**cherno alpha

So, Blizzard confirmed that a few characters in Overwatch are lgbt.

Imagine if, despite stereotypes and such, Zarya turns out NOT to be one of them.

Imagine if she has a Russian husband who is also built like a tank and who also had pink hair.

… All I am asking is if we can get Pacific Rim’s pilot couple of Cherno Alpha again, just sayin’.


To fight monsters, we created monsters.

Jazmine Becket hasn’t had it easy. After her dad left and her oldest brother died, she joined the PPDC at the tender age of 17 - as a mechanic, after being knocked back as a Ranger for reasons she tends to hide.

Then when she’s 21, her brother Raleigh comes walking back into her life when he arrives at the Hong Kong Shatterdome, where Jaz and her J-Tech friends are running repairs on the world’s last Jaegers. She’s not pleased to see him, the older brother who abandoned her after Yancy’s death.

But if they’re going to defeat the kaiju, they have to work together. That means Jaz accepting Raleigh back into her life, and even trying to get along with the world’s youngest ever Ranger, Australian hothead Chuck Hansen. Who, for some weird reason, seems to have taken an interest in her.


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