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I want to see you. Now xo

I smile stupidly at my phone as I swipe my finger across the screen, Calum’s message brightening up my day. He had been texting me goofy messages throughout the last few days, but I had spent most of my time in the presence of Meredith – just as I was now.

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“What are you grinning at?” Meredith cocks an eyebrow in my direction, her smirk painted on as her gaze flicks across my face. Her hands are resting on her hips and she’s blocking the entire aisle of this clothing store she has dragged me into. I hum as I lift my eyes off of my phone, raising my eyebrows in her direction as I feel my lips curls into a frown. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Why are you so relaxed lately? You’ve been in such a great mood and I have never seen you smile as much as you’ve done lately.” Meredith chuckles as she steps aside for a group of girls to pass us before she resumes her way along the clothing racks. My eyes are widened as I trail behind her, feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket but a bit too stunned to check out Calum’s reply.

“It’s… Nothing? I mean I don’t think anything has happened that has given me one more reason to smile?” I laugh rather nervously, toying with a sweat shirt to my right, doing my best to avoid my best friend’s gaze.

“That’s cute.” Meredith suddenly speaks, stopping beside me to finger the fabric of the shirt I’ve invested my attention in. “I don’t know, feels funny.” I thank whoever springs to mind that she has changed the subject and walk ahead, cursing to myself that I’ve let it show so much.

“You know you can talk to me about anything? Right?” Meredith starts again and I roll my eyes before turning around and putting on my best fake smile. “I swear there’s nothing, just for once, no drama and I’m enjoying that.”

Oh, if she knew. This is the most drama I’ve had to deal with in years and somehow it’s thrilling to keep something so intimate from my best friend.

“I don’t know. Most of the times you’re an open book and right now.. I can’t seem to read you. It worries me.” Meredith continues as she guides us out of the store without looking at anything else, back into the cold of impending winter.

“I see that as a good thing. Not everyone should get to read my emotions so easily.” I laugh haphazardly as I nudge her side, pointing out a store that has the most beautiful holiday dresses displayed in their window. “And I seriously don’t get why we have to shop for New Year’s dresses already. It’s like so far away.” I know I may be over exaggerating because December is coming incredibly fast, but I never understood why I had to buy a new outfit to probably spend the night celebrating at a mate’s house.

“It’s December next week, for your information. There’s a lot of stuff coming up, Christmas decorating, present shopping, before you know it you won’t have time to go out and lazily search for a dress.” Meredith lectures me and I roll my eyes as I push past people to follow her into the store.

“Could you stop avoiding the conversation, by the way?” Meredith speaks up again and I groan loudly – internally of course, wouldn’t want her to notice – that she again brings it up.

“I swear to god Mer, nothing is going on and honestly I’m getting sick of you thinking I’m hiding stuff from you.” I sigh, my fingers rapidly going through my hair – a nervous habit.
“Okay, okay! I’ll drop it. Jesus Y/n, calm your tits.” Meredith laughs and I chuckle along, my fingers toying with my phone in my pocket. I raise it just enough so I can glance at the lit up screen, seeing Calum’s name flash.

Hurry up, I miss you xo

“My dad texted me that he needs my help on something. Do you think we could raincheck on that dress shopping? Maybe when I’m less sore and a bit more into it?” I laugh as I tuck my phone back in my pocket, grinning apologetically at my friend who rolls her eyes – but at least with a smile on her lips.


“How impatient can you be?” I laugh as the door opens in front of me, Calum’s head peeking out before he grins bright when he sees me. “Well, going to let me in?”
“Hello to you too, Y/n.” Calum chuckles as I step inside, door falling closed behind me as I start to rid myself of my scarf and jacket.

“Yes, Calum. Hello, nice to see you. How are you sweetheart?” I smile as I throw my clothing over the railing of the stair case. Calum steps closer, his hands gliding along my waist as he pulls me closer. “A lot better.” He dips down to press his lips against mine and I sigh in pure and utter bliss, glad I cut my shopping spree with Meredith short to be here.

He retreats and his hand glides along my arm to my hand as he gives it a gentle tug, beckoning me to follow him upstairs. “How was your day with Meredith, babe?” Calum questions as he pushes past his closed bedroom door, dropping onto his bed as he waits for me to follow him.

“Cut short because someone couldn’t stop whining.” I smirk triumphantly before I slowly crawl onto the bed besides him. It’s comfortable, just lying beside him, our breathing the only thing heard throughout the whole house. I turn my head and see Calum already staring at me, his bottom lip pulled between his pearly white teeth.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to – “ Calum starts and I roll on top of him, arms crossed on his chest as I shush him loudly. “It’s not like I was in the mood to shop.”
“Then what are you in the mood for?” Calum wiggles his eyebrows and I can’t help but let my own eyes roll in their sockets, Calum’s hands lifting from the mattress to land on my bum.

“I’m kidding. Thanks for stopping by.” He licks his lips seductively, gently pushing my body down onto his so he’d reach my lips. I giggle against his lips, eyes fluttered shut. “How I wish I could believe you.” Calum’s large, calloused hands roughly squeeze my bottom and I can’t help but let a moan slip past my lips, involuntarily. “As if you’re not here for the same reason, Y/n. Tsk tsk. Don’t lie to me.”

I bite his bottom lip roughly in reciprocation, the tall boy below me groaning loudly as he slaps my ass. “What you do to me.” Calum moans against my lips, pushing my body closer to his, impossibly closer as my own hands start to roam over his torso, ridding his shirt up and off of his head. As his hands also roam upwards, he flips us over and his whole body envelopes mine.

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Change of Status // c.h

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Pairing: Exgirlfriend!Y/N x Exboyfriend!Calum

Series: Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: When Y/N randomly runs into her ex the first time she’d been out since the break-up, everything seems to go downhill. Or is it the opposite?

(read it all, the start is crap but the ending is so good)

You poured the drink down and blinked away the refusing pain. It’s been months since you and Calum broke up, but you weren’t quite over him yet - and your friends knew that. So instead of watching the sixth season of Friends again, they pushed you out the door and forced you to closest club. You were sitting in the middle of a friend group of five with shots all over the table in front of you. Your friend to your left was already hammered while the one to your right couldn’t stop picking up the glass. You coughed as the tequila sank down your body and made everything a little blurrier. You could drink a lot, but you got drunk really fast. So already by the second shot, you felt tipsy.

The thing was you didn’t enjoy being drunk - well, yes you did, you just didn’t like the hangover. And you would do anything to avoid that. So when your friends picked up another shot, you hurried out of the group and to the bathroom.

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