Red Thread IX

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I’m so so sorry that this has taken this long, life kind of got in the way. Hope you like it, I made it longer than I intended to make it up to you!

“You sure you don’t wanna come?”  Addison asked her while zipping up her own dress.

Amelia smiled at the woman’s face through the mirror. “I’m positive. Besides, I have some things to do here, so…”

“Oh right,” the red headed said, turning around and looking at the younger woman straight in the eye, “and by ‘things’ you mean ‘Owen’, right?”


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ABC Café: Modern AU

Enjolras: James @stopcallingmeapollo

Marius: Mitch @night-marius

Grantaire: Maddie @lesbianjehan

Jehan: Joanna @lifeismadeofrainbows

Combeferre: Robbie

PC: Yael @agentfelicitysmoak & Alexandra @grimsdell

One last chance to sing with my friends before I go off to college to become a *real* director…this is our spin on Les Amis if they were a bunch of angry highschoolers who planned protests from Enjolras’s bedroom. It was super fun to hang out with these nerds and sing this song with them again!

So, I have always noticed the fact that in (some of the) tv shows I watch, there is this big moment for the couple in the Season 4 finale.

Let me give you a few examples:

Grey’s Anatomy 4x17 - Meredith and Derek

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Gilmore Girls 4x22 - Lorelai and Luke

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Castle 4x23 - Castle and Beckett

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And you know which two people have the big moment in Once Upon a Time 4x23?

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yeah, that’s right… Emma and Regina… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


Oh boy, its Spacey ABC time and today the letter is “N”. I have chosen “naughty” which means “disobedient, mildly indecent and racy". Yep that’s our man. That little twinkle in his eye and that grin says it all.. Ok it’s your turn now. Pick a good “N’ adjective for little naughty boy Kevin.