Okay I have a theory tumbling around in my brain (hahaha tumblr/tumbling) yea, ok sorryyy…

Soooo….what if Bethany Young and Aria Montgomery are twins!?

Credit to owner for the following picture: The twin story is at the Montgomery house.

What if, as little girls, Aria did something to BETHANY that resulted in Bethany getting severe facial burns. In the twin story, a little girl stabs her twin sister. Maybe the true story is that the girl burned her twin sister.

In both of Bethany’s drawings the faces are deformed. The first one especially looks like burned skin:

Aria was shown tilting her head and looking into a mirror, just like Bethany’s drawing. 

Twins are known to have a lot of the same mannerisms and interests. Aria and Bethany both love to draw. They both have displayed violent outbursts:

For some reason Bethany gets put into Radley as a child (im not sure why, maybe she developed an anger issue from the incident) and is upset and enraged by what Aria did to her. She vows to get revenge. 

The following picture reveals a lot:

  • Red Circle: A black and white movie is playing on the TV: Aria loves black&white movies, wouldn’t her twin sister too? In the movie there is a person with his face covered in bandages
  • Blue Circles: Bethany keeps these close-up pictures of Aria’s face right in front of her desk so she can imagine what her own face would look like if she was never burned. (It would look exactly like her identical twin sisters, Aria)
  • Green Circle: A picture of a family with two (twin?) children

Remember this at the hospital?

There is a picture of Aria behind the burned mask

Ella says something interesting:

The wording in this A note is interesting. Next time it will be your FACE. And look who is the one reading it- ARIA.

And lets not forget that A is obsessed with mask-making. She perfected it over the years because she was obsessed with trying to make one to cover the burns on her own face. 

Remember the Lodge fire? Was this Bethany’s way to burn Aria alive in revenge?

Eddie Lamb recognized Aria when she was volunteering at Radley, because he has worked there for years and treated Bethany. Maybe he saw a glimmer in Aria of what Bethany would look like with no facial burns.

Did Aria realize it was her sister in the dollhouse?

Bethany tried to burn Aria a second time at Hanna’s engagement party in Lucas’ apartment. 

Lastly, Bethany blew up everything in Jessica’s lair, EXCEPT Aria’s file. 


You’re in your early twenties/late teens and your show gets picked up to be on ABC family. It gets popular, ridiculously popular and suddenly magazines want to interview you and girls are looking up to you and you’re famous.

And you share this experience with 4 other girls, all of whom didn’t land big jobs before, all of whom are experiencing this for the first time.

And for 7 years, it’s all of you together, filming, interviewing, late night shoots, early morning shoots, getting makeup done, going to awards shows, the list goes on…

And now you’re in your late twenties and you’re ready to move on, you’re ready to play a different role, seek out big films, independent films, book deals, music…

But those 4 other girls won’t be doing it with you. The rest of this cast and the crew and the writers and all the people who you’ve been with this whole time- but especially those 4 girls who you’ve grown closer and closer to, they are going on their own journeys.

And you’re excited, for yourself, for them… but holy shit are you going to miss those late night shoots and early morning makeup with those 4 girls who experienced it all with you from day one.