Bob is in the finale of E!Online’s Alpha Male Madness 2017

Let’s win this for him!!!! In this final round he’s up against Outlander’s Sam Heughan.

How to vote:

  • choose Bob, solve captcha, VOTE, refresh, vote again
  • use F5 (Windows) or command + r (Mac) for quicker refresh
  • have more windows open and tiled vertically to vote as fast as possible
  • use AdBlocker so the refresh doesn’t scroll your page
  • on mobile use the AdBlocker app to vote faster
  • there are PowerHours at 3pm / 6pm / 9 pm & 11pm (your own timezone)

Vote closes on Sunday at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST / 2 am CET / 10 am AUS


im so done with this “vote 5 times u see the link to poll” like seriously yall think u can beat sam like this

this guy won twice in a row and its legit impossible for anyone to beat him and yall know bob has antis who are gonna downvote him everywhere because of dumb ship war

if u wanna win you gotta sit down and vote for an hour. two. five. idn. it’s 4 days of voting and other fandoms are always staying up at night to vote. yall dont give a damn.

it’s like 2k-4k votes per every refresh (20 min). one person can make 5 votes in 1 minute. which is (5x20min=100votes) it’s 100 votes in 20 min.

if honestly only 10 ppl sit down for an hour and vote u would have 3 x 100 x 10 - 3k votes in one hour. and that would be the difference.

10ppl. lmao. what a joke