SoMa Week 2017 Day 7: In battle

a cool weapon always carries his meister on his back after a battle

(especially if that meister is his beautiful girlfriend)

and this is the end of soma week !! hope you liked my drawings and see you next year ♥

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  • ao no exorcist
  • fullmetal alchemist
  • soul eater
  • d gray man
  • figure skating (for my main)

extras (but not required)

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  • if you write/draw/make graphics say so in the tags and i’ll take a look!

thank you! and if mutuals could give this a lil boost that’d be great!!

2017 Master Post

Aaaaaand this event is now at its close! Thanks so much to everyone who participated by posting fics and art etc, reviewing and reblogging, and showing their support! Here are links to each theme’s content so you can relive and/or catch up on the SoMa goodness that we’ve been gifted with this year:

April 16th - April 22nd

Sunday: Confession

Monday: Family

Tuesday: Clothes

Wednesday: Habits

Thursday: You Make Me Strong

Friday: Promise

Saturday: In Battle

We’ll be watching the tags for the next couple of weeks to reblog any late content. If we’ve missed anything, please send us a message or contact us through other means. Thank you so much, everyone. With that being said, see you next year!

- Nessie and Julie

Collective Mind Soul Eater Fanfiction Project

Hello everyone! This new project is getting kickstarted by @collectivesefanfic!

What’s this project?
Our goal is to create a collective fic out of the countless HC submitted by the users who made them, like a mosaic.

How can you participate?
You can submit your HC into @collectivesefanfic‘s ask box while keeping the regulations in mind. There is no limit to how many you’d like to contribute but please be fair and respectful during this project. You can also reblog and share this post!

What are the rules?
No NSFW materials will be accepted at any time. Rated T content will only be used.
No AU material will be permitted. The entirety of the project will be set in the canon SE universe.

Is there anything else to know for now?
As of April 19th, only SoMa (Soul x Maka) HC will be accepted in order to help the user organize their materials more efficiently. Other ships and characters may be open as time goes by, so please check the blog for more future updates.

If you have any further questions, please refer to the main blog! Soul-reference is not affiliated with this project.

Please share and keep on the look out for more updates!

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Rules: Post 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms, then tag 10 people!

  1. Orihara Izaya (Durarara!!)
  2. Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!!)
  3. Kise Ryouta (KnB)
  4. Bishamon (Noragami)
  5. Kirishima Touka (Tokyo Ghoul)
  6. Kokonose Haruka/Konoha/Kuroha (Kagerou Project)
  7. Hitachiin Hikaru (Ouran High School Host Club)
  8. Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  9. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
  10. I GIVE UP I hate you Sarah

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Heroes and Their Struggles
  • Gon: finding his father
  • Edward: getting their bodies back
  • Eren: killing titans
  • Yato: having his own shrine
  • Soul: becoming a death scythe
  • Nagisa: killing Korosensei
  • Hak: protecting Yona
  • Saitama: telling Genos something inspirational