compilations such as Capcom Classics Collection and Midway Arcade Treasures, and last gen saw a number of digital re-releases that were heavily based in emulation with some additional features like online play. Heck, let’s not forget that the Namco Museum series started on the original PlayStation! The Virtual Console for various Nintendo platforms is pretty much just straight-up legal emulation in of itself as well.

But yeah, I think a lot of the negativity surrounding the notion of emulation comes back to a fear of losing money as well as other issues surrounding questionable morality. The way I see it personally is that, while a lot of these things are super nice to have and can even offer conveniences and new features to make these emulations a better experience than just playing them off a PC (for example, the portability offered with the VC on 3DS, or online play in digital re-releases of fighting games), they should be seen as options in my opinion. If you stopped selling a game decades ago that I’ve been emulating the entire time since and then suddenly there’s a VC release, then I’m probably going to just continue emulating unless there’s a real plus to buying the game again, like the aforementioned new features and conveniences that modern platforms might give these games. You can’t just put out Pac-Man again and expect me to go out of my way to get it because it’s just Pac-Man, but this time it’s on PS4. Like with a good business, you need to give your consumers a reason or incentive to invest in your new release over just taking the easy way out. I always think of Steam in this case; A convenient digital library of PC games complete with a suite of community features and regular sales over just buying PC games as usual. There are reasons that, as someone who plays games on PC, I want to use Steam, even for non-Steam games, and this is something that many corporations should consider for their own business practices, including re-releasing classic games, or even businesses outside of video games entirely.

I also find it kind of odd to see some companies damn emulation when they have used their own emulation practices in the past for re-releases. Would they have even thought up of the idea of using emulation for re-releases for profit without the rise of emulation on computers? I’d like to think not.

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Do you got any headcanon names for Undertaker, like for laughs? I call hi Emeritus (which means Dishonorably Discharged XD)

Hey Anon! Nice name for Undertaker. Now, for a few fun Undertaker headcanons.

Undertaker loves to creep people out and has worked into a fine art. He has a cremation oven, but it’s rarely used for that purpose since cremation wasn’t all that popular. He likes to bake in it, but lets all his neighbors believe that it’s not cookies he’s baking. He hints at special ingredients. He invites people over for dinner all the time, although no one takes him up on the offer.

He keeps tape with him at all time. He’ll randomly start measuring people while mumbling about the best materials for their coffins.

He makes some safety coffins - the kind with the bell that could be rung if you were buried alive. However, he likes to make fix his so that he can make the little bells ring whenever he pleases. He likes to set off 5 or 6 at a time.

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"Something that annoys you?"

For the next five asks, my muse cannot tell a lie.

“I absolutely hate when people get a cup of perfectly good tea and put in so many sweeteners that there’s absolutely no way that they can taste it anymore.”

“I can understand if a child does it, but you are supposed to outgrow wanting to mull everything you eat beyond recognition. Tea is not a vehicle for sugar, that’s what hot chocolate and sodas are for. There are so many intricate flavors in tea and to dishonor them with such practices…it is akin to blasphemy.”

“Oh, and let’s not even begin talking about the ones who do this with cheap sweeteners. That substance that they sell in the bear-shaped bottles is not honey, please have some dignity…”

all my time recently has been sucked into playing The Witcher 3 and I have so many emotions omggggg

and no one to share them with :(

I’ve made the same mistake with Dishonored : invested myself emotionally into a game everyone finished three years before I did. unfortunately, my RL friends who also play video games aren’t really into shipping and fandom stuff (at least I think so, I’d never tell them I write fanfiction so maybe they’re keeping secrets from me, too). and I don’t even know if The Witcher has an active fandom anywhere…..


I got really excited about old man Corvo today