Grace Lang’s “Babes in Deathland.”

Ending this week at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, New York is Grace Lang’s solo show, “Babes in Deathland.”  Brand new works in Grace’s stylistic signature feature neon colored beasts and women.  Grace feels that exploring the demons within us and getting to know them, rather than trying to get rid of them is best.  The show is on display until March 8th, 2015 so definitely check it out if you get a chance.  


10 Badass Women In History That You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s March, which means its Women’s History Month. Woop, go women! Go women in history! Go history of women! It’s all good and we’re all about it. But you know? It seems like every year we’re either acknowledging celebs who said a few good things about feminism or women who–while they’ve definitely done badass things–are pretty much a household name, the people we all learn about in school.

I think it’s time to celebrate women who have made their mark on history who are a little more obscure or who’s names we know but little more. It’s time to make these 10 badass women you’ve never heard of your personal heroes.

Agents Of Shield 2.11 Recap

I’ve had a few people bring up the fact that I no longer do recaps like I used to  last season, and I decided that, since I have a little extra time today, I’ll go ahead and do a recap of Aftershocks. Last season my recaps were mostly just me yelling incoherently, so I’m going to try and make these a little classier. And by that, I mean I added like 50 screencaps that should increase the funny by at least 10%. You’ll notice the words are not their usual bright colors, because I didn’t use my usual program, and didn’t feel like trying to recreate the right colors. Anyway, enough yapping, here we go - 

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Happy Holi!
Holi commemorates the victory of good over evil, brought about by the burning and destruction of the demoness named Holika. This was enabled through unwavering devotion to the Hindu god of preservation, Lord Vishnu.
Holi got its name as the “Festival of Colors” from Lord Krishna, a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors. The festival marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season.

It’s been too long since I pelted you with colorful horses. So have some colorful horses.

Also I’m a dirty dirty Sea Foam shipper. 


WHOOPS this was hiding behind all the refs for the Spock drive, ahahaha

omgggggg VIXENNN there’s even a STRING OF SALIVA ahahahaha. HOORAY FOR UNCONVENTIONAL SHIPSSSS and Sea Foam is possibly the best ship name ever. THANK YOU!