Dean isn’t being a good step-dad

Sam: Dean Jack is a cute little cinnamon roll of (half) goodness can’t you see that?

Dean: I hate him he killed my boyfriend

Sam: no, he’s great, he has super powers and he can maybe get mom back also really cute and funny

Dean: forget mom he killed my boyfriend

Sam: le sigh, shakin his head



Dean: stopping stabbing yourself, Jack. I want to do that

Jack: *miserable*

SPN 13x2

Castiel is gonna fight Dean when he comes back and sees Dean bullying his sweet little baby. Jack is such a darling little (*cough*HALF) angel.


Witch Spell Gone Wrong

What if Dean, Sam, and Cas were all fighting a coven of witches, and one of the witches used a spell causing a huge ball of light to light up the room. When the light dissipated Dean and Sam would straighten up and look around to see what happened, but they don’t see Cas.

Dean, panicked, would call out his name, “Cas?!”

Then an unfamiliar voice would sound from behind them, “Dean,”

The brothers would turn around, but when they don’t see anyone there their eyes slowly pan down. Standing there is a child Castiel in an oversized trench coat, pants pooled around his ankles, and too big shoes on his feet. Castiel would be looking down at himself, clearly unhappy, then look back up with his scowl, and very seriously saying, “I have a problem.”


Cas: Dean, this is no laughing matter

Cas: Sam, why are you looking at me like I’m a puppy?

Cas: Sam, you don’t have to squat to my height to speak to me

Cas: Sam, why are you patting my head?

Sam: Sorry, Cas, you’re just so darn cute

Sam: I just want to read you a bedtime story and put you to bed

Sam: *looks back to Dean who is hunched over laughing*

Sam: Dean, can we keep him?

Cas: *scowling* Dean…

Dean: *turns to them wiping away tears, locks eyes with little Cas, can’t handle it* You’re literally a baby in a trench coat

Sam: *tries not to laugh because he knows Cas is upset, but he can’t hold it in*

Cas: Dean, this is serious. I can’t use my powers.

Dean: *in a baby voice, ruffles Castiel’s hair* Aw, is somebody cranky?

Sam: *also in baby voice* Does somebody need a wittle nap?

Cas: … You humans astound me with your lack of concern when faced with such grave matters

Down By The River (Castiel x Reader)

Another submission for @riversong-sam‘s birthday challenge!

My prompt was Last Goodbye

Originally posted by subcas

Warnings: character death, depressed Cass

Word Count: 1.7k


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  • I’m using the spelling ‘CASS’. I’m warning you because people get triggered for some reason and then they get mad at me
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His hand lay under your head, supporting it so it wouldn’t touch the sullied ground. The unclean ground where your body lay nearly motionless. He cradled your torso in his lap and kept you close, warm, as comfortable as he could make you.
His beige trenchcoat lay in half in the mud that was close to freezing over for the night in attempt to conserve some of your body heat

  “Guess we won’t be going on that second date huh?” You smiled weakly up at him, finding his other hand with your own, resting on your abdomen. He shook his head.

  “No, I’m afraid not.” He breathed out shakily and tried to smile back.

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Louder Than Your Demons ~Dean Winchester~

Summary: A prompt that I got from a quote by this blog. The quote is ‘I will love you louder than your demons’ 

Warnings: This is largely based off the reader being raped or sexually assaulted before meeting the Winchester boys. It is present throughout the piece and I would strongly advise not to read if you are in anyway put off or triggered by this. 

Pairings: Dean x Reader (largely maybe a bit of Platonic!Sam x Reader) 

Author’s Note: 

Hey guys and gals! 

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I’m officially graduating in two school days and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve partially made it- now just for the final exams. But anyway- I hope you guys like this and please tell me if you would like a follow up on this? 

You sunk down onto the worn out motel bed. The creak echoing through the empty room. Your head pounded and your body ached. Emotional and physical pain merging into one, raging, enormous, monster. 

One of the boys was bound to come after you. It would probably be Sam. He is always the one that has to do damage control, especially with you, purely because Dean can sometimes struggle to express himself. The hard-headed eldest Winchester has tried to ‘console’ you before but had ended up in a violent outburst from both of you. From there on out- Sam did the talking. 

The case had been a sickening, difficult and triggering case- especially for you. You were sure it wasn’t anything supernatural from the start but the boys, in particular Dean, was adamant about it and for his sake you agreed and followed along. You truly just wanted to spent the time trying to figure out how to get Dean out of the damn crossroads deal but you knew deep down inside how the demons choreographed this deal. 

There was no loop hole and you knew you were going to need a miracle from heaven to save Dean from this shit storm. That although didn’t mean you were going to give up. 

You had been travelling with the boys ever since their dad went missing and they helped you rid of the Bloody Mary curse in your own town. You were a solo hunter wandering aimlessly and they wanted your help, the more people they could get to fight the darkness in this world, the better. 

The travelling was only supposed to be for a few weeks, but, luckily it didn’t stop. You didn’t know who they were as you were a pretty amateur hunter yourself but damn were you lucky to end up on their doorstep. You had helped them with everything from cases, to grief, to dating advice and of course classic bar fights. You although hadn’t allowed them to help you. 

Through everything you had been survived with the boys. It was Dean making the deal with the crossroads demon that angered you the most. You had almost murdered Dean yourself when Sam suddenly sprung up from the bed he had been laying dead in for 2 days. You wanted very badly to hurt the man you secretly loved but all you did when you saw him was cry. 

You broke down into tears and crumbled right front of him. You couldn’t stomach the thought of loosing him. And in that moment he reassured you everything would be okay- but you knew it never would. Much like you vowed never to fall in love with anyone, and yet you did. 

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As many of you know, i am a very much “Cas girl.” While this remains true, I have come to the conclusion that I have actually fallen out of love with Castiel.

Here is my reasoning: He doesn’t learn.

Let’s roll back to Season 4. When he had gotten close to his charge, Dean, he was ripped back to Heaven and punished. This is a common theme for Castiel. He does something for Dean. Heaven does not like it. Heaven punishes Castiel. Castiel is stubborn and continues to fight for Dean.

Something that he’s even stated was something he is wiling to do.

“Always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.”

Cas has always done everything to help and protect Dean and his brother.

While I love this sense of loyalty, this would have long since broken someone!

But Cas continually does this.

It is revealed later on that the angel Naomi has actually “reset” Castiel through a torture.

She even states within an episode that she had done this before to him.

Castiel has been reset several times within his life and has been said to have “too much heart” for an angel.

There is hardly any true development in his character since Season 10 when he had given up an army for Dean and Sam. But this is a repeated occurence: Heaven or Winchester.

But here is the thing; why would he consistently do this same argument over and over throughout his life on the show?

The answer?

He has developed PTSD. Now this is not me saying that his character is flawed because of a mental trauma. That is all because the writers did not develop him more.

This PTSD derives from the angel having been reset and punished for his choices. His heart is in the right place but his mind falters.

His mind has stunted in growth and, past Season 8, now prepares itself for another reset to occur.

Sadly, without that reset, Castiel is stuck in an endless loop of waiting and on edge, only to never gain peace.