Yes I’m too lazy to draw something out of this so I’m using something I did like 2 days ago

It’s been… I think 2 weeks since I remade my blog. Let me tell you that it was one of the best choices I’ve made. There’s so much I can do now that my blog is a main one, and I just feel really comfortable here. The community’s been really good to me so far and filled with a lot of talented people (hell my followers no matter the fandom has been amazing). This list isn’t exhaustive, but I want to give thanks to everyone who is following me and want to honor some of those I’ve been able to rp with or just admire from afar. 

@craniumaniac @plumeriaxskull @theagentlooker @remembranceless @denkinokikai @auxiliaire @mimic-pikachu @sad–man @handsomejackhoney / @nicholas-wolfwood / @downtheriverstream @uragirazu / @starglitter @katsubou @bigcalavera @beat-down-boss @ask-yomonsterboy @firespun @mutterbiest @mctherbeast @bloodsplatteredmoon @deriision @resfebxr @itsburnet @skulls-and-bunnies @skulliisms @meinior @shvrker @curiousobjecthead @typenullandvoid @professor-abs @plumeriaxskull @royaleliite @rowdyruffpearl @skull-bxnes @attitxde @nharmxnic @pixie-hound @skytamcr @rottenrhythms @rocbites @alloypetal @tabithq @salonmciden @shyxgruntxaustin @sadiebreane @tapubulusgarden @shieldarchitect @kahuna000 @lookerisms @lawlessenforcer @mallowofalola

+ everyone tbh. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm quite new to tumblr so I was wondering if you could recommend me some of your favorite blogs? (Bonus if they're tae biased he's my bias!) Thank you I really love your blog!

welcome!! i have lost track of who i follow since i remade. but these are my favorite tae biased (or just a lot of tae) blogs: @1versegrl @taechy @02tae @taesfav @taegrl @taesgrl @dumbdumbf @taeries @01taetae @kimtahyung @fhawn @21stcenturygirlsbybts @tae1 @1taeguk oh and follow @parkejimins

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I live under the roof of a paranoid Christian father who thinks spirits are afraid of him cuz he peed in a closet once. He's been more intolerant and hateful lately, so I tore down all the house wards, remade them around my room, and told the local spirits that so long as they didn't hurt our pets, they could do as they liked. He's blaming me for an immense increase in activity since, and I'm smugly satisfied. Does this make me a bad person?

I mean, I don’t think so. If he wants to piss off the person keeping the spirits at bay he can deal with the shitstorm when you stop.

should i: 

- make 3 pages for kinsies, one is dont follow doubles and the most me, the 2nd is try not to follow doubles & dont follow unless we are friends/mutuals alreadt and you remade or something and a little lesser me and the 3rd is ok to follow doubles & ok to follow 
- keep it to 2 pages and just have it more organized or something I Donno