this is absolutely mindblowing!!! what the heck?! I love you all so much and I can’t believe ten THOUSAND of you like my blog enough to click the follow button!!? that’s incredible. thank you so much! you’re all so kind and lovely and it’s amazing talking to all of you and now there are more of you for me to talk to!! I’ve got a few big things coming up soon to celebrate! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thank you for 10,000 followers!!! I was thinking about doing a promo or a give away or something would any of you guys actually enjoy or participate if i did anything?

Guys can we please stop making posts like “straight people are illegal now”? It’s really not contributing to the cause and you can’t fight hate with hate. We should ALL be celebrating, whether you’re straight or hahahaa i’m just fucking with you. i cant believe straight people are illegal now