Woodland call - Frisk’s backstory

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Soooo, finally, the first part is up uvu

The rest will come with Kara’s backstory, but now not uvu

I was really anxious to post this, and i even made a theme song for Stick called Woodland Call.

Here are the lyrics


here is me singing the song


but don’t listen unless you are ready for really terrible voice, please, my voice is death

. I would be forever grateful if someone could sing it properly and create a guitar version? Or any instrumental version tbh.

Oh, and english is really not my first language, so if anyone wants to correct grammatical errors on the story, it’s okay, just message me uvu//


General Danvers + text messages [1/?] (insp)

Reminder that many characters in Yuri on Ice are minors.

Please check ages before you draw sexualised pictures of the characters. Some characters, including Yuri “Yurio” Plisetsky (he’s 15) are considered minors in most of the Western world.

I just know that the fandom might try to draw sexualised pictures of some of the cast and I don’t want to encourage paedophilia. 

First Lines Meme

Rules: List the first line of your last twenty stories, see if there are any patterns, then tag your favorite authors. [In the order of my recents in Docs, because choosing just twenty is cruel.]

1: Another Summer (Lifeguard AU)

“Ten bucks says they fight before we reach the front desk.” Matthew, who had never been one for subtlety, announced in what he probably assumed was a whisper.

2: Argo (Restaurant AU)

Piper had always appreciated irony.

3: Clash

You’d think that a kid like me; a disorganized, sloppy, impulsive, emotional, hot-headed young boy with ADHD, daddy issues, and dyslexia; would thrive on chaos.

4: Hidden

I’m not one for talking about myself, I prefer deferring the attention to others, so much so that I’ve become a pro at not getting noticed.

5: Is There Somewhere

The Fates claim there’s a reason no one should know the future, that the knowledge of where you’ll be can destroy who you are now, that life was linear and as it should be.

6: Oh, Brother (Hockey AU)

Percy laces up his skates like it’s as natural as breathing, barely even looking down as he loops them in and out, pulling the frayed strings so roughly it’s possible they may snap at any moment. 

7: Movie Screens (Secret Agents AU)

“I could crush you in beer pong, what are you talking about?” Leo said, mildly offended at Piper’s arrogance.

8: Running Back To You (Football AU)

“This is going to be epic.” Travis Stoll announced, so excited he nearly hit no less than three of his teammates with his wild hand gestures.

9: The Kids Aren’t Alright

I weighed the gladius in my hand, twisting my wrist back and forth to check its balance.

10: A Hero’s Memories

“Percy?” Annabeth murmured sleepily to the seemingly still water.

11: Lost

“We should be there in about six hours.” Chiron said, checking his phone for the umpteenth time.

12: Respect

“Relax, they’re going to love you!” The connection on my phone was pretty crappy, but I could tell that Annabeth sounded pretty damn sure of herself as she giggled away over my impending doom.

13: Unexpected

Her parents would describe her as peculiar.

14: We Worry (Adult!Jasper AU)

“Don’t worry.” Jason said to her solemnly, big blue eyes looking as reassuring as possible.

15: In On It

First days kind of suck.

16: Another Pair of Lips

I try not to stare at her too much as she chatters for a bit about herself.

17: In Charge (Praetor!Pipercy/Camp Swap AU)

She wasn’t sure if Percy had gotten bigger, or if she was just sore from yesterday’s battles.

18: You Won’t Feel A Thing

If there was one thing I loved in the world, it was New York…well, New York or my mother, but she was dead and New York was still very much alive.

19: The First Wedding

“How about you wait a little longer for the next ‘Great Prophecy’ this time, huh, Rach?” Percy said to the redhead, raising bouts of laughter around the campfire.

20: Princess

“Alright, truth or dare?” She smirked a little, just because they were being ridiculous, playing Truth or Dare at 1AM because they didn’t want to sleep.


Oh yeah, most noticeable is my weakness for using dialogue to open things because dialogue is super easy for me. Also, that I just went through 20 of my most recently worked on fanfictions and literally only 2 of them have ever been posted. So, pattern: I don’t post my fics.


I think I’ve seen pretty much all of the people I would tag get tagged, but for good measure I’d love to see @falloutside and @rozethomas do this one!