here’s a list of unproblematic people yall can stan INSTEAD of Logan & Jake paul:

-ariana grande

-dan and phil

-it cast

-liza koshy

-Benedict Cumberbatch

-Little Mix

-david dobrik

-mo mo O’Brien

-John boyega

-dua lipa

-Christina perri

-stranger things cast

-sam smith


-any of the Kardashians


-Taylor Swift

-Steve Harrington


-Anyone else

-fuck even stan my dumb ass just not those twats

Feel free to add to my list

Honestly guys

I am so terrified of losing net neutrality. if net neutrality goes away, I lose my only source of communication with people that actually understand me and know what I’m going through.

please! do everything in your power to save net neutrality! if this means making a phone call to your state representative. then do so. if this means e-mailing congress or your representative or Ajit Pai. then do so. if this means telling everyone you know. then do so. if this means putting up posters at your school. then do so.

trust me when I say that if I could have been at a protest yesterday, I would have. but i have school. and i have parents.that don’t believe that this is a real problem. just last night I was told that this isnt a real problem. that the government wouldn’t really do this because it would cause the economy to crash. but this is a real problem. the government doesn’t care that this is going to ruin the economy. they are going to go ahead and do it if we don’t make a change soon.

so please! put all of your efforts into saving net neutrality! I know that in not the only one who will suffer from the loss of net neutrality. my sexuality is at stake and I’m sure many others are as well, along with many other problems. please! share this and tag every fandom you can think of in your post! I know that we can do this!

I swear my saved songs on spotify range from rap, to Broadway, to punk, all the way to classical.

Let’s just say, the people who ride in my car are always caught off guard when it goes from Kendrick Lamar to Beethoven

Because 5sos says that they’re coming back next year...

And because I miss them a lot, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite old moments/inside jokes. Feel free to reblog and add your own if I missed your favorite!

- “It’s a chocolate milk party, it’s a chocolate milk party!”

- “I do what I want, I’m punk rock.” “No, you’re not.”


-”Go left down the cliff, and then just tumble for a while.”

- “Can the two huge assholes get out of the playground?”



- “Oh my god, pUuUuUberty!”

- “Your hair is unquiffable,”

- “I really want to have sex with Michael Clifford.”


- “Days like this I can’t believe, we’re all piles of cheese.”

- “I’m DJ MC, here we go!”

- “Tadpoles are baby turtles.”

- “Hey, this is Michael and this is L–I’m Michael and this is Luke.”

- “This is why people call you asian.”

- “Yeah, it’s Jack Barakat. He wants his hair back.”

- “I can see your nipple.”

- “You’re a Don’t Stop.”

- “Michael, you are yelLING.”

So, there you have it! I definitely could add more but this post is already way too long. I just really love and miss 5sos a lot. ((There’s so many great moments so I’m really hoping people add some of their favs to this.))