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since my last drawing, so here’s a preview of what I’ve been doing lately. I’ll post the “official” set of pics tomorrow. There’s was no way i would not at least try to do that promo picture of his, quite frankly…


Mob Psycho 100 #003 » An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~

Pardon me, young man. Something must be troubling you. You aren’t laughing or smiling. If you want to resolve your troubles, come with me. I belong to a brand new religious order that came into existence last month. It’s called (LOL). Founded by our leader, Dimple-sama, it’s the happiest and trendiest gathering of the century!


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but where was Nanefua???

No idea! Perhaps she was out of town, ‘cause I can’t imagine she’d put up with the restaurant war for very long

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How come you're one of the few people on Twitter that doesn't hate Kent? I just don't get it? We've only gotten a flash of Kent. And sure he wasn't exactly nice in that small bit but we don't know anything. There could be a whole other side to him. Idk I'm just sad that people dislike him so much.

Kent is a very hard subject to talk about, and “he wasn’t exactly nice” is a bit of an understatement. Personally, I don’t really have an opinion on Kent anymore other than how he acted during the kegster was completely unacceptable. His actions drove Jack to a panic attack, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was upset and wanted Jack to be upset like he was, probably. 

I’d love more information about Kent, I want more information about his and Jack’s past relationship, how he handled Jack’s O.D. and going into the NHL and becoming a hockey star without the guy he considered his best friend. We just don’t have enough information about the character, so I don’t know if this was normal or Kent acting out because he was upset (either way, it wasn’t right for him to come at Jack in a place he probably considered safe, and continue to badger him about his career, and then mention Bad Bob when he knows that Jack has issues concerning his father’s legacy and where he fits into it, and how it plays into his anxiety).

But the thing is, I completely understand why people don’t like Kent. I understand why they don’t want to see him on their dashboard or their timeline’s.They can easily see Kent in their abusers, or in someone’s abuser when we first read his interaction with Jack, or they just plain don’t like him. There will be comics that have characters that just aren’t liked sometimes.

I’ll probably lose friends, but I admit that I used to like Kent and bittyparse because I liked the idea of the two going from hating each other to liking, and then love, because I’m in love with love and just want things to be happy always. I started seeing more and more posts on my dash about Kent, and why people don’t like him, and it made sense as to why people in the fandom are uncomfortable with Kent and ships that included him. I started posting less about him, I stopped making posts about it and liking/retweeting on Twitter because I didn’t want my followers to get uncomfortable. They followed me because they liked the content they’ve seen, and I felt bad that I was posting about Kent when it was making them and other’s uncomfortable. It wasn’t fair to them.

I get what you mean though, it is sad to see all the hate on a character that Ngozi worked hard on. But, to me at least, it’s justifiable. How some people act towards people who like Kent isn’t justifiable though, it’s awful(death threats are never okay guys, the block button/blacklist/tumblr savior is your friend). 

yo it be so funny seeing ppl expose each other on here like i aint know tumblr was so deep like yall flying out to fuck each other, scamming each other, putting all someones dirty laundry on here, catfishising each other like….im so glad my dash is just pics of the sky and the occasional “im horny” but nothing more than that…like drama is crazy i just be watching like


So… E! tweeted this today at around 9 Am on the East Coast.