Savory Cheddar & Herb Waffles 

Happy National Waffle Day! 
I also bought a new Canon because Baking With Books is getting another makeover in the coming days and weeks, and a lot of recipes will be remade and re-photographed. I’m very excited. Be on the look out for all of these changes. You’re sure to love them. 


4 cups flour 

4 cups almond milk (or cow’s milk) 

4 eggs

4 tbsp melted butter 

½ cup vegetable oil 

4 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar 

1 ½ tsp sea salt 

¼ freshly minced parsley and cilantro (or herbs of your choice) 

½ cup freshly grated cheddar cheese 

Seasoning blend: (equal amounts, about 1 tbsp) granulated garlic, granulated onion, smoked paprika, and black pepper

Melted butter or non-stick cooking spray for waffle iron 

NOTE: for photographs, I have halved this recipe. Additionally, if you need to make more waffles, the ratios are equal for the flour, milk, and eggs. 


Preheat your waffle iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

In a large bowl, combine all of the day ingredients. 

In another bowl, combine all of the wet ingredients (eggs, milk oil, melted butter) and using a whisk or handheld mixer, mix the wet ingredients until they are thoroughly combined. 

Add in the seasoning blend to the wet ingredients and mix. 

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and gently mix until the flour is incorporated. 

Carefully fold in the fresh herbs and cheese. 

The batter should be thick. 

Add a generous portion of the batter to your waffle iron and cook until golden brown. 

Garnish with more fresh herbs and serve while hot. 


While I was at it, I completely remade Savvy´s textures. The old one was so terribly pixelated due to the grime, it was giving me nightmares. He looks a bit more clean now, but that´s the sacrifice I had to make to avoid low quality. Maybe he got caught in the rain and some of the filth washed off. xD

Old one on the left, new one on the right.

Small World. Bucky x Reader. Part One/?

A/N: I just love the  idea of cuddly Fall Bucky in the city so… here we are

word count: 2,138

Most people don’t want to just be average. The people that you pass on a daily basis in the chaos of the city are people with giant ambitions. They crave being seen. It’s something that they are born with. You, on the other hand, now longer care to stand out. You’ve been remade. The desire to stand out in a crowd was the last thing on your mind. You’ve been re wired to blend in. You and a young red haired girl were both ripped apart and recreated into something beyond astounding. So astounding, in fact, that no one had even saw you come or go.

Friendships were frowned upon by your handlers and trainers. Their cold eyes and rigid speech was meant for you to isolate yourself. As hard as you tried to distance yourself from her, Natalia always had her green eyes on you. She was never cruel to you, or intimidating in any way. There was something elegant to her coldness. She did it in a way that was brutal, but still beautiful. You and her were both top of the class in your Soviet training in the Red Room. You never competed against one another, but you strove to be just as good, so that you never lost her. After the final ceremony that indicated the completion of your training, you were often partnered with Natalia for missions. You and her spent years under different aliases and hid many secrets from each other in your service, but the both of you had a need to connect. You had the shared experiences, but those green eyes calmed you and that smile of hers was the closest feeling to home that you thought you would ever have as a world renown assassin.
That was until Budapest and the archer.

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Am I the only one secretly waiting for an announcement that the ending of bleach will remade.


-whispers- just kidding fam im waiting for that too

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idk what to do with my game anymore

lacking inspo with just about everyone so thats meh..

I am going to go in game to remake Roman from scratch. Then I might try and make a story with him. Does anyone remember Roman? Anyways he’s getting remade and yeahh. Ignore this post.


Remade my Plagues part woooooooo