Evidence Cece isn't A

In Season 5 episode 6 A sends Alison a video of him/her burrying Mrs D, saying ‘I buried your mom the same way i watched her bury you’. But when Cece 'reveals’ she’s A she claims she doesn’t know who killed Jessica. If A killed Mrs D but Cece says she didin’t how are they the same person?

Alison Clues by Episode - “Surfing the Aftershocks”

Wow, what a charming comment. How much has Alison really changed? This is only the first of many indications to come that her sweet, innocent, “I’m a better person now” persona is just a big act. That bitchiness is still buried deep in there…so what else about her character is she hiding?

This entire scene is so shady. If they all believe that A is Shana, and Shana is dead, why is Ali so worried about getting the rest of Ezra’s research so she can protect herself? What does she have to fear now? The timing of this scene doesn’t make any sense considering A isn’t back yet. But what if the real reason she’s so desperate for his information isn’t so she can keep herself safe…but so she can make sure that there’s nothing in his book that’s incriminating about her?

Um…..they’re so cute though???? “Sometimes I’m still amazed that you’re with me.” “I’m amazed that YOU’RE with ME.” WTF?????