Another handful of chapters are up for the modern AU!!! 

Here’s a link to the beginning

Here’s a link to chapter 4, which is new as of today

Thanks for all the comments and reblogs and kudos, it makes me smile to see other people enjoying this weird thing I wrote <3

(also, shoutout to that one person who told me I needed a summary, haha oh man what a nub mistake that was!)

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I am a Wolf to Man

*lays on the floor listening to Grace Omega and thinking about Daud*


Obscure Anime References, Dramatically Scribbled in Paint for the Month of Void 2016: Week 3 - Daud & The Whalers

I’ve actually got ANOTHER thing for this week, but I’m not sure I’m going to finish it in time, so have this instead. I needed to at least hastily scribble it in Paint so it will leave. me. alone.

Anyway Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is a good anime if you like uh… Character driven slow-paced spy drama/romance in WWII AU Japan partially told via Little Red Riding Hood references and crying all the tears. It makes me think of Daud and the Whalers for weird gut feely reasons idunno. 

Probably all of the wolf stuff.

Once a beast…

…always a beast.