10k x reader fan fic.

    You sat there, running your fingers through your ratted hair. Three years have passed and yet it feels like so many more. Three years filled with blood, gore and deaths of people close to you.

    Since he died, you vowed to yourself that you wouldn’t let anyone get close to you anymore. You twirl his ring absent-mindedly, spinning it around your spiked choker he got you pre-z. Five years you two had been together, three before all this shit happened, and two after it all. As you sit there, you lose yourself in all the happy memories that you had with him, the concerts, shaving his Mohawk in, the delicate way he touched you. Tears well up in your eyes and you squeeze the ring until your fingers start to hurt, willing him to come back, to be right there on the bed next to you, laughing about all the old things.

    A sudden slam of a door jolts you back to the present and those moments slid to the back of your brain as you grab your knives and walk to the noise. You step lightly, your combat boots sinking into the dirty but plush carpet of the house you holed up in. You were silent as you came to the back of the house, knowing good and well that it was zombie proofed. This was a live human, or humans, that you were dealing with, not the ghouls.

    You stop as you hear hushed voices from the other room. You make out at least four different people, but the amount of shuffling tells you there’s more, maybe even one wounded.

    “God damnit Warren! This house isn’t safe, it’s barricaded too heavily to have been abandoned,” you hear a man argue.

    “Well I’m sorry, Princess,” she put stress on that one word. “It’s either here or the z’s.”

    You shift in the hallway outside the room, trying to get into view of the mirror hanging on the wall where they stood. You get a glimpse of the group, there’s six of them, one man very blue. The rest look normal though.

    “Hey, did you hear that?” A dark woman asked, she must be the leader, she held herself that way.

    “Yeah,” said an older man, he had a scraggly white beard and long messy hair. “Someone’s in here with us.”

    “Ten K, go check it out,” the dark woman says, lowering her voice.

    A dark haired boy in the back of the room nods, shouldering a sniper rifle and pulling out a knife. He looks to be your age, but the apocalypse has aged him in another way, you can tell by the way he walks.

    He makes his way towards you, and just as you’re about to turn into the next room, he looks into the mirror, straight at you. His eyes are a bright blue-green, and their intensity holds you in place.

    “Hey!” he shouts as he stares at you. “Don’t move, or I’ll shoot!”

    You turn the other way, knowing he doesn’t have time to take out a gun before you make it to the room at the other end of the house, or even past the curve in the hall. You run, twisting around the corner of the hallway as a gun clicks behind you. Footsteps thud towards you, but they don’t know this house, they don’t know the hiding places. You tuck yourself into a small accent in the wall, holding your breath as the footsteps get closer. You hear them turn the corner and pause, so you take this moment to pull up the scarf around your neck to conceal your features. You know the hallway was too dimly lit to give anything away through the mirror.

    They walk past you cautiously, not seeing your form in the near darkness. You come up behind them, him, and pull your knife from its sheath. You wrap your arms around him and hold the knife to his throat, drawing a little blood to make your point clear. He gulps under the pressure and lowers his pistol.

    “Hey, man, I don’t wanna get hurt. Lemme go, please.” He said, trying to warn his group by speaking loudly.

    You pressed the blade into his throat a bit harder, causing him to choke on his words.

    “Hey! Ten! You alright down there?” you hear the black woman’s voice, accompanied by the sound of weapons at the ready.

    “Ten K? Kid you alright?” the elderly man shouts.

    Then they start moving down the hall, coming closer. You whip the young boy around, facing the way you came. They come around the corner and you adjust your grip on the knife, making sure you have it secure.

    “Hey, hey, hey. Let him go!” you hear a girl’s voice say, trying to be threatening.

    The boy, Ten K, tried to better his footing, in an attempt to turn the tables on you. You pull his arm behind his back and twist it up towards his shoulders. He yelps in pain and the group moves forward to help, but you show them the knife and they back down.

    “Hey now, we don’t want trouble,” the older woman says. She lowers her weapon in a sign of reluctant truce. “We just want our boy back.”

    “Yeah, can we please have him back? We kinda need him.” The older man says.

    You think for a moment, then shove the boy forward, causing him to fall to his knees. He pulls himself up off the ground, rubbing the small cut you gave him and turning to look at you.

    All of a sudden, a large Hispanic man has you pinned to the wall, gun to your head.

    “Who are you?” he yells into your face.

    You pull back, pressing your head to the wall to get as far away from his face as you can.

    “Vasquez!” The group shouts in unison.

    He presses the muzzle of the gun harder into your skull. “Well?! Who are you?”

    You start to laugh, and he pulls away slightly, face contorted into a look of caution and confusion.

    The group tenses up as you loose yourself in a laughing fit. Vasquez let’s you drop to the floor, and you roll around with fits of laughter.

    “Um, is that a girl?” the young girl whispers.

    “I think it is,” says the woman.

    “Is she ok?” asks a man, you think it’s the blue one.

    Your laughter starts to subside and you get off the ground, sliding your hands down your torso to smooth out your clothes.

    “Hello! And welcome to my humble abode!” you say with a dramatic bow, throwing your arm out behind you. As you stand back up straight, you pull your scarf away from your face. “The names Cheshire, pleased to meetcha!”

    They stare at you in disbelief. Then the older man starts cracking up and comes towards you, hand extended in friendship.

    “I like you kid!” He says as he eagerly pumps your hand up and down. “My names doc.”

    You smile wide, “Hello Doc!”

    The woman comes up next to him and offers her hand next. “Warren.”

    You grab her hand and give it a good strong shake. Then the others start to file in.

    “I’m Addy!” says a girl with short, berry red hair. You grab her hand and kiss it, making her snort with laughter.

    “Vasquez,” says the burly man who pinned you to the wall just moments ago.

    “That’s Murphy back there,” Addy says as she points to the blue man, and you tip an invisible hat to him. He scoffs and plays with his hands. “And that’s Ten Thousand, but everyone calls him Ten K.”

    The boy can’t make eye contact, his cheeks tinted a light pink.

    “What’s wrong Ten? You think she’s cute or something?” Doc prods, making the kid blush red.

    You giggle at him, and when he looks at you, you wink. He’s cute, really cute.

    “Well, yall are welcome to stay here if ya wanna!” you invite. “There’s plenty of room and food and whatever else. The water works, heat and all. Have at it.” You spread your arms wide to encompass the house, and start walking towards the back room.

    “This room however, is off limits.” You put an edge to your voice to make sure you were understood.

    The group nods and starts to split up, finding their respective rooms. You walk back to your room, opening the door and sighing.

    Alright babe, you think to yourself as you spin his ring, I think it’s time for me to move on.


    After a couple minutes, you make your way to the kitchen/dining room area, and start to rummage through the cabinets. You wanna make them stay as long as you can, and you know you’re a great cook. You pull cans of beans from the shelves, vinegar and oil from another cabinet, and a clean bowl from the dish dryer. As you’re fishing for the can opener you know you have, you hear someone enter the kitchen behind you.

    “Hey there,” you say turning around to find Ten K standing a few feet away. “Ten Thousand, huh. What’s it mean?”

    “It’s, uh-its how many z’s I’m gonna kill.” he stutters.

    “Ah, and how many you at?” You ask as you lean against the counter and stare into his beautiful eyes.

    “Three thousand, six hundred and fifty six.” He says with a confident smirk.

    “Not too bad, not too bad. Hey wanna help me make dinner?” You ask.

    “S-sure?” He walks in closer to you.

    You explain what you’re making and he nods compliantly, though a look of confusion spreads across his face when you say three bean salad.

    “Never had it? What?” You say in shock.

    “Nah, mostly because my dad wasn’t too into salads.” He smiled, and you feel butterflies in your stomach as you watch his eyes sparkle.

    He notices you watching him and looks at you, making you blush slightly.

    “Oh, I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Addy mocks from the entrance of the dining room.

    You giggle nervously, trying to hide your pink cheeks. Ten gets red as a tomato and busies himself with opening a can.

    “Is Ten K getting anywhere with that girl yet?” Asks Doc as he joins you guys in the room.

    “He was, and I think I ruined it.” Addy smirks.

    “What’s going on in here?” Warren smiles as her and Vasquez file in with Murphy in tow.

    “The kids working on his flirting skills right now,” Doc whispers loudly, making Ten K blush redder than ever.

    You start laughing, a grin slicing your face from ear to ear. They all start to laugh along with you, even Ten K. You liked these people. You started hoping they’d never leave.

    After a couple more minutes, everyone was seated around on the sofas in the living room, plates full of your infamous three bean salad. You had started a fire in the fireplace and everyone was moaning as they ate, shoveling the beans into their mouths.

    “Cheshire! This is amazing!” Addy says in shock.

    The other members of the group nod ecstatically in agreement. You smile, wishing he was here to see this, to experience this new friendship, to laugh alongside you.

    You feel eyes on you, and you look up to find Ten K staring at you as you subconsciously twirl the ring around and around. You blush and excuse yourself from the group, taking empty plates to the kitchen as everyone settles in.

    When you make it to the sink, you set the plates in carefully, then lean on your elbows, head in your hands. Tears well up in your eyes as the memories of him flood back into your mind. They start to fall into the sink, mixing with the leftover oil and vinegar. You think of his smile, the way his eyes lit up when you laughed, the way he protected you when someone tried to hurt you. Soft sobs escape your chest as you think about the day he died. The day your world fell apart. The day everything ended for you.

    Someone was in the kitchen with you. You quickly dry your tears as you straighten up. Then you turn around, a smile plastered to your face. Ten K was the one in there with you. His face was twisted with concern and fear.

    “You ok, Chesh?” He asks softly, watching your face for any sign of distress.

    “Yeah, I’m ok.” You lie, smiling gently, he gave me a nickname.

    “Tell me the truth,” he says, his eyes pleading.

    “No, I’m not ok, but don’t concern yourself with me kid.” You say.

    He leaves it at that. But you know he knows you need someone.


    1 week later


    They were leaving, but they invited you. They wanted you to come along. They were pleading, Addy tugging at your sleeve and Ten K holding out his hand in the back of the truck as the others called your name with pleases and cmons. You sighed as you gave into their pleading, pretending it was a difficult decision. You climb into the back of the truck with your pack at your side, plopping down next to Ten. He smiles at you, and slaps the cab, signaling that we could go.

    You watch the place you called home for so long disappear slowly behind you, all those memories stuck in your head. You twirl his ring again, over and over and over, feeling the words etched into it.

    Ten looks down at you, “what’s that?” He asks.

    “Oh it’s nothing,” you say hurriedly, and cover the ring back up under your scarf.

    He gently pulls your scarf up and looks at the ring. “Can I?”

    You take off the choker, for the first time in this damned apocalypse, and pull off the ring. You hand it to Ten, and he takes it delicately.

    “Who’s ring?” He asks.

    You stay silent, fighting the aching in your chest. You want to tell him, you want to explain it all, but you find yourself unable to say the words.

    “He died, didn’t he?” He says, and the tears well up in your eyes.

    “Yeah,” you mumble, sniffling and rubbing away the tears.

    “When?” Tens face fell along with the tears sliding down your cheeks. “You don’t have to answer that.”

    “Year two,” the words slide off like lead weights attached to your tongue. “Year two of this shit hole.”

    Ten K doesn’t say anything, he spins the ring around on his finger, finding the words and squinting to read them.

    To my one and only, love R.

    “Do you have the other one?” He asks gently.

    You nod and slip the piece of metal off your finger, the definite white band emphasizing how long it’s been since it was off. You hand it to him, and he looks for the saying.

    To my everything, love C.

    As you sit in the back of the truck watching everything you know disappear, you realize that this is your opportunity, this is your chance to move on. You close your eyes and lean your head back against the cab, forcing yourself to relive every memory, good and bad. The last five years of your life flash before your eyes, every smile and every tear you shared with him, all the times he took you out, all the times you stayed in.

    The last memory of him pauses on your tightly shut eyelids, his head in your lap as his body gave into the lack of sugar in his blood. He was in so much pain, but he wanted to stay alive for as long as possible, just to be with you for a few more minutes. He didn’t want to die, he loved you with every ounce of his being, and you knew that. His body wrenched itself around on the floor of the house you picked out, and he screamed in pain. Just before his eyes went glazed, he looked at you, so hard you thought you might tear in half.

    “I love you, my little Rose, I’m sorry.”

    “I love you too, my Cody James.”

    He smiled at you through the pain, and you watched as the life left his body, his eyes dimming as they stared at you. He reached a hand to your face as he died, holding it with all the strength he had left. You cupped it to your cheek, sobs racking your body.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you. I love you. I love you I love you I love you I love you!!” you scream into the still air around you.

    He was gone. Forever. No more of your Cody. No more of the strong young man who protected you throughout the apocalypse. No more of your love, your first and last. No more.

    You lay his head down on a pillow as you stand to get your gun. His special bullet loaded in. You cock it and it feels like your arm is melting under the weight of the pistol. You use everything you have to aim it at his skull,

    “I love you, my little Rose.”

    His words echo in your mind. You shake as they hit you harder than ever, your aim falls, but you pick your gun back up and aim again. You pull the trigger just as he starts to come back to life. The bullet soars through the air into his head, and that’s it. That’s the end of it all.

    You fall to your knees, letting the pistol thump into the carpet. You scream, as loud as you possibly can. The sound of the gunshot echoes in your ears along with your screams. That was the last person. The last person you loved, the last person you cared about. Gone.

    “Cheshire?” you hear a faint voice call from the land of the living. “Hey girl, you alright?”

    Your eyes open to find the whole group around the truck bed, staring at you. You wipe your face, noticing the wet spots on your shirt and jacket.

    “Hey, everything alright sweetheart?” Warren asks gently.

    “Yeah,” you sniffle. “Just, just dealing with memories.”

    “Oh.” She nods, “we all have baggage, I totally understand. You’re alright though?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    Everyone starts to dissipate, after telling you that this was the camp for the night. You feel eyes still on you, though and you turn to look at Ten K. Before you know it, he has you enveloped in a hard hug, holding your head so tenderly.

    Cody, my sweet prince, I think it’s time. I will always love you. You are my king. But I think I need to move on now. You try to communicate with your dead lover, and you feel a peace unlike any other flow through your body and an image of him nodding and smiling comes into view. I love you, my little Rose. He mouths.

    I love you too, my Cody James.

    Ten K pulls away from you, concern written all over his face. You smile at him, happy tears in your eyes as you look at your new chance, your new family.

    “You ok Chesh?” he asks softly, running a finger across your cheek to catch a stray tear.

    “Rose,” you say, and he looks at you confused. “My real name is Rose. You can call me that.”

    “Rose, I like that,” he smiles.

    You smile back, and get up. He follows suit. You guys start to make your way to the group, your face split in two as you approach your new family. As they see you coming, they all return the grin.

    This is it, my new family. You say to yourself. And I couldn’t be happier.



@ all of you who think murphy bit 10k to ‘save his life’: he is making him sweep the floor, and forcing him to kill. it wasnt an act of mercy. it’s slavery and petty revenge.

To Ash and Dust by andavspetals42_tumblr (rosepetals42)

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 6196

“You think he’s cheating?” Laura says, sliding up next to him. She has her eyes on the fight down below and there is no question which one she is asking about. Most people think that Red–named for his pre-fight sweatshirt, not his hair–is cheating somehow.

“No, I think he’s just better,” Derek says.

“Better than you?” Laura asks.

Or, a post-apocalyptic, cage-fighter AU inspired by Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

Bloody Valentine

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“Mack! Mack!” you said running up to him, he looked up from the bushes when you got closer to him “Hey (Y/n), what do you need?”
You rubbed your hands together as you came up next to him, it was still pretty cold, morning frost covering everything in sight
“I need you to distract 10k for a few hours, please please?” you jumped up and down beside him, both because you’re excited and because you really need to get blood flowing before you turn into a Y/ncicle
“I’m kind of busy right now (Y/n), don’t have time” he said while pushing another shrub out of his way.

 Earlier Citizen Z had announced that it was Valentines day, luckily 10k was still asleep giving you the perfect idea for what you were going to do today instead of just sitting on the 3 floor’s windowsill and shooting random zombies in the distance with pebbles (It’s so funny when they get confused. (Murphy doesn’t think so))
Mack groaned not finding what he wanted in the bush and went towards another one.
You folded your hands “Please Mack? I really need your help” you begged.
Mack looked up at you, rather annoyed “And what would you propose I do to distract him?” he moved the leaves of another plant around the building’s base to reveal and severed Z head that started trying to bite him
You stabbed the head with your knife, making a small ‘ew’ at the black blood pouring out of it’s mouth “I just need you to keep him busy for a few hours, take him on one of your guys’ guy talks that always take forever and creep him out” you kicked the Z head making it roll into the parking lot
“As much as I enjoy making him squirm, no. I’m busy today”
You huffed, you were trying to ask nicely but if he insists.
“ADDY! MACK IS BEING MEAN MAKE HIM HELP ME” you shouted, seconds later hearing a loud 'Mack’ in return making said person groan, adjusting his wool hat and leave his shrub searching to go bother 10k 

{Time skip, brought to you by the adorable fact that 10k looks at guns the way most people look at puppies}

Dragging the last body into place you step back to admire your work, you go back in the office building and soon see 10k, who looks extremely uncomfortable, next to Mack.
10k sighs in relief when he sees you, finally he’s able to escape Mack

“(Y/n) there you are,” 10k said quickly leaving Mack and jogging up to you “I didn’t see you when I woke up then Mack made me go on a walk for 'male bonding time’ his topics get worse every time.” he shivered just thinking about it
You laughed and grabbed his hand pulling him towards the stairwell "No time to waste 10k, I got a surprise for you!“

When you got up the 3 flights of the building and onto the roof you dragged 10k towards the edge, making him tumble oh so gracefully behind you, you spun around to face him with your arms wide open "Ta-da!”
Written in about 18 dead Z’s below was ’I ❤ 10K
“Happy Valentine’s day Tommy! I couldn’t find any Happy Valentine’s sales so I hope this is alright”
10k laughed quietly, looking over at the message “I love it" he wiped some blood that had splattered onto your cheek "my bloody valentine.”
“Oh and also” you dug around in your bag for a moment “I found this on the bottom leg of the K down there” you pull out a unopened package of gum and hand it to him

Mack and Addy were the next to join you on the roof, and walked to the edge to see your message"Aww that’s so sweet! Mack why don’t you do anything like that for me?“ Addy said and smacked his arm
"Ow! Maybe I was too busy making 10k uncomfortable to have time”

You stood next to 10k, leaning on the buildings ledge as he shoots down the zombies who wonder near the parking lot and he mutters his count with each shot.
Looking over, you smile when you see Mack pull the scraggly looking bouquet of smashed daffodils from his walk with 10k out of his coat when Addy isn’t looking

Doc walked up next to you and looked over the edge “Really kid? corpses?”
You shrugged “It’s hard to be romantic in the apocalypse”

@writingsofawaywardnerd @10k-au (I’m sorry for failing at this, I tried!)

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Stiles and stimming.

Hey there Nonnie!  I only found one with Stiles stimming, but found a super cute notfic!headcannon of Scott stimming, so included that as well.  Hope you like!  -Emmy

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Shutdown by sneksonaplane 

(2,589 I Not Rated I Complete)  *steter

Stiles hasn’t shut down in years.

Of course, when he does shut down for the first time in ten years, he does it in front of Peter Hale, of all people. Lydia would have been okay to be around, Derek or Scott would have been ideal if he had to choose someone to witness this. Instead he ends up stuck with Peter.

OR the one where Stiles is autistic and Peter comforts him through a shutdown. (I also mention Derek being autistic even though he’s not present in this fic because I can and there aren’t enough autistic characters or headcanons)

And the Scott headcannon on tumblr can be found here.  :D

Steve/Tony - Hashtag Finally

TitleHashtag Finally

Author: Wordsplat (AO3)

Rating: PG

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: ~15.2k

Warnings: domestic

Summary: Tony doesn’t ever actually ask the Avengers to move into his house, steal his wifi, eat all his food, and become the best family he’s ever known. They do it anyway.

Comments: This is a really lovely fic!  Full of team bonding and fluffy domesticity.