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Klaus: “Let’s talk, we can’t act like this to each other forever”
You: “if you don’t stop being so damn annoying & protective about everything, i can be in a fight with you forever, no problem”
Klaus: *sighs* “come on your being childish“
You: “if your gonna treat me like a child i’m gonna act like a child, fine”
Klaus: *raising his hand* ”stop giving me this attitude”
You: “if you can stop treating me like a child and if you stop being so overprotective, maybe i’ll change my attitude, until then i have no reason to talk to you” *you stand up and walk away*
Klaus: *rolls his eyes* “(Y/N) come on”


Bonnie Bennett + Suffering Alone

*not all of the gifs are mine*

I was inspired to make this gifset upon rereading an anon asking me how Caroline came out on top by the end of The Vampire Diaries, just to throw in some perspective. Bonnie very rarely, if ever, is provided comfort or solace for the struggles she goes through, usually someone asks her for a favour after a perfunctory “Are you OK?” or they do the minimum amount like a phone call or they just tell her to continue being strong. Bonnie’s grief is never hers entirely and if it is hers entirely she suffers it alone.

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do you ever wonder if damon told bonnie that he saved emily's family and had kept the bennett line safe up until 2009 when his deal with emily ended? do you ever wonder if he knew bonnie before he returned to mystic falls, if he ever checked in on shelia and bonnie to make sure they were safe? do you think he ever looks at her and gets happy that he made that promise 150 years ago? damon has been saving bennetts for decades but this is the first one he actually loves. it just makes me smile

me, after reading this ask:

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"So I think they know on some level that their love is still there but they made choices so they follow their choices." Ugh I know that's a part of why ppl love Stefan & Elena (their commitment to their choices) but sometimes I feel like fuck honor & loyalty you two are in love. Tell the truth & let the others go!!

LOL it’s why I actually really like 3x14 and 3x22 because it’s Stefan and Elena just being like, fuck it, I’m following how I feel.

Like in 3x14 Stefan watches Damon take Elena’s hand to dance:

and he’s visibly upset about it:

but like he’d been pushing Elena away for her own good:

so he could just let it go, like he could just stay on the sidelines and let it happen but he says fuck it, like he can’t help himself:

He is going to be petty tonight, he is going to dance with her:

and it’s the same thing with Elena at the end of the night. Like Damon confessed his love to her again:

and like things are complicated because they kissed earlier and Damon acted out because of what happened between them:

so at the end of the night, Elena could just let Stefan go, it would be the less complicated thing to do:

but she says fuck it, like no, I love him and I need him to come back, I will make him feel, I will pour out my guts:

And then in 3x22. Stefan is being such a good guy, right, like he’s not pressuring Elena for an answer, he won’t make her feel bad about whatever choice she makes, he’s just patiently waiting and when Elena calls him then changes her mind:

he’s initially just going to let it go, be stoic, be chivalrous:

but then he has this moment:

like fuck it, he’s going to act on impulse, he’s going to act on desire, he’s going to kiss her maybe for the last time so he can at least kiss her one more time and he’s going to kiss her so she remembers, remembers him, remembers them, and if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out but at least he did something to say he fought and to say he tried:

And then with Elena, she has to make her choice and it’s gotta be now and she’s on the phone with Damon and she’s doing her best to be diplomatic but Damon pushes her:

and you see Elena struggle with the truth but it’s a fuck it moment, like I can’t lie, it doesn’t matter if he’s possibly going to die, I can’t tell him what he wants to hear:

And these moments are all the more special because both of them are always looking at everything else, at all the other circumstances and that stops them from indulging in what they want with each other so when they have a “fuck it” moment, it’s like YASS. Damon and Elena were supposed to be this, supposed to be like I can’t take it anymore, I’m giving in but that doesn’t work when Damon was consistently ignoring boundaries and imposing himself on Elena anyway and when there isn’t any weight to Elena “giving in” because it was just a curiosity that needed to be satisfied.

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PS: shout out to Amarah and her anon for finding it! I originally saw this on her twitter feed!

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nisha have you seen this: www*youtube*com/watch?v=qHid_KhpZE4 - some wild paulerina content im screaming.

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I lowkey ship paulerina, I was just watching this video of Paul being interviewed and I guess he’s drunk at cc and he basically said he wants to fuck Kat. The video is called “Paul Wesley previews The Vampire Diaries season 7” Don’t know how to send the video, I’m locked out of my account.

OMG, I’ve seen this interview before but I don’t even remember it being this wild, lmfao. That’s hilarious. Transcript for anyone who can’t watch:

[Kat, off camera:] Paul, would you mind if I staked you on the show?
[Paul:] I… what do you mean by that? How, what kind of a-
[Kat:] Not kill you, 
[Paul:] But like how, kinda, is it, are we do- 
[Kat, still off camera, putting her hand on his shoulder]
[Paul:] Is it like, is it like, are we like, is there something frisky going on?
[Kat:] I don’t think so-
[Paul:] I would like that.
[Kat:] I think you’re acting out.
[Paul, literally licking his lips:] I would like that.
[Kat:] I think I’d stake you, because you don’t know how to [unclear]
[Paul:] And then we get sexy.
[a beat of silence, Paul continues to smirk at Kat]
[Interviewer:] You could make that work. You cou-
[Paul, speaking over Interviewer:] That’s Kat Graham, by the way. In case anybody didn’t recognize that voice.
[Interviewer:] Kat Graham, pitching stories on the press line.
[Paul, looking at Kat again:] I’d like to stake you. [turning back to laughing Interviewer, grinning] Um… Sorry. Ummm. 
Kat: Ohhh, heyo!
Paul: Hey now. Heyo, heyo.

TVD finale was BS!!!
  • Oh sure bonnie has been Damon's backbone for the past 3 years while Elena has been being useless in a coffin for that remaining time(and let's be honest even before that because she was always useless, even as a vampire) yet bonnie is left with her story untold and a shitty ending while Elena just wakes up, cuts her hair and runs off into the sunset living happily ever after with Damon...bonnie fought the devil & literally put fire from hell back in hell! She almost died for damon multiple times and those are just 2 examples because there's so much more through the previous seasons as well. Its just sad how they treated bonnie in the show because honestly she's the best character, I mean she MAKES TVD she is TVD, she's amazing!! Elena doesn't deserve Damon because bonnie has been there for him way more. Elena didn't do half the things bonnie did for damon, even before going into a coma or whatever that was...either way I'm pissed about bamon not happening because it would've been an interesting love story and they are meant for each other!! At least Julie plague can't hurt my poor bonnie anymore now that the show is over so I guess that's good...