Scandal season 5 promo


No wonder Tony is all giddy  and “oh it’s great!!” about the beginning of the season. Kerry seems pretty happy, too (look ay Kerlivia’s smile)

Tony’s thumb is always somehow involved in things. It’s always the one adding that extra NPB method messy touch.

Made me make Scandal gifs after ages.

PS: don’t think I am fooled by this for a second re: plot or watching live. Desperation shows when they put out this stuff. They know it’s literally the only thing that will make people so much as consider watching. But this is something to discuss for NPB reasons as far as I’m concerned.


Grey’s Anatomy AU: A heist movie.

Just back from a successful heist in Europe, Jackson Avery reassembles his crack team of con artists and hackers to infiltrate New Sloan Memorial Hospital in time for their Annual Collection Gala, where expensive artwork and millions of cash dollars remain hidden behind closed doors.