here is one of a million very easy ways to fix discovery

open with burnham and captain georgiou on the desert planet.

follow them for ten episodes as they wander the planet, having philosophical conversations about the fate of the federation and fighting weird beasties while they (we think) try to find their way back to their crashed ship.

let them dream about things happening elsewhere in the galaxy. let us see flashbacks to klingons georgiou fought, let us see burnham’s found family and old colleagues on vulcan. let them bond over their dreams, which become eerily more and more similar as the series goes on. let the dreams get weirder, just slightly out of the time we think our leading ladies are in. let them slowly, sorta-maybe fall in love.

the reveal, in the finale, is that they’re both Q sent to Sort Shit Out and drag the continuum back from the brink of civil war. the dreams were true visions of possible pasts, possible futures, warnings of just what could happen if the continuum falls (enterprise gave so many possibilities with the temporal cold war! build off them!)

let them realise the true shape of their love. let them realise that is not enough to save the contiuum.

and in the season’s final shot, let a borg cube rise from the sand.

De haber sabido que íbamos a ser temporales, le hubiese pedido al tiempo que se desaparezca, por un par de minutos, por un par de horas, por un par de años, por un par de eternidades.
—  El chico invisible.
Y pensar que en este preciso momento alguien le está declarando su amor a la persona que ama y alguién más está terminado con la persona que dijo amar. Así es el amor, temporal, efímero, fugaz.
—  Poeta Invisible
Está rota,
rota como un vaso de cristal
que se cae de la meza
y no puede ser reconstruido; solo desechado.
Se pinta los labios de rojo
y enciende cigarrillos a su antojo.
Es temporal.
El tipo de chica que no se quedaría
para verte triunfar,
solo para darte aliento y ganas de continuar.
Así es ella;
frágil y temporal.
—  Roger Álvarez