[150426] Xiumin Fanaccounts from the Sinchon Fansign

Translated by Sarah

1. Fan: Stop being so cute. Nuna needs to get married.ㅠㅠ
Minseok: Eh??? Already!! How old are you???
Fan: Me??? Thirtyㅠㅠㅠ
Minseok: Ah… You’re still young!!!
Fan: My dad said if I don’t get married by this year, he’ll chase me out of the houseㅠㅠㅠ
Minseok: Please get married then. [link]

2. Minseok was the one who tied his hair into a ponytail that one time he walked to Music Bank. [link]

3. When they were asked to recommend what to eat, Baekhyun recommended chicken breast and salad and Xiumin responded, “But he doesn’t even eat stuff like that.” Baekhyun then replied with a really determined voice that he was going to work on getting abs.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [link]

*t/n: Chicken breast and salad are food you eat when you’re trying to beef up.

4. [audio]

Xiumin: When you get our signatures, you want to talk to us, right? Please think more deeply about what questions you’re going to ask us. Don’t say things like  “Oppa, you’re so handsome. Oppa, you’re cute.” Give us questions that we can answer…okay?

t/n: This is cute because he’s admitting to the fans that he doesn’t know how to respond to compliments.

5. [audio: 1, 2]

(fans asking for a heart sign)

Minseok: I’m going to save my hearts (in a cute, teasing tone). (fans scream) I make too many heart signs. It’s not good to give them out excessively. (fans whining) You guys don’t know how precious heart signs are. 

(fans whining and saying “just once”)

Baekhyun: Sarangdoongie, do it.

(Minseok ended up making a heart sign.) 

*t/n: Sarangdoongie is a cute, affectionate way to call someone. It means a “lovable person.”

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hello! a lot of people asked me about my inking tips /i dunno why

this is my first tutorial, hope it can helps you guys >/////< /sorry for my bad hand-writing tho ugh

hope its easy to understand ah i’m bad at this

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Ah this weekend was really good. Tomorrow I have to order so much more wire and more chains. Then these next couple of weekends are going to consist of going to mineral shows and stocking up on as many supplies as possible.

We’re also going to be taking some trips up in the mountains to look at places to live. These next two months we’re going to try to survive solely off my shops income and put all of my husband’s in our savings.. if it works out that means we’re ready to move! So I’m a little anxious.. but in the best way :)

“Suskun bir kadını yaralarından sevdim,..
aşkın zor dilini senin yüzünden ezberledim.
yüzüne ince bir örtü gibi rüzgâr düşüren
aralık kalbinden aşklar dökerken tanıdım seni…
güzelsin, küçük yağmurlar topladın da yüzüne
sana sığındıkça ıslandı yorgun saçlarım
n’olur şakacı bir yıldız gibi geceme gizlenseydin
gülümseyen, suya düşen ve kalbimi süsleyen…
ah, beni yaralı aşklara üfleyen flüt
konuş ve suçumu suçsuzluğuma biriktir benim…”

günaydın ahali…

Ano bang problema sakin? Ayos nmn ung writing skills ko ah. Example,

The shining black cuckatoo bird cleans its own intestines as it flew on the polluted air of brazil. But the introvert camaroon tiger grabs its center of gravity to annihilate the powerful chinese panda. happy days awaits.

Magaling nmn ako ah.