❝THE FIRE CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN consuming everything in it’s path. It swirled in a mixture of turquoise fury, until it formed into an almosthuman-like figure; lightning cracked all around. Fear coursed through the air and the gloryof the first was shown all around.
                                              written by amanda !

Save One Show 2014 Officially Begins! Vote in Round 1 Now

This round closes on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 5 p.m. PST. The top 15 will then be revealed on Friday, Feb. 21, kicking off round two of our annual campaign.

Remember to help spread the word and get your fandom to participate as much as possible by heading to Twitter and using the #SaveOneShow hashtag to support your series!

As of this posting, we’re only at 5%! C'mon guys! Let’s vote the heck (no cheating) out of this, and help show off that there is a loyal and growing fandom!