“Well… this is it.”
                                              “This is what?
                                          t e a m  f r e e  w i l l

Castiel Headcanon: Being pregnant with his child

-The moment he heard a second heartbeat lingering in your stomach he beamed with joy.

-Of course this joy was also filled with fear, seeing as the baby was a Nephilim.

-Old school Cas would’ve taken the child’s life but the new him vowed to protect the both of you.

-You never having to go to the doctor for anything because he would just tune in with his angelic abilities and check how things were going.

-Both Sam and Dean being more excited than the two of you are.

-Small paint wars while painting an extra room in the bunker to become a nursery.

-Whenever you move or make a moan from kicks he studies you deeply thinking something’s wrong.

-His smile is big and bright the first time he feels the babies movement.

-After experiencing the baby kick he tunes in 24/7 to wait until the next opportunity. He even knows before it happens.

-You get chills easier than usual when out with the boys so Cas takes off his trench coat and wraps it around you. Laughing at how long the sleeves are on you.

-Everybody loving your little munchkin unconditionally.

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Also didn't the show literally almost get cancelled in season seven because the writers killed Cas and ratings dropped so badly they had to pull a storyline out of their asses to bring him back and save the show? Like who do the bros-only crowd think they're kidding, without Cas and Misha there would be no SPN latter seasons

Truer words were never spoken.