Headcanon: The Cody’s at your first ultrasound
  • Pope
    •  is smiling ear to ear the whole time.
    • So excited
    •  Asking all sorts of paranoid questions
    •  “So what do I have to keep her from doing until the baby’s born?”
  • Baz
    • Super happy and excited
    • Shuts down as soon as they locate the baby child
    • Panics and leaves the room
      • Making you panic because what the fuck.
    • Is super apologetic and a sweetheart once he clams down
  • Craig
    • Making bets with other parents in the waiting room over the sex of the kid
    • “You realize we won’t find that out for a couple of months, right?”
      • “Then what are we doing here?”
    • Managing to knock everything off the desk in the office
    • o   “Look it has your nose!” “Did you just call our baby an it?”
    • Driving the nurse INSANE
  • Deran
    • Let’s be real he’s very meh about the whole thing
      • Like he gets to have a kid!
      • But also the whole conception was a façade
    • Mostly just there to be supportive
    • And to remind you that he does want to be a part of your lives even if it’s in a very non-traditional way
  • J
    • “I don’t see them” “Well there’s the head” “It’s all a blob”
    • Almost faints when he finally figures it out
    • “We’re really having a baby!”
    • Sitting quietly while you talk to the nurse, but with a goofy grin on his face
Fighting with Craig at Deran’s bar

“Quit making a scene,” Craig said rolling his eyes and taking a drink of his beer.

If you weren’t already pissed off you sure as hell were now. “Oh, I haven’t made a scene yet. Would you like me to?”

Craig turned to face you, still leaning on the bar as though he wasn’t bothered that you were upset at all. “What the hell is your problem?”

You took a step back, shocked by the anger laced in his voice. Becoming slight more heated by the fact that he’d apparently been ignoring the last five minutes you’d been talking. You chuckled and shook your head, “My problem?” you took two steps towards him, head craning to look him in the face from this close. “Alright, fine. My problem is that you,” you emphasized by poking him in the chest, “apparently don’t care that you stood me up. Again. To sit at your brother’s bar and get drunk. Again.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Deran watching the two of you, and drying off a glass, from a little way down the bar. No doubt he was wondering how hot this argument would get, and if he should intervene.

“Drink this.” Craig pushed his beer towards your hand trying to get you to grab it. “You need to relax.”

You scoffed and grabbed the drink. Starring at it for a second, you made your decision. You splashed the beer up into his face and dropped the glass, letting it shatter on the floor.

“Y/n! Out!” Deran shouted, walking out from behind the bar.

“Yeah, whatever,” you scoffed, “he’s your fucking problem now.”

You walked to the door, stopped, turned around, and took in the sight of the red-faced Craig. Proud of your work you flipped him off and backed out the door. What a prick.