I love CAS and MISHA with every fiber of my being and I don’t want to have anything to do with “people” who hates them.
I block systematically all the haters. Seeing their posts / reblogs on my dash is enough to ruin my day.
So please don’t be upset if I unfollow you because you keep reblogging their content.
i try to keep my dash as clean as possible from their nauseating hatred.
Thank you for your understanding.

Comic-Con: Castiel X Reader

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Words: 1295 (This was supposed to be a drabble)

Summary: Sam, Dean and YN head to a comin convention when they are made aware of a possible case, but when Supernatural fans begin talking to the trio, secrets are revealed.

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britishangel99  asked:

Heya! What is it about Cas that makes him your favourite? I think for me it's cos i kinda relate to him in certain aspects and cos he's a badass but also someone who i wanna wrap in a blanket and keep in my pocket like a lil teddy bear. <3 have a lovely rest of the night! Also, how's the tea?

I think for me it’s his complexity, his strong tough personality, the strong, powerful angel killing monsters by utter power and sacrifice, mixed with the small, confused little bean who drops eggs on the floor and talks about being a tomato. His story is incredible, and he’s one of the best characters ever created imo. His love for the Winchester which sometimes clashes with his need, his must to do right. His selflessness, the way he feels about being a good person- his honesty, the pain he has when lying or doing wrong- it makes him so beautiful. I love the strength and complexity of his entire character, hiis deep fear and pain and concerns, mixed with the simple, clear and dauntless way he looks at the world and things, so new and different from humans… I could talk about him forever. 

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L'histoire tout entière était un palimpseste gratté et réécrit aussi souvent que c'était nécessaire. Le changement effectué, il n'aurait été possible en aucun cas de prouver qu'il y avait eu falsification.
—  George Orwell (1984)

‘Castiel Smiles’
By: sirensgrotto

Haven’t painted in a long time… I’m really glad I decided to pick up a paint brush again. A lot of people (especially in the SPN fandom) have inspired me to get back into art. Thank you ❤