“Remember that night, Dean? When Victor interrupted us?”

“He always did have terrible timing…”

“He’s not here now.”

“No, he isn’t - Cas -”

“Ssh, it’s ok, Dean, it’s ok,” he breathed, opening his arms and pulling Dean into the blanket, pulling him into his embrace, and then they were kissing again, Dean’s lips sweet and soft against his own.

From Chapter Twenty of Painted Angels

Art by linneart :)

He pushed Dean onto his back, still straddling his hips. Dean reached up, brushed his fingers across Cas’s chin and down his chest. His eyes were wide, tracking Cas’s movement, but there was an odd expression on his face that Castiel couldn’t place.

“Are you ok?” he asked softly.

“Yeah, Cas, I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”

Dean nodded, “I’m sure.” He reached up and hooked his hand around Cas’s neck, pulling him down and pressing their lips together. Dean’s other arm locked around Cas’s waist, and he lost his balance, hands shooting out to keep from dropping all of his weight on Dean.

One palm made contact with something wet and sticky and he sat back up, staring at his hand.

“You ok?”

Cas showed Dean his paint covered right hand, and the other man started laughing.

“Caught you red-handed!” he chortled.

“You’re a dork.”

“You’re the one who put your hand on my palette.”

“You’re the one who made me lose my balance!”

He glared at Dean, but there wasn’t any heat in it, although Dean looked entirely too pleased with himself. Cas reached down and grabbed Dean’s left arm, leaving a big, red handprint on his bicep. “There. Now you’re red-handed too!”

From Chapter 14 of Painted Angels

Art by the amazing linneart.

Los Angeles union wants to be exempt from $15 minimum wage it fought for
Union officials argue minimum wage ordinances that omit unionized workforces – which are common in the US – allow for negotiation of better contracts
By Jana Kasperkevic

Union officials in Los Angeles are fighting to be excluded from minimum wage rules that they have lobbied to put in place.

Los Angeles city council is set to vote on a union-backed clause to its $15-an-hour minimum wage bill that would exempt workers covered by a collective bargaining contract. The debate is expected to start later this week when the council returns from summer recess.

In May, the Los Angeles city council voted in favor of raising minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. As the council prepared for a final vote on the legislation, the Los Angeles Times reported local union leaders had suggested an exemptionthat was common for such laws: to make companies with unionized workforces exempt from such wage increase.